Learning How To Ride A 2 Stroke Dirt Bike EP3 – KTM 250 EXC TPI Showing results

whoa here now episode three third day right in a 2-stroke we'll see how we get on I feel like I've got use of the bike pretty quick to be fair if you haven't seen the other two videos episode 1 episode 2 I'll leave a link down below go check them out stop in the beginning then you'll know where we're at yeah this is the third ride so will I feel like I said really comfortable on the bike so far I don't have any regrets that's the main thing let me know in the comment section down below how you feel about it I mean I'm quite disarmed I'm gonna get another one Steve save up a little bit but at the moment I'm pretty happy with the two-stroke I say pretty happy I'm really happy it's a TPI boys oh it's gonna have a kick to it Wow oh damn it straightaway first crush I hate this stuff you don't know what's underneath it you can hit a log you're gonna have a seam icon that for certain now makes realize how much hotter is but I did love the challenge of a four-stroke motocross bike on an in do it now that's the whole fun of it so everyone cats having a go at me cup up riding a bike this shouldn't be on these trails but it's fun no matter what it is it's fun what's he done that looks deep did you go down the Bahasa no I don't know where we are I'm making up my own trail where'd you go it's a stay no making up our own trails this never ever ends well I think there how's it gonna die doing that are you gonna try and pop it as I'm either gonna walk it over or pop it I was thinking for the tube that's a puppet that looks deeper is yeah finally Oh this thing's an animal that's how we do it yeah yes Oh mind is cooled at the top I was like it's over but no still going let me see the see go MA oh if you're in pain you're gonna be in a mood which means you're not gonna be a laugh and you're gonna ruin my video so stop being so selfish whoa there's so many cool trails around here I love it get to test out this indoor bike the proper way I'm not even tired the 450 used to kill me this is princess measures so hard no matter how soft you put on it was just like oh I can't even tell you can't even explain how nice this is go buy one change your life I'm quiet noise away so I didn't listen to you long before I'll take the hey I'll admit when I'm wrong but don't diss the Honda because it's not about bike it's an amazing bike and it's super reliable I mean it's the time will tell about this case yeah my reliable is oh you're right I miss that you're right just just thinking of the thumbnails all I'm thinking of whew that was fun still not good nah I'm so in love so in love two-fifty was the best choice I'm ruined wrong that's all right the doers made it and that was me that was always me oh that's oh that's about my gaga hey sunshine hey sunshine hey son it's actually nice be behind sheesh I can smell in it whoa fumes hope you'll up watching this enjoy a bit of raw trails good I thought I put them in today because there's a nice little spot along sir back to normal next time I just thought I'll show you some of these cool trails on anyone so slick whoa blossom I came down here I flew off in this bit here and I wasn't filming house few minutes came in here like a bat out of hell on the 450 and it just flew through the handlebars film everything remember that so Steve accounts talent GoPro but is really steep the whole way up so much traction on this thing so your orders in the 1981 and she doesn't matter what rosebud he'll do anyway yeah yeah well we can go straight up there and see what's there it looks quite doable well we'll have a little look we I'm sure this is a cliff coming up yep hello nice you know the worst thing is when you haven't got the foot to put down Jesus oh I fell over Oh whoa that's cool nice that's episode three over and done with I hope you enjoyed the video it's a beautiful spot just go ahead away Brock now kind of talk of satire Bo heading our way back now not much more two films as fire rose way back so you know that's it guys hope you enjoyed tune in on the next one I'll catch you soon you

28 thoughts on “Learning How To Ride A 2 Stroke Dirt Bike EP3 – KTM 250 EXC TPI Showing results”

  1. I was behind a little Vespa 2 stroke scooter today in my work van, had to get the windows down for a good sniff, luckily i was behind it for about 2 miles

  2. I think the ktm is a better bike for you but I personally really like the hondas but if do you change get a Honda crf450x it's still and enduro bike. or crf450rx which is enduro race

  3. Yes sir… The 2 stroke is a different kind of animal… Use the clutch, stay in the powerband, enjoy the light nimbleness of a 2 stroke bike. When u find your groove, call me and we will talk big bore 2 strokes…..cr500 and such… Good video man. Thank u..

  4. That 250 is making you a better rider you are bossing it now. Get up to our neck of the woods and I’ll show you our moors πŸ˜†

  5. It’s amazing how much that bike helped you! You are starting to ride better now! Congrats stay in they 250 thing made a better rider out of you for sure

  6. Love your videos and the two stroke😍😍😍keep up the good work πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  7. Love the puf puf puf when ideling the bike and then when you open throtle it is beep beep i like that the mast obout smokers

  8. I got my first bike in about 5 years on the 24th and I’m enjoying it a lot, you helped me get back into biking and riding in Welsh fields never gets old

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