[Applause] what's up guys – girlish Micaiah and i'm back with another video video like smile today today it's going to be something different something you guys don't know about something like you know I was just bored you know so I'll watch my girl Ashley right and she did it's worth the food she says girl who's not professional one apart like a professional don't got no booty though so you know I'm just like all for that like what's up so I challenged her not the plan let me stop back it should look right you professional but this video is basically gonna be me trying to see if I can learn how to twerk they stop this video now I got a little jiggle like I couldn't juggle a little bit a little wiggle but nothing nothing major nothing major we want to tell you your teaching skills is it a buck or a flap period who [Applause] is not unless you're us Steve oh my name is one two three so yeah could be okay so straight to my thighs up baby okay the booty Disney [Applause] the balance wait come on Ashley it's really big so right now we're going to come on up-down motion you're going to use a lot of bending of the bees but we will be down on the floor so this is kind of similar to our stretching method if you're paying attention at the beginning our whole picture marks on a bunch of crappy thing so we're gonna pin it over bending over make sure you're in a comfortable space spread closed legs a little bit more vidoes knees down she is using you guys you guys can see she's using her toes or ankles you can also move her hips wiggle it is a workout quiet okay next when I dream that's what I believe because I know oh wait the biggest my pain come on photos okay come on so your girl look at this okay so your girl actually just taught me a few loose if I learn anything and I'll like get you stretching artists rule number one get your stretching out this is going to be the final results of me learning this look how to twerk 101 it was like a fox it's a fox but let's get this bamboo so nice with the legs hello leg circle right right right guys think I got the hang of it loop but you guys total baby I'm tired it's a workout your girl is higher literally what give this video a big thumbs up thanks Ashley and chesty for the sweat tutorial you know whoops but we in happen under this 20 summer 2019 we have is some gigolo go pre


  1. Yall goooo blow up bj groovy and tell him to react to this!! Cause my boy missing out on my girl lexis ๐Ÿ˜‚

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