no baby you got to put it on your you got a good job good job put it on your head we visited a new church today we were invited to Diana's church so they had a summer celebration afterwards so you can able to check it out just so got out here y'all that's a part of oh you don't know how to Oh Phaedra spot the teacher how do you how did you learn you got sure what to do she's over it now she's bubbles enjoy what our piece we're supposed to be having our French lesson today in about an hour and 20 minutes so babe before I knew she had to go to a wedding our actually forgot that I had the wedding and that it was an hour away so I hate to reschedule again because I literally have no time I have to leave by like 3:00 3:15 at the latest to get to the wedding on time cuz it's like I'm taking the hour to get there more like 50 minutes but still no it is so hot I'm loving it oh my goodness I'm trying not to complain because we've been waiting on this good summer weather for a while it's just nice it's just not jeans whether to shorts like all about the burner cause you were short shorts to church yeah then I feel some kind of way but like my shorts tend to be shorter like I don't have any like knee-length shorts or you don't have a like the longer shorter but you should those are the short that I would wear to church about where semester where they're not booty shorts either but I just want to feel comfortable wearing them to church but people do you know come as you are I believe Jesus made those legs a lot of fire oh yeah yeah so and then we got to meet the pastor and and the pastor's wife who's the worship leader so hmm meet mint negates Heat is it delicious – yummy it's a good yeah you have to speak English with them and we never get to speak art-lete well you know how that's interesting think about yeah cuz the tourists don't bother money their language and so that's the purpose of my course when that happens it really transformed my whole way of thinking and I said I would like to offer services to especially Americans and kind of encourage them to speak a little bit of their language you don't have to be completely fluent but just learn a few phrases you should just their culture yeah they're also changed I would have never had an experience where chewing up true the picture with that is telling my mom to stay and pay this lady lunch Greek pianist oh that's so cool that's cool papi you have to do the art sound from your throats if you cannot do it just pick body that's fine Patti but come to throat you at a party papi but don't worry about it in the dealer pony I'm gonna just say pottery cuz that I feel like I sound silly party without the dust sounds I guess papi papi but but it's still from the throat okay yeah party I'll just say party you may track while you re you got all of it good all right I'm funny okay okay you guys we just finished our lesson I pretty much can speak fluent French is difficult you guys it's how you it's a little bit easier just because of the you know this a little bit of Spanish that I have like Italian I can kind of understand what French's to pronounce it it's completely different the way they pronounce things so shout out to our people memoria is not a role in my or is it memoria memoria so she actually has I can accompany where she is she is starting this off so I'll let her tell you a little bit about it because it's very helpful you're on camera yep so my business is just about learning the local language of a country you're visiting so instead of speaking English automatically when you visit another country where English is not the official language it just kind of this my lessons encourage you to learn a few of the basics learn how to pronounce them a little better so that you can have a more unique and more personal expose and they'll see that you're putting into effort to speak their language instead of just going to English men fellows just yeah just my way to try to give you a more unique and more culturally respective experience this all it may one you may like encourage you to speak yes absolutely so what's the name of the company we can put the name the company name oh well look at that look she's got a whole car she came prepared okay but on just a second y'all you guys can screenshot that okay now turn it over for the QR code look at that you guys can scan that and get all the information you need this has been so helpful so you guys will definitely have to check her out she is a peach she was gonna loyal people for years she comments faithfully like so go support her and check it out yeah that's how she fell asleep she wrapped herself with the blanket my hand fell asleep it's close to her bedtime so I'm driving I'm trying to transfer her to her bed but yeah she was tired she didn't take a nap earlier Chad juniors outside playing with his friends he's came out there he can I bear asked me to do something so I'm at the book and check on him and see what he needed but yeah we chilling yeah you're hanging out that's what he also Koko before they build let me know that she made it so she's you know I'm sure he's doing the reception's to have all that good stuff right now but yeah so doing good hanging out go check on Chad jr. see what he needs yes you went here there you miss your family so yeah it is the in the night I've been charged finish editing and Mama is home and here's where they are it's the cutest thing ever Junior she was sleepy and he was sleepy and I'm sleepy so I'm matters house can easily be so if you enjoy it makes so much for watching yeah we will talk to you you got it locked it was meant to be so keep it right here Gabe a TV on my peeps in the place with a smile on their face you know we keepin it real but it's all our same love

29 thoughts on “LEARNING FRENCH IS HARD!”

  1. I took French in high school and I loved it. It made me want to visit there. What was hard for me was the usage of my tongue and annunciation of words. Then writing in paragraphs was a bit challenging but I ended up getting it. Y'all go have fun. Je t aime. Lol I might have spelled that wrong

  2. Chad had me cracking up (talking to Gabrielle), "You got those delicious looking legs out, Jesus made those legs" . That reminds me of my husband – when Christian men want something they try to spin it from the Christian perspective. Too funny😂🤣

  3. I took one semester of French in high school and I barely passed lol. Spanish comes so much easier to me I’m going to continue learning until I’m fluent.

  4. Happy Thursday Peeps! Have a bless day and weekend. I took Spanish instead of French in High school. So I do speak a lil Spanish. 👍🏽❤

  5. I can’t wait to see you guys in Paris!! I took French in high school but I don’t remember anything so I’d definitely have to take another class if I went.

  6. I've been trying to teach myself French on an app for over a year & I can read relatively well but my speech is TERRIBLE! You did a good job pronouncing the "r" Gabe! Much better than me anyway…😅 Hope you enjoy your time on this side of the pond!

  7. Loved taking French, don't remember much now, I used 2 watch French movies with subtitles. Have fun. To me it's easier than Spanish, my middle daughter can speck Spanish fluently. Be blessed.

  8. Yes French is hard I took French for 2 years in Highschool and it's like I never took French a day in my life😭 I just know how to greet people. I can recommend a app that is great if you plan on advancing your French vocabulary. The app is Duolingo

  9. Tell me why y’all popped up in my dreams as my long lost cousins 😂😂😂 I think I watch youtube too much lol

  10. Memoria great idea for a business. Will check it out.
    I think I’m going to be like Rea is weekend and take my fries and sit on the couch and watch TV. 😂😊

  11. Learning a second or third language is easier when your younger, my oldest daughter learned it while she was attending Middle School.

  12. I think you guys will learn how to speak French very soon because I know that Gabe don't give up on anything she wants to learn

  13. why your daughter's lil legs looking like it will be built like Gabe's lol. Also the shorts thing i believe is a black thing…we believe that certain things is and isn't appropriate for church.,. well at least that's how i grew up…

  14. I am from Canada so I speak French and English. I must say that you didn't sound silly when you pronounced Paris 😉

    Btw be patient with yourselves, because French is indeed difficult to learn. I hope you'll enjoy your trip guys!!

  15. This would have been helpful for me. I’m going to Paris in a few weeks but I’ve been using Duolingo. I will check her out too though. Thanks for sharing!

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