25 thoughts on “LEARNING JAPANESE: 9 Tips for Success”

  1. Wait, wait, WAIT. Other experts say learn natural way, like a little baby ; 75% recall rather than 26% with structured/grammar-based method. Do not learn Kanji at all until you can do lots of hear and speak conversation first, just like all children learn to speak first.

  2. tandem is an app that pairs you with the people who know the language youre trying to learn yet are trying to learn your language, there are lots of japanese people half fluent in english and some fully fluent

  3. Good evening⭐︎ Nice to meet you(^^) I am Japanese. In case I can’t be good at speaking English at all. Therefore I have studied English very harder since last year.Lets study languages each other^_^

  4. 8:08 "It really makes me angry that people always say to start using Japanese early on"
    8:19 Tip #7: Start using Japanese early on

  5. I don't know how to write kanji at all, but I can read them effortlessly, am I some sort of half-illiterate? Lol

  6. I'm learning Japanese on my own and I'm 11. It's working quite well but obviously school does get in the way. I go to an online school so I don't actually have to leave the house, hence I am within range of my Japanese learning books and CDs. Theoretically I should be able to dedicate some time to learning Japanese, but I just never really get round to it. The tips in this video are great and I've tried writing a few characters in hiragana OVER AND OVER AGAIN and it's working pretty well. So far I've fully memorized all the characters in hiragana 'till at least の. Thank you.

  7. Fellow 1/2 Englishman. Proud that some of us put the effort in to become fluent in another language. Japanese is an oddity, as I am not actively learning it but due to the amount of good TV programmes from that nation, I am infected by it: I really want to live in Japan or at least find proximity of Japanese in order to learn.

  8. It's not called link method. It's actually known as association that is used by world memory champions along side location and imagination. For example if you want to remember a set of cards with a ten of diamonds in them you would associate it to Bill gates (association) giving you ten million dollars in your house (location) because you are fkn poor (imagination or maybe not)

  9. looks up books for memory but the shitty site also shows pendrives lol… the most accurate representation

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