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when I made my pigskin football from scratch I first practiced by taking apart a Wilson football and attempted to assemble one using the more accurate store-bought cowhide assembly in the football went fairly easily but when it came to the step of converting the ball I ran into some issues I don't know if it's gonna work we'll see what I can do oh boy this will be a challenge eventually I to give up and just cut the stitching on one side to get it inverted and then sew it back together after completing both my cowhide and then pigskin football from a hittite and myself excuse to see what the pros would think of my results lucky for me the Super Bowl this year is right in my backyard so I paid a visit to the Super Bowl experience for Wilson Sporting Goods was showing off how they make their high quality footballs I'm Christina Peterson moment and I work with Wilson sporting but it's how are you Andy yeah so you guys make the actual football yes you've made all the official game footballs for the NFL since 1941 okay great so I made my own football all the way from scratch can my own pick hi took a bladder from the pig completing the football and put it all together so I want you read of all tell me what you think of it okay what do you think I think our team here is going to show you how football for the NFL's really made but they did a really nice job do you want to see how we do it yeah perfect so Keith here she takes four leather panels together here she's got two hands of a football here and what she does is a lock stitch operator her job is to put the two pieces together and actually start creating shake up the football so after PT has sewed the two sides together she then took gives it to Jim over here he's a Turner he's been with Wilson for 40 years he puts the inside out football into this little steam box here those steam softens the leather a little big so it's a little bit more pliable for him to work and then he's going to show you how he turns it on this metal bar so he'll turn about two or three months in footballs a day we do have some folks in the factory that it was his Pam she's actually lacing a ball right now and so the first thing she'll do once she gets the ball from Jim and she'll put in the bladder she'll put a little bit of air in there and snip off the air valve piece to it and then she'll start using just this one long pebbled lace which adds to grip enhancement for the players and you can see that – she'll do that by the end sort of weaving in and out do the weaving properly with – it seemed pretty complicated she is your expert she can tease she can teach you how to do that so here's my bladder we use actually a three ply polyurethane bladder so you don't use an actual thing sweater you don't know so the final step in the process is once Pam is done lacing the ball it will go over here to rosie station this is the molding station this is the final step in the process outside of inspection and essentially what we're doing here is we're putting the ball into this sort of canister and then we're putting about 100 120 pounds of air pressure into the ball to really fill out the shape and smooth out the seams with the ball which is probably important this takes about 90 seconds and then we bring it down to NFL regulation then the final step what she's doing right now which is she'll check all the laces and make sure the laces are straight and I'm sure that all the stitching and make sure that the stitching is high-quality and then she'll start rushing the ball bringing forth its natural tackling this so on this platform here we have about a hundred and three hundred fifty years of football making experience right here interacting with fans and showing people about the craftsman and crafts women and what we do in in Ohio once I saw how they made them I thought I'd take a shot at it leave it in there about 35 seconds you just have it here here because you're gonna bring this round laughs over good no Pam is gonna show you how we flatter and Lisa football right she'll sew hold air now you take it one lace or whatever straight across this one here you have to type a different way than you yeah yeah [Laughter] and press all the seams out lock the laces but it put it in there there you go but now you have to hit both of the green buttons yes gotta brush it hard see the change in the color yeah he said Whedon doing this for 40 years yes big change years not much process about the same process the only thing we do foil stamping now instead of each stamping go let's go that's good to go alright thanks for showing me the whole process here got to see how it's actually supposed to be done all right think I got pretty close he's a bit heavier well little little bit softer I think mostly similar well thanks for coming through letting our team kind of show you how we make the NFL game football yeah makes a lo Wilson team I now have a better idea a footballs I'm professionally made and learned some key aspects of the process that I had missed before oh sorry I think we got what I need with this new knowledge and a fair amount of love they're still left over I'm gonna attempt to make a few more balls even wait later this year to a few of our patreon supporters as well as a few selected winners and with my plans to make shaving cream and a razor from scratch later this year maybe I'll even make one without the fur if you enjoyed this video be sure to subscribe and check out other content we have covering a wide variety of topics also if you enjoyed these series consider supporting us on patreon we are largely a fan funded channel and depend on the support of our viewers in order to keep our series going thanks for watching

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  2. I just realized that the both of the workers working there was named Jim and Pam. Anyone getting a click lol.

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