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That’s so cute they bring it. Are we getting stupider? – Good
– I’m Japanese after all. Welcome to the top 5 free educational games in Japan with Misato. Hello. -And the number one game is
-Tom and Jerry Zak Zak Treasure. Easy to use by just tapping. Decorate your room in a cute way. There’s a room that looks like Frozen. Cute. Choose your favorite pickaxe to reach a high score. My favorite pick axe. Is that an axe? Not a drill? Yeah. And isn’t that an umbrella? Let’s try the game. Tom and Jerry! It’s Tom and Jerry. This is cute. Jewels, get the jewels. Ok, here we go. Tom and Jerry got sucked into a book. They got stuck in a book. You just dig block by block? Oh that’s how it works. Do we get the item? We couldn’t get it. Moving them around is fun isn’t it? What kind of educational effect does this have? I have no idea. It’s cute. I understand that, but where is the educational aspect? I wonder what it is? It’s not very educational.
In fact it may make you stupider. Well I don’t think it’s that bad… Let’s see what no.2 has on the App store. Othello Is Othello educational? I don’t think this is super educational. Classic Board Game of Beautiful Graphics. Single and Multiplayer. Play with Friends and Families. That’s it. What a simple explanation. There’s only two! -You just go on like this forever
-We’re getting smarter. We’re getting smarter. Though, when you play Othello, you think a lot so you should get smarter. Maybe it’s not like educational in the traditional sense. It’s more like you use your brain. I was just pressing the button randomly. Turns out she’s actually really good at Othello. I’m not thinking! Looks like I’m gonna win huh? Oh this is humiliating. 47 to 17.
-I win! Maybe this one is a little educational. You think where you should put the circles. No. 3 Cooking Mama Let’s cook. Cooking mama is now on your smart phone. Have a great time cooking with Mama Chop chop, stir stir, sizzle sizzle Fulfill Papa’s requests and get items The fun never stops. Curry. Omurice, Pizza. -What is that?
-Pancakes? -Do you like pancakes?
-Yes, I do. -That’s cute.
-Hello, I’m cooking Mama Hello there, I’m papa -Are you good at cooking?
-Yes, but.. What should I do with this? -Fast fast fast
-You grind it! Oh no, too fast. You really have to do it as if you’re cooking. You mix it. This is hilarious. This is a good lesson because in Japan they stir things with chopsticks. In the west we stir everything with a fork or like a special shape. We say whisk. Really fast. Hey fast was ok that time. What’s going…ok Oh no, too fast. Ah! You take the lid off the millk! This is fun. Try one. This is fun. You know what, I quite like this game. I may like this. This is fun. This is like real cooking. That is actually like how they do it. With the (wrist) in real life.. -This actually is educational.
-yeah yeah yeah This should be no.1 I think so too. When you play this, you want to cook in real life. Did we get all three stars? We are excellent children. It’s true isn’t it? How old are we? All right. No. 4 Enjoy Learning Japan map puzzle. This is a true… Actual education, real education. Is this a game? I used to have a puzzle of the map of Japan when I was little. That’s how I memorized the parts of Japan. I learned it while doing the puzzle. This could actually be educational. -This is neat
-Game…play. You fit these in here. Oh my goodness. This is going to be way too hard. Hey can I try, can I try. Wakayama Does it not light up? It doesn’t. Not there. If it gets close, say “hot”. Hot, very hot. Very hot. I got it. I reckon if you do this with a friend, this is quite educational Let’s try a different game. There’s no outlines now. It’s even harder! Good. I am Japanese after all. – Too…cool!
– Cool?! Wakayama. The fun level. 0 to 10. If I were to do this alone, it would be no…study, study. but if it were 2 people, it would be fun. I think this will be quite fun with friends. -Last one!
-Anpanman..Jig..something A very famous anime character in Japan. Do you know? I know Anpanman, but what is the story? -Superhero?
-Superhero. To whom? – For his friends in the forest.
– Ah, ok. Ok. There are 2 piece puzzles, 6 piece puzzles… What’s going on? -Baikinman!
-Does he break? He’s gonna break the puzzle. -Let’s have a competition.
-What is a 2 piece puzzle? -Ah, this guy, Baikinman broke it so..
-2 pieces. -Can you do it?
-Let’s see…wait! Look! The characters fly around with the pieces for me. -It’s actually kind of animated
-It’s cute! Maybe a little fun than a normal jigsaw puzzle. So cute how they take it. 10 seconds. Is that his… “Bye Bye kin”? – Key phrase?
– Like his trademark phrase? Oh no it’s locked. – To do anything more than 6 pieces, you have to pay money?
– Yes. -For a jigsaw puzzle?
-Yes. -I’m a little disappointed.
-Not free. Not free not free. Alright. What did you think of Tom and Jerry. It was cute, but what was educational about it? Not very educational. Othello? -Othello was fun.
-Yeah that’s good. It’s just Othello. This might come in handy. I used to have a travel kit. I can see why this is popular. -Cooking mama
-This is good. -This was really good.
-Yes. I feel like I actually learned how to make an omelette today. I think this one is really good for education as well. Enjoy learning Japan Map Puzzle. This is for an older audience compared to the Cooking Mama Educational App. And last but not least, Anpanman. This asks for money too early. Yeah, that was way too fast. Any more than 6 pieces, you have to pay money. I wanted to play for free at least to 20 pieces. Well, that is the top 5 free educational games on iOS I hope you enjoyed that. Don’t forget to comment and subscribe to the channel. and there should be a playlist here. So click on it. See you later. Bye

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  1. Another Misato seifuku video is another great video. (and a different uniform this time too)

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