31 thoughts on “Learning Functional Programming with JavaScript – Anjana Vakil – JSUnconf”

  1. One of the things often missed with these types of discussions and conferences is; why. Why is this good and Why is this important. Functional programming can make life a lot easier with certain tasks. I enjoy it quite a bit over OO as I get older.

  2. thank you anjana vakil. i actually watch this. then i watched another talked by you on the same subject. finally i watched this again and now i really understand

  3. She got my thumbs up the moment she started talking about the problems with mutability. You'll be surprised how many people still believe that immutability is bad instead of the other way around.

  4. Nice Video. I personally believe that if you are really good at OOP, using FP will be a piece of cake. I personally decided to practice OOP because it provokes objective reasoning.

  5. it's the third time I watch this video along 3 years and I still find interesting stuff. Anjana is great

  6. Big like. OOP is good when suitable, and in other times, it might make you look at things from a perspective that only makes it harder to progress.

  7. really cool talk – like how sincerely excited she is!

    im still pretty horrible at functional thinking, but that's on me.

  8. I remember watching her lecture about a year ago as a newbie to Functional Programming. Now that I have some knowledge in FP I really enjoyed her lecture.

  9. By teaching a subject you recently learned, it's more fresh in your mind, you have simpler examples and gotcha's to share, and you don't get bogged down in all the details and exceptions to the rule that an expert in the field might. I wish more things were taught this way.

  10. Write a script which allows user to add numbers of top 5 students in the class. after user has added numbers of 5 students show the data in console log.

    bonus… allow to add numbers only.. do not allow string or anything other than number

  11. Excellent presentation. I was left unhappy with the top three results for "functional programming" until I found this video, the 23rd result. Why it's all the way down here is anyone's guess.

  12. You are like my inspiration! I am a tech support engineer and I wish to learn programming! Exception I am in india!

  13. Hi Anjana, I'm MCA student can u tell me how can I change my mindset to start coding in Java Script?

  14. She was really good at explaining this. Not many resources out there elaborate on these ideas and simplify them the way she did. Great job, you can tell she is an educator at heart.

  15. Great speech it made my mind change a little bit, but I got a bit confused. Aren't methods like .map(), reduce() or filter() part of the standard objects of JavaScript? If these methods are just functions of some standard object defined by the lenguaje itself, how can we consider the use of them a "pure functional programing paradigm"?

  16. Nice!!!!
    Reading https://codewords.recurse.com/issues/one/an-introduction-to-functional-programming

  17. She was great !!! And also she was humble enough to say that she was not qualified to talk about certain topics, which made her even greater …

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