Learning how to camp

we are here at Bronte Creek Provincial Park taking part in the learn to camp program it's pretty exciting we're gonna get demos of all the things that people will learn if they're taking part of this and getting to know how to camp in Ontario what's happening here right now we're learning how to build a fire we're using the log cabin method this will just allow the fire to be easily started it allows for air flow we're gonna place our quick quick fire starter right in the middle there and you can just light it and that will put on some larger logs in a bit of a teepee method and then building the fires quick and easy one of the most important things to learn I guess when you're going camping for sure it's a nice way to end your day sitting around the fire with your family roasting marshmallows having those s'mores so right now we're going to learn how to start your camping stove so right now we have it set up with our wing flaps out so that's just going to protect the flame from the wind then we're gonna screw in our propane adaptor here we go through everything and we even get every family to practice lighting their stove with us before they go back to their own campsite packing up a cooler important part of camping very important part you want to make sure that you're packing your cooler with your most important items closest to the ice so this is a little game that you would play with them to learn what order they should put things in for sure we get the kids to come up and do it first and then we ask the adults if there's anything that they would want to change a program is geared towards new Canadians as well as people who just live in the city and don't have experience with outdoors and want to have a chance to learn some of these skills of course one of the most important things to be able to do when you're camping is set up your tent so what will they learn during the program about that so we start by thinking about where you're going to place your tent you want to make sure that you're looking up down and all wrap you want to look up for if there's any branches that are dead so they nothing can fall on your tank want to look down to see if there's any gravel or what kind of bottom you're going to be on and then all around for things like your distance from the fire pit what about choosing tents what should you be looking for when you're choosing a tent you want to look for a tent that is two more people than will be actually sleeping in it if you're getting a tent for eight people and having eight people be in there they'll be packed in like sardines well there are seven Ontario Parks taking part in this program to see which ones and how you can register go to our website CityNews see a slash extras at Bronte Creek Provincial Park Audra brown City News

8 thoughts on “Learning how to camp”

  1. Dude I love camping — this makes me wanna get back out there and build a fire and sleep under the stars.

  2. don't forget its $100 a day because camping is not free on Queen Land 😀
    oh, you thought we were free?

    as free as cityTV's viewpoint and agenda.


  3. Only reason I watched was to see if they'd mention tick bite prevention. Nope… Southern Ontario is completely overrun with these disease carrying parasites now, and nothing is mentioned of them. Come on…

  4. Coleman Glamping commercial.
    The broken branch above your tent is called a "widow maker".
    Good luck with the skeeters
    👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏

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