Learning from Judas

Boom clap boom de clap de clap Remember Miley? Remember when she—? Oh, Miley! Gonna pray for her. Alright.
Ready to go. Hi, my name is Father Mike Schmitz
and this is Ascension Presents. So I was reading
this week about Judas’ betrayal. I sometimes like to pray about Judas and I think a lot of Christians like to reflect on Judas’ life, not because we like to see someone fall
but I think a lot of us don’t want to be that person. We realize that we have the potential to be that person.
We have the potential to be Judas. So I was reflecting on this and something stuck out to me in John’s Gospel chapter 13 when Jesus at the Last Supper announces
that “One of you is going to betray me.” And it says the apostles didn’t know.
They were at a loss as to whom he meant and so then, Peter says to John, “Who is it?”
and so John asked Jesus, “Who is it?” and Jesus said, The person I’m
gonna give the morsel to. So he does this. He dips the morsel, gives it to Judas and says, “What you’re going to do, do quickly,” he says. “Now, none of—” this is crazy, “now, none of those reclining at table realized why he had said this to him. Some thought that since
Judas kept the money bag, Jesus had told him, ‘Go buy
what we need for the feast,’ or to give something to the poor.” This is remarkable. This is the person who’s already decided, in other Gospels, it’s already very clear that Judas has already exchanged the money.
He’s planned on betraying Jesus but nobody—these thirteen men have been living together, have been praying together, have been sharing life for the last three years and no one knew what was really going on in Judas’ life. In fact, he was so good at faking, that they all thought he’s probably going to do something really good. He’s probably gonna give money to the poor. He’s probably gonna go do what Jesus wants
because that’s what Judas does. And yet, his true intention and his true life
and his true self was hidden behind a mask, and this is the reality
for all Christians. We all have the temptation to hold our real self, our true self behind some kind of mask. Now, this isn’t a call to be super transparent
with everybody we meet, like I have to tell everybody what I’m really wrestling with. Think about this. Of these thirteen men,
one of whom was also God, Jesus, that Judas hadn’t shared that deepest part of him
with any one of them so that all of them were surprised, they had no idea.
Who would it be? You just imagine. What if Judas had even
shared with one other person? Maybe like Matthew was his guy, you know,
Matthew, the tax collector. Judas can be like, “Yeah, now. You know
what it’s like to be broken? Like “Yeah, absolutely!” So here goes Judas and Jesus says,
One of you is gonna betray me, Judas gets up to go and then Matthew’s like,
“Wait a second. I know his deal. I know what’s going on in Judas’ heart.
He’s going to go betray Our Lord.” And he goes after him. Maybe he says,
“Judas, you don’t want to do this. Come back.” It could have— it could have saved Judas’ soul. Just think about this. But what happened was Judas was so intent, apparently, or content not being known, keeping his true self hidden from everybody that when he
came down to that point of decision, he was unable to rely on anybody. So here’s my invitation. You know, we can’t reveal our true selves to everybody because that’s just impractical, but is there any one person in your life with whom you
can be completely transparent? Is there any one brother or sister in
Christ that you can be completely reliant upon? In the sense of like be able to say,
They really know you. They know what your stuff is. They know what you’re wrestling with.
They know what you’re going through. So that when you’re in those moments of
decision, they can also go there with you. They can go through it alongside of you. Because if we don’t do that,
if we aren’t transparent with even anyone, whether it be a spouse or they be a brother in Christ, sister in Christ or a spiritual director or confessor, then how will we really be transparent to the Lord? And who will really be there for us
when we really need them? Last thing. Is there anybody that knows that you can be relied upon, you can be trusted, you can be counted on, to be that person for them? If you’re not or if you don’t have anyone you can count on, I’d invite you to do this: Ask Jesus. Ask Jesus to bring someone like that into your life because that’s what he wants for you. He wants you to be able to have a deep friend,
someone you can be connected with, a brother, a sister, someone you can trust so you don’t have to do this following-the-Lord-thing alone. Pray for that if you don’t have one. And if you do, thank the Lord for that
and thank them. From all of us here at Ascension Presents,
God bless.

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  1. Where one alone may be overcome, two together can resist. A three-ply cord is not easily broken.

  2. Hi father, great video.. Out of curiosity, what is your favourite hymn? Or if you can't pick one, what is your favourite at the moment? I'm really enjoying 'Take and Eat' at the moment.

  3. Father, I noticed your ring. Are you married? If so are you Easter Orthodox? Or were you ordained a priest in the Easter Orthodox Church, but converted to Roman Catholicism?

  4. When I reflect on the Gospels (especially John's) I always wonder what was going on in the minds of the apostles, especially when they didn't know Jesus very well yet.

  5. Another great video, even as an atheist you provide an interesting and helpful insight on life. Really enjoy the videos, keep up the great work 🙂

  6. Maybe Judas felt he didn't belong and everyone was so much holier than him, including Matthew who overcame his sinful past. And he was like, What am I doing here? And he felt stuck and alone and wanted so badly to tell someone, but no matter how much he prayed it felt like God was silent and didn't care. Maybe he knew he was already lost and beyond redemption so he followed through alone as always.

  7. There is an old saying in the recovery community that , '' You are only as sick as your secrets.'' Perhaps the 1970's book by Jesuit John Powell – WHY I AM AFRAID TO TELL YOU WHO I AM – also helps explain our secrets . Thanks !

  8. Wow, this struck me so hard because I realize I don't have anybody that I've been transparent with and can fall victim like Judas did. Thank you, Father Mike for this and I hope you don't mind if I share this on Facebook. God bless!!!

  9. I love the interpretation of Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar. It really makes you understand why he did what he did. The 1973 version does it best, but the 2000 version also has a cool interoperation too.

  10. Interesting part about the passages you mentioned Father is that it states in John13:27 that Satan entered into Judas when he took the bread from Christ. It is meant to be Christ who enters into you when you receive the Eucharist, I think John was sending out a strong message to those who reject the Eucharist. The followers of Christ leave him in John6:66 after they reject his message about the Eucharist, it's more than likely not coincidental, even though the bible was numbered many years after it was written.

  11. #askfrmike do Catholics believe in penal substitutionary atonement? I have been raised in the [predominanty] anabaptist position, and this is the perspective that is put forth. I saw an interview with an eastern orthodox priest and he disagreed with P.S.A. What is the Roman Catholic Position?

  12. It feels weird to say and I hope I do not go to hell but I think Judas got a bad reputation and I do not understand what he did wrong in identifying Jesus in the garden. Jesus was in many public places known by many people. I do not understand why his identification was particularly necessary or problematic. He didn’t testify falsely. I do wonder if the betrayal was his suicide? I wonder why Jesus had to die throughout crucifixion. I know it was the method of the time and not just a death he endured. But I think it was probably important that his death was public. I find it odd the world gives Pilate a pass. Handwashing or not he seems more at fault that the guy that led to an orderly taking of Jesus intimidately into custody. Not that I put any particular blame on Pilate either. I think he had to die of a way that was out of the hands of God like old age or a medical issue in order for him to be able to defeat death and open the gates of heaven. So I see the “actors” as more of necessity. The blame is more on each person who has ever sinned for all time. I think Judas’s real problem was the suicide, in turning his back on God. I hope he was able to repent or was under some deficit where he was not responsible for his actions of the suicide. I would like to think everyone has a hope of heaven, purgatory or direct entrance.

  13. After watching this video, I asked the Lord to give me a best friend here in Switzerland. He gave me two. I am so grateful.

  14. Sorry but I doubt what you said. I am a cradle catholic . I think someone had to be there to fulfill the prophesy. It's written in the scripture that the devil entered Judas before the betrayal. If it wasn't Judas it would have been someone else. It's pitiful. As for why the devil chose Judas, perhaps in that context you are right. But to think that he was a fraud from the beginning, surely Jesus is the son of God. He wouldn't let someone like that become a disciple. I think we ought to pray not to be chosen to be another Judas and the holy Spirit to not leave us and be exposed to the devil because life can take you to some difficult crossroads.

  15. Judas story is the most sad story i have evee heard. Propably the most sad story in whole human history. Someone could say im out of my mind but i really feel sorry for judas a lot. He realized what he had done but couldnt find way to correct it (and maybe he thought he couldnt be forgiven, at least he didnt forgive for himself) so he commited a suicide. He should just have asked forgivness and trust on the gods mercy. Sad strory 😔

  16. Yep, you learned from Judas alright. You also betray the Lord.
    Get a King James bible and stop rejecting Christ (the Word made flesh).

  17. Eunuchs are not sons and daughters.

    1 John 4:1 Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.

    Jesus is my father.

  18. Great Father !! 100 persent truth .I have in my building since i been here Gods given me great people that love the Lord .Even went to a all black bible study .I could tell one man didnt like me .im in the south .It didnt matter to me .Im from the north were these thing arent look on as wrong .Yep he was looking at me like that o well God loves all .God has worked so well in my life with my motor cycle .I get my harley stuff cheap which is unbelievable.So Im riding For Jesus .soldier for Christ.Cma I never thought i would be anything but a hairdresser .If i could go back in time to when I was 20 .I would tell my self .guess what Gods got a lot of work for you .you are going to do and learn a lot ..I probley wouldnt believe it .Im only 55 Right now im fighting in prayer for people .I wouldnt want it to be any other way .christ first everything follows

  19. Unfortunately Christians are so disconnected with Hebrew culture or Bibical Hebrew words, The meaning of betray simply means To serve over, Betray is a verb, a action it is not an emotion or to be perceived as deception. Remember, Judas served him over to the Pharisees, the Pharisees turn him over to the King of Juda who in-turn serve him to the Romans who hung Yahushua (Jesus) on the cross, This was done because when he chased out the money changers from the Temple, Juda could not pay the Temple tax that would have usually have been taken from the Passover offering,

  20. Judas was necessary. Without Judas' betrayal, there would have been no sacrifice and no resurrection. Somebody needs to do the stuff no one else wants to or can't do.

  21. Well…the way you describe Judas and I think it sounds true, that's basically NPD. People like that most of the time don't even know they are putting up a false image of themselves and that's incredibly dangerous and destructive.
    I wonder how Jesus knew.
    Anyways if you don't want to fall prey to this as it can easily happen to drift that way when you're in a lot of pain, it's very important to look inside yourself, be honest with yourself and also ask others to be honest. Try to work on yourself.

  22. Well, there are Judas cults all over America who never influenc ed me. Why do I have to prove they could influence you?

  23. See, the USA thinks because they have Judas cults all over the country, everyone has to recognize religious freedom. Bologny. That is not religious freedom. That is perversion to teach it is fair and square because they are entitled religious freedom.

  24. Judas gets a bad rap! Judas was USED (chosen) BY GOD to make sure Jesus got on that cross, which was his ENTIRE reason for being here!

  25. If you believe what happened to jesus had to happen, it would follow that in a certain way judas was called to fulfill his role in all of it. He obviously was in a lot of emotional pain for doing it leading to his suicide. If judas is in eternal punishment for this, it would be the greatest injustice of all time.

  26. I always hope that we might see Judas in heaven, that maybe right before he died he cried out and said “Lord please forgive me”. We are all capable of being a Judas.

  27. #askfrmike: Did God have a "backup plan"? What if one of the Apostles, say Matthew (using the example in the video), had in fact saved Judas's soul by persuading him not to betray Jesus? How would God have ensured our salvation without the Crucifixion?

  28. Masks?? Yeah….anyways I used to be in love with Judas types. #NoMore.. The Lord knows who I am . I know who I am. I am sick of having to vindicate myself constantly to those who hide behind their masks hiding their own secrets while throwing their "weapons" at me and pointing fingers….Some of the "Judas s"…are very dangerous and sick people. I've seen enough.

  29. Lady Gaga is still in love with Judas apparently lol. "In the most Biblical sense, I am beyond repentance "

  30. When I see this I say to my self 😨 O LORD have mercy I'm Judas😖 and then I said to HIM I have you LORD and YOUR MOM and my Angeles….
    My family lives far I have no one that knows me that much where I'm right now. I'm not that much of a people person and the small amount of people I know and called friends kept disappointing me hurting me….. So now my best friend in the world is JESUS I'm serious HE IS the only best friend I have I talk to HIM I know HE IS always with me who loves me no matter what, who will forgive me ……. Sometimes if I'm busy and I couldn't talk to HIM (coz I talk to HIM out loud like a person) I actually miss HIM and say LORD I missed you to day 😁

  31. …Because Jesus was good at reading people and predicting their behaviour?…maybe he would have been a great Lawyer/Judge picking a jury for trial lol…oh wait a second..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wagn8Wrmzuc

  32. I dont have a person like this in my to be transparent with. The last one was my fiancee but he would throw things up in my face when he got mad.

    I am there for other people though.

  33. Because God works outside time, I know that every evil will have been for nought to be doomed to ultimate inconsequential forgettable meaninglessness for the punishment of iniquity.

  34. Ok.. so if Judas had done things a little differently, and opened himself up to one of his brothers perhaps that brother could have saved his soul, and then Bible prophecy wouldn't have played out as predicted…. But wait….. Who is sovereign?

    I don't know… but maybe if we make better choices then we can make our life turn out just the way we want and override what God has decreed!

    I guess we are sovereign and salvation depends on us!!!

    This is paganism cloaked in a Christian robe.

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