Learning how to sing and dance KPOP!

oh yeah this is a Gundam neighborhood yeah think I'm styling a bit so since we got here we've been like dude it's such an old reference now Shh good morning guys it's the third day in Korea and today it's actually very cool we get to do we get to experience k-beauty and we get to learn about gay beauty and like the importance of it in Korea and actually around the world cuz it's a very popular thing so this event that was organized with multiple people from around the world everyone got to split up into different themes and so we got the kpop k-beauty theme and we picked that one because we thought it would be really fun for Isaac to kind of just see what kpop is all about and then for me I really wanted to learn more about k-beauty too so we're gonna get to do that today all right so first stop of the day is at some class soon which I hope I'm pronouncing properly but apparently this is a very high-end Korean beauty brand and so we get to check out the flagship store which is actually really exciting because that like I don't know anything about k-beauty and also I'm so eager to learn about everything that they have here so I'm just I'm excited to learn but this place already looks so family and then it's funny because Kacie and Isaac are kind of being dragged to this thing today because of mama Lula you're being dragged to this whole Korean beauty day because of me tomorrow is when we get to do it kpop stuff but today it's Mama's Day okay okay you know I'm really looking forward to the most though is getting some actual skin care products for myself so I have been very very very extremely blessed and lucky to have decently good skin because I didn't grow up having acne or any of that stuff but I've also been very bad and taking care of my skin like for years and years and years I would go to sleep with my makeup on like I rarely would wash my face like I just I've been really bad in taking care of myself and somehow the gods have blessed me with decently good spit but now that I'm getting older it is all catching up to me and I'm getting like a lot of sunspots and just these dark circles I will never go away and I've also been getting like a lot of little bumps on my face which I have been going to my facial girl cherry and she's been burning them off so like I have all I used to have all these little like spots under my eyes which you could see in our wedding video I don't know how to get rid of them other than burning them off and it's really it's a really painful process so like I said it's all catching up to me after all these years of not taking care of my skin so today I'm eager to learn what the Korean skin regimen is like and getting myself some decent products and actually going through with taking care of myself because recently I think in the last year I've actually been real good about washing my face every night taking my makeup off putting moisturizer and eye cream but I know that there's like a million other things I could possibly be doing to improve my skin which I am hoping to learn about today because my skin like the complexion of my skin is just all blotchy without makeup so I would like to get that even and does not have to worry about those weird bumps that show up every day I don't know I don't know what they are ever tell you my tree-huggers story I think I did we probably forgot but I remember one time I was in Mexico and I went up to what I thought was a tree and I started hugging it and then my mom starts laughing my mom and dad and they were like why are you hugging that I'm like what I love I love the earth I love the environment in the world I start laughing they're like me hey that's not a tree that's a pole I started it felt so dumb because that was literally the first tree that I hugged ever and it wasn't even a tree I was like damn that's embarrassing and for a long time my family would make fun of me saying that was a pole hugger but at least you got it right this is actually a tree so good for you I know maybe like a URI kid you only see you think that a certain height and yeah such a micro angle and that's so much like it's like blowing up your parent and hugging them and then looking up I saw Julie all right what it all is a lot like on the second floor and I thought I saw Julia so I was it like there's something there someone Aaron wasn't in Japan it was someone else uh-huh you're like Polly brand somebody else yeah and then after I want to go and hug this girl I like blue hair I look like Julia and I want to go baby UNIX on Julia did you tell her what happened no that is so funny so you just scared a random Japanese girl that's hilarious see you are totally my son all right so surplus ooh this brand is a high-end brand because their main ingredient that they use for their cosmetics is ginseng and if you guys know anything about ginseng is that it's very expensive in Korean are famous for having ginseng and so that's why this specific product is so expensive and high-end because of the fact that they use that ingredient and other stuff I honestly I'm trying to pretend like I know what I'm talking about but I really don't and today I'm gonna learn I promise guys okay so I've learned a little bit more as to why ginseng is very important and it's because it has great anti-aging components or properties so that's why this skin care product is very very popular because it's anti-aging and I just thought it was the kids that they have like an entire wrapping service so if you want if you buy a certain amount of products then you get to have these cute little things get wrapped for free and it's like very artistic and it just makes for a really good present intense Mother's Day thank you so now we're checking out the rooftop look how gorgeous honestly I don't think the camera is doing this justice cuz it looks really cool in person or maybe with Casey's fancy camera cuz it's huge he's been using this really nice camera is getting all cinematic with with the b-roll so hopefully you guys are enjoying these vlogs look at you did you're really enjoying this place living the good life oh there's the mirror over there I'm like hey she looks familiar that never happened alright guys it's the most exciting time of the day for me it's and I'm leaving the boys behind so I don't know what they're gonna do all I know is that I'm going to be really clean [Applause] all right so this is my room I'm so excited ah okay so they told me that well first of all here's the row and I got to change it to those underwear slippers there's a shower so they told me that they were speaking with these foot massage the flex grub and then they're gonna move on to my back I'm gonna get like a body massage with my back and then I'm gonna get a facial and they're gonna be using ginseng product to do it the early anti-aging type of facial and I am just so I'll see you guys after all right Isaac what are we doing right now because we're right here I know we actually worried we didn't really have a chance we're so busy there we didn't really have a chance to go around shopping and surprise our right thankful skin some skincare products oh my gosh no way would you get me that's just the free sampler stuff well I don't want to mess up the beautiful packaging oh yeah you should see that we could open it when we get back get back home yeah get back to the okay okay so that was awesome they did this foot scrub thing and they use hot ginseng like a ginseng type of like a or something and like she was scrubbing might be right that right so that's how it started and then I moved over to the massage table and it she was really getting into that into like the knots like she was really working why not usually I'm really sensitive to massages and I really like them light but this one was like perfect amount of pressure and I really feel like tomorrow I'm gonna feel like jello like just refreshed and then she started doing my facial and she was using she said she was using a lot of like ginseng products so like anti-aging facial it was really relaxing and amazing she even did like a scout massage and like she was combing my hair with some brush that was I felt amazing it was just I kept feeling the blood circulation she kept stimulating the blood circulation and then towards the end she starts putting this mask on my face and I don't know where I start getting this insane coffee tack and I could not stop coughing like she actually hadn't removed the mass that she put on I was like I'm so sorry you know just could not stop coughing so she ran out and got me some water she came back I drink some water and then she put the mask on again and then again I got a closet at home like damn it like what why right now like it's the whole time I was doing great but I guess because I was faced up like the mucus and my sinuses I don't know like it went down and like tickle with my throw-up in my lungs or something I don't know but I was so bummed out that I could not control my cough and right she actually left me for she said five minutes she was like over five minutes your your mask will be done so she ended up leaving me but I honestly feel like I scared her off because I couldn't coffee and then since there was a shower in the room I was wondering like wait can I take a shower or are they gonna need this room right away everyone's waiting for me maybe I shouldn't shower so I just ended up putting my hair up and I'm gonna be makeup free for the rest of the day because I didn't bring my makeup so enjoy this bare face for the rest of the day it was so cool she was doing this one thing where she kind of did grabbed my face slightly she's gonna be teaching it I don't know just doing a lot of cool stuff where I'm like hey awesome thanks for the fomo description well there's some other time I think right all right so we're back at the hotel and I am so excited I want to see what my friend like one would you guys get me all right so we got you some dark circle stuff cuz I'm getting old dang it just kidding no I appreciate it this is a trick conversation yeah cuz I was complaining about me having new wrinkles now that I'm getting closer to 30 okay oh look at this beautifully wrapped yeah that cuz we saw this i'ma split loser then we saw this you're like oh he'll yes oh I got it that's all Wow look at that those the box and source ooh you're the cinematic camera all right let's switch over cinematic camera remembering this is the exfoliating mask this is what you used to scrub off dead skin to start a process of anti-aging I like this little brush thing remember we're playing with it in the store yeah and now I Donkey Kong Country we're so excited to do this thing now you're over it bond it out to me it wasn't like I think that I would replay Wow what did you offer me what if your mom was like that 24/7 mm-hmm I love it Oh tuck to wild thank you was it smaller it smells like ginseng ooh oh my god I'm so excited to stay on forever good morning I think is not having a very good morning I know tell my baby all right so if you want the beginning of today all you stayed up watching Netflix till like 2:00 last night after we got home and after we showed you guys everything that they bought for me for my Mother's Day present we actually knocked up pretty quickly after that like Casey and I were dead and then Isaac stayed up watching Netflix and I remember waking up at midnight and telling Isaac like dude go to sleep it's midnight like what are you doing he's like I can't go to sleep and then I was just too sleepy and tired till I get him to go to sleep so I just knocked out and then I woke up again at 2:00 a.m. and I'm like listen I don't care that you can't go to sleep you need to put away that laptop you need to go to sleep you're gonna have a bad day tomorrow and now he's exhausted so mama knows that baby I listen to you too like so what about today though today you're singing you're gonna learn how to sing some k-pop songs you're gonna make your own album you're gonna be radio a studio exec set the place we're going scouting what if you sign you write today no you're good run yes so today like I said Isaac it's gonna be learning how to sing is gonna be creating his own album I don't want to say like a little baby it's okay all right yeah so then after that we're all gonna learn how to do a kpop dance and it's gonna be the BTS boy with love I saw them perform this song Ian and SNL so when I heard it and even when I was watching it that first thing I was just like damn this thing is catchy like I couldn't stop coming it the rest of the day so I'm like no wonder they're worldwide popular like it's just I don't know what's in the music but it really is very catchy hold baby I wish I could fill in for you and sing instead of you singing since you're saying you don't really want to do it but my voice is jacked up there's no way I could be able to sing today and daddy's voice is pretty messed up too so it's all up to you to make the family look good I'm just kidding pressure her that rhythm moniker and energetic so I was gonna be singing and recording his album winner miss Dianna are you ready to be a kpop star today I've never sang like a Korean song before I'm very nervous it's the morning so bad for vocals it's ignorance – I think no shirt team's here she was watching you you gotta perform so our extra k-pops thought use the same microphone and you're going to use it today one more time I'm not giving you try one more time so we can double it okay you're one you're too good does it rapping in Korean oh god no Kumar k2 konic ooh Tomiko Varkey narrator while hiking my hair okay okay not for all right okay yo icicle are you ready yep I'm ready uh iced tea I see yeah let's go yo icicle you ready yep sweet I see I stay in the house I school in the house let's spend some hot fire okay let's go they go fetch my gorilla honestly I want to do this like really bad so I'm saving their pamphlets stuff and next time we're in Seoul I'm definitely booking a session coming back I really really really would love to do a song and critic is actually walking through how to pronounce it in Korean and so I just wanted like to hear myself you know do an actual kpop song in Korean and I would love to do it if I had a proper voice miss Dianna you did so good it was cringes no you did so great honestly I am so bummed out that my voice is so crappy because I wish I could have joined you guys I feel like your voice to be super psyche as a rapper really kind of raspy like and then all in Korean down amazing that's true well too late you guys are done you did great good job baby we do deep voice it was good icicle nose all right so now we're at the dance studio we're gonna be learning how to dance the song that I think in this Tiana saying earlier so it's okay we just finished our dance class I feel like I don't think I can recreate this without him in the room with me because I was literally following his steps but every time I tried to complete an entire song I kept butchering it towards like certain spot so I'm like oh man and then not only that but I couldn't help but just think about the way I looked in the mirror and I'm like holy cow when did this happen when did I gain so much weight I need to go home and work out like that's all I was thinking in my head so it was really hard for me to focus on the moves but it's also like I'm not very coordinated I guess like I've never really done well when I have to follow other moves like people like aerobics class I was always the worst so I'm actually kind of proud of how much I was able to retain and regurgitate with my body so that was pretty fun but now I'm all sweaty how was it for you guys you're working out now you can actually sing and perform the song that you learned today so how'd you feel I feel productive productive force away oh that's your go-to where were you it was very similar to some Michael Jackson accents that I used to imitate when I was younger so this is cool yeah they never realized how tiring it could be of course you're moving a whole body moves like you're just kind of chill at home I never actually dance class you're like going all out to the beat yeah pushing you you're like I'll stay on be you know in the mic and it's like really laughs you know [Laughter] you look like a gangster Oh the way he has stripped but so are you a BTS fan now that you know they use Michael Jackson moves yeah I know me too actually I kind of want to go home and play BTS now and actually learn the lyrics all right now we're gonna check out the lots of tower look at that it's the tallest tower in South Korea and apparently is the third largest or tallest tower in the world so that's pretty impressive the tallest one is just fine yeah tell us one is in Dubai if Tina baby so while we had free time I went shopping and I bought a whole bunch of new clothes I love when we visit different countries we get to see the regular stores that we have at home but they actually sell different styles of clothing so in Korea I'm really diggin the fashion actually I'm wearing what I bought yesterday where are you today super cute I love it so I bought some more stuff today even though it's like from H&M and Hollister and I haven't seen the style I mean maybe they do have them back home but I haven't came across any of this the style that I bought today at home so I was like I'm fine whatever I can fit in my luggage and I'm probably not gonna be able to fit everything that I got but I'll figure it out I'll just buy another bag or something so now we're heading to the top of the look that tower which after a quick Google searches says it's the world's fifth tallest tower [Applause]

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