Learning How to Give a Facial?! (Beauty Trippin)

39 thoughts on “Learning How to Give a Facial?! (Beauty Trippin)”

  1. Guys, can you please answer my question?
    So if you're living outside the US, can we do that Dermalogica’s class too? Where can we do that? I would love to!!!

  2. Yayy Lily is funny with other people and so is Erin but get Lily and Erin together its even better. Is Lily and Erin still married?

  3. Erin has super sensitive skin… It was still red as they were leaving for lunch. Erin, I feel for you. Please be careful about all things skin.

  4. You’re doing great sweeties, love the skincare videos! And looking forward to the rest of the dermatológica trip

  5. when she said “picture your skin at age 11. that’s normal skin” like when i picture me at age 11 it was me slathering aveeno all over my body every night cuz it would sting in the morning from being so dry (i also had super bad psoriasis) but yeah my skin was not normal at age 11 lmaooo

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