hey guys welcome back to the Beehive so I'm just picking up the camera today and it's seven o'clock and we're gonna just still try to make an awesome vlog for you because that's just what we do but it's just one of them real days you know we're getting ready for vacation here in a few days and you never know if you're gonna have like Wi-Fi I might a little Bowl or I don't know so I pre-cum extra videos ahead of time I added them and get them uploaded and I figured you know what I'm gonna take today and get that done I'm actually uploading my third video now so one of those will actually go alive today but what I'll probably do is just stop for today because I've been working with today and then tomorrow when I edit a vlog tomorrow I'll try to edit to to just kind of bump it again and then yeah I mean it's it's just what what I do right but go back because oh my gosh I have I've been really proud of some of the content that I've been making here lately the the algorithm never sees it but I do and I guess that's the most important thing is that I love what I'm doing which I do and yeah I did a really fun video of testing like Dollar Tree gadgets like a legit like app bought stuff from the Dollar Tree and probably showed it in a video but I did an actual video showing like ten different gadgets that was a lot of fun and then I wanted to know if you guys wanted to see more things like that maybe we could do like a product test you know like different products and stuff like that so you have to let me know in the comments if there are any if not head over to the community tab and coming over there but I see charlie is actually outside oh he's doing a fire but it's a big kind of like it's been like a dreary day today like let me see this guy is not real blue Charlie's got his fire going I probably got there and say hey to him I don't know it's just been one of them kind of yuck days the poll looks good though the polls probably really because we had that little system on there that keeps it cold so I just finished cooking dinner I ended up we had got I have made the boys some burgers Brookes not here she went out to dinner with Cameron um I think they went the Mexicans but the burgers I got were from the same company that makes like Kobe steaks and if you guys are not familiar with Kobe steak evidently it's like a really high dollar state quality steak if you will I think they're very expensive like 100 bucks but I guess Charlie had found a me a Harris Teeter and it was a burger that was from the same sort of cow I guess I think Kobe is a cow if I'm not mistaken or is it a Chinese I don't know I could be wrong on all that and look like a fool but he's – I got that and I made those and they really were like it's okay they said it was a little bit tough they weren't like thoroughly impressed but I did that and I did um curly fries in the airfryer and I made some mac and cheese which I didn't finish and for me I hate a huge salad that I put everything in it like beans and stuff like that but I also made a side dish of veggies that was just Brooke um must be going by she'd probably go back down to Cameron's but I don't know if it's supposed to rain or not yeah that is them so fingers crossed but I'm prepping like I said in addition to getting my videos done the other day I went out and got like cat food and dog food and Brooke needed her tags done so we got all that done as well so her car's good for another year and any of you guys who watch our videos have Barbie heard this information but anyways so yeah I got that done and the only thing I plan on having to do is getting our clothes cleaned and I've been staying on top of it like you know keeping them washed and dried and put away and then I got that done and then I vacuumed and cleaned yesterday we actually did cobwebs and such so yeah the boys have been upstairs playing a little bit and having a good time and I don't know what we're gonna do later on but I just wanted to make sure all my stuff was caught up and done and out of the way and lastly the only thing I need to figure out is how I want to prep any food to take for myself I'm thinking the best way it's gonna be is like nuts and seeds and fruit they're gonna be like the best things to pack so I don't know I just I'm so worried you guys going to New York and I knew my options will be a lot better probably there as far as vegan options for food but I guess I have it set in my head that worst-case scenario scenario is if I can't eat anything vegan or locate anything vegan then I'm at least gonna definitely try to eat like a vegetarian which is really gonna upset me honestly because I have been at this for a year and a half now and I've stayed strong with it have not you know straight off my path as far as being vegan I'm stuck with it you guys look birth is learning how to drive a stick shift Cameron this car is a manual and so yeah she has no idea I'm filming her but that's how I see oh she does good pulling away so he's been wanting to teach her and tell you know make sure that she knows how to drive manual she's looking this way does she see me I wonder if she sees me she looked over here like hard like I see her I'm he's so good to her like he he's so patient I don't know if I'd be able to do it she was so excited cuz she got into second gear look at her go Oh Oh a little bouncy but that's like in addition I was gonna add that's why my hair looks a mess is because I have not showered today and yeah I'm gonna go out to the fire I don't need to find some flip-flops because we have pricklies in our yard and if you guys don't know what those are I probably have them on the back of my shoe I do they're kind of like stuck on there so yeah they hurt so bad I kid you not if you step on them it would take you down to your knees it's a so painful and we should probably spray for them to get rid of them out of the yard and I don't know why we haven't but we just haven't uh-oh I hear thunder yeah and I feel hey Jess equator oh my kidneys Oh easy Carole feel raindrops yeah well as long as it's not like damn corn any snakes not yet here's the fire it looks beautiful whoo it's hot too that's a hot one what do you think Trixie are you being a good girl you having good times you have your where's your uh your stick you have a stick over here let me see there's this one yours Trixie loves her sticks there I spot a yellow ball under the trampoline it looks flat oh there's Trixie do you know anything about the yellow ball under the trampoline there's a towel hey let the towel outside all right Charlie said I had them in the fire not much I really got to do just stand here and look at it you guys want to look at it with me all right sounds good we'll get Ben and his ninja makers hey but show us what you got man so what you practicing ah thanks nothing you're just pretending playing you miss karate kind of you have fun when you went you know oh all right let's see it okay strike what nice how cold or warm is the pool have you looked or felt it let's see is there oh here's the thing that we can see what the temperature is you guys ha oh it's 80 degrees that's cold it would be cold look JC said she wants to get up no actually what she wants is this trash that dad uses to start the fire did you see your yellow ball over there yeah somebody decided to play with it not me I didn't play with it no you're not getting the trash either Trixie what are you doing with the towel there's actually more than one towel under there what in the world you want the ball are you ready yeah bring it back to come on Hey so Ben just pointed this out which is quite interesting I did have B and what's crazy Ben I think there's one on the deck oh there's one over there as well put in the world what do you think killed him that's crazy it doesn't look like anything like did it no looks like it collapsed and died I don't know it's crazy that's a cool sight though one of the Beehive family members have passed you guys it's yeah right exactly yeah yeah I have no idea huh I did see a nest over there on the ground like they had gotten knocked down but I don't know if it was their nests I don't know well heap I was flying around I know that doesn't make any sense right I wonder if they're stuck in this thing I don't know any you guys have any plans for the 4th I think we might go over to Brian and Jones and hang up with them you should share the vlog on your machete oh well we have new reviewers that may not have been around at Christmas time which one what's the name I think it was the schrade 22 outback bike is up and dad and his games gone he's getting the limb the small branches cut off of the big pieces of wood the case that comes in actually is a sharpener as well I think it's called a military style yeah ok so yeah they don't call it a case I'll get you Trixie she tries to find any little piece of wood that she possibly can to chew on which is always fun huh well I ended up getting ready after all guys we're actually headed over to a house he any Christian and their family and Ben you need to take a shower tomorrow for sure summer thank you kids do that if you have kids get up like make them take a shower and during school season they just know that they have to so we got one Oh No yeah you got a fish unless it's no you got it go ahead I got a fish coming in yeah that's a big one I'm gonna keep this one at your way I want to see the fish we doing it for the fish no you got a fish on there honey that thing was moving you're getting it you're almost there I can see I can see the line right there in front of you oh there you go oh my words she's gonna need help that thing is but yeah you're gonna break your line right relax your line relax that thing is hey you know that's gotta be like it's gonna ride missing it's huge man all right they're like killing it down here tonight this one they called earlier they get ready to cook this one I think so getting that one's yours honey Brian got a catch too here we go pulling it in a big one dang Brian

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