32 thoughts on “Learning French – Difficulties And Tips”

  1. question whenever you learn try to learn French and try to learn another does it make it harder to even learn it??

  2. I can speak English very fluently but with French I really have a big problem. And I even dont know why, I just can't speak it. I'm from Germany and I thought it wouldn't be that hard to learn but now, after almost 3 years, I'm still not good enought for a normal conversation. And that makes me kinda sad :/

  3. I am in France studying French and using LingQ. I have been having a hard time finding material that has proper captions and transcriptions. I can’t find ebooks and Ted Talks often don’t have official subtitles. How do you find listening practice for French?

  4. i think the pronounced of french language is so difficult but i will try it cause i wanna be able to speak french cause i love french and i wanna go there…

  5. Merci Steve, oui c'est aussi mon premier amour, ah, je suis canadienne-française, malheureusement mon père m'a élevé en anglais. Mais tout finit par bien finir, car je suis bilingue!

  6. I'm french and I will congratulate you for your work and your skill in french. All what you said is correct and your advice is absolutely right. Thanks for sharing this kind of video and for your love of my language.

  7. Je savais pas parler français…However I can understand french accents, no need to play stupid, and ask people where they are from?

  8. Me too I can say I have special love for this language, but is so hard for me to understand everything sound the same .I don't recognize the words in the sentences if spoken and contractions exactly the way you describe everything.many thanks for sharing your expertise and skills .very very helpful !!❤❤❤

  9. I've been researching into teaching yourself to talk French and discovered an awesome website at Mirykal French Plan (google it if you are interested)

  10. French is fun because of all the letters they do not bother pronouncing, though the pronunciation seems much more straightforward to me than English. I have no idea why ocean is pronounced the way it is in English. Or why lead and lead or tear and tear are pronounced differently despite being written the same. Even stress differs between import (noun) and import (verb). English is chaotic, French is just weird:D

  11. Hallo. Ich bin Französisch und ich will lerne deutsch, aber ich hab noch kein deutschkurs at mein schule. Wenn du willst lerne Fransözisch und lehern deutsch zu mir, schreibe mir ! 😀 Tut mir leid fur mein schlechter deutsch 🙁

  12. i think the most difficult thing about french is it does not sound like how it is written. it is because of all those silent consonants and liaisons.

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