Learning Japanese: Day 5 [Full Dialogue Translation + Week In Review]

27 thoughts on “Learning Japanese: Day 5 [Full Dialogue Translation + Week In Review]”

  1. Sorry we lost the first 10 seconds.
    I live streamed the whole thing and YouTube cut off the beginning 😬
    The rest is totally fine 😄

  2. Woaw are u serious😂 Do you learn Japanese? I was shocked when I saw this video. It's amazing because I just try to learn English and it is difficult for me. You know English and Arabic plus you learn Japanese. I just want to your ambition😂 Keep it up💪 Loves from Turkey💕

  3. Really good progress for only the first week! I can't wait for more.

    When you pronounce SAN the vowel sound is like in LONG rather than CAN in English. Also, the vowel sound in HEYA is like in END rather than ME in English.

  4. I think with your intelligence (knowledge and social), you could solve the Brexit fiasco. Get at it, mate!

  5. Hey Mike…. Ohayo!!!

    Sugu soko desu => It’s right there.

    “MO” is particle that means “also” / “too” . So, In the sentence: Anata (mo) ryūgakusei desu ka? It Means: Are you also international student ?

    Nan ji kara desuka ? It means: From what time.
    *Ku ji means: 9 o’clock not 8 o’clock.
    Ku (9) Ji (hour / time) Kara is a particle that means: “From” in this case ( e.g. time, place, numerical quantity)

    Kuji kara jyū ichi ji made desu.
    From 9 o’clock till 11 o’clock
    *MADE means: till / until
    Kara |—————| Made

    Congrats for your progress…
    SUGOOOOI 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  6. Nice video. Just a little correction from someone who has tried different times to learn japanese with no success.xD
    Your vowels are too close, it looks like arabic has influenced your learning with its three vowel system.
    Vowels are much more similar to italian vowels.
    You keep SORI and KORI when it's SORE and KORE. E should sound like sEven.
    U like in sOOn
    A like in Ah
    O like in Old.

  7. Success comes only to those who believe in themselves and are prepared to win. Good Luck 👍🏻👍🏻

  8. Desu(positive) = Dewa arimasen(negative)

    Watashi-wa Anna desu = I am Anna

    Watashi-wa ryuugakusei dewa arimasen = am not an international student

    Pretty much like that.

  9. you are progressing really rapidly. If I want to say just one thing, your Arimasu sounds like Armasu. It is ar”i”. Your “i” is too weak. Intensify it. The word appears often so people will notice it.

  10. わー すごい!上手ですね。日本語の勉強がんばってください! Greetings from Japan 😁

  11. اتمنى لو تتكلم عربي باللهجة العامية اللي نتكلم فيها مع بعض احنا العرب
    وبعدها تبدأ ان شاء الله تتعلم ياباني عشان لا تتلخبط عليك الكلمات
    وينزغب مخك 🤯

    وانصحك تشوف "ابو متعب الامريكي"
    ماشاء الله عليه لغته العربية تجلطني

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