Learning for Fun Could Change Your Life

it's summertime and if you're a student that means you have a lot more free time with school out of your life time to get a job to relax to go on a vacation and to learn if you've been through or you're currently in high school you probably have a negative association with learning in your free time and and I don't blame you I think that the school system teaches you that if you're learning in your free time it's either to catch up or to get ahead there is no in-between there is no learning for the sake of learning learning for fun too many students learning for fun is an oxymoron the only fun parts of school for a lot of students are hanging out with classmates with friends rote memorization and recitation which is the bread and butter of many schools and many teachers is the opposite of it's painful but the truth of the matter is that learning is fun or at least it can want you to think about your favorite subject mine is computer science and now think about a moment in your history of learning that subject where you finally got where a concept finally clicked all the puzzle pieces that you are struggling to put together and finally fell into place and think about that thumbs kind of a warm fuzzy it's a good feeling and that good feeling that excited warm feeling that's the feeling that learning should have and it's a feeling that learning does have one with kids and our kids were innately curious we're always asking why we're trying to understand things and we get immense satisfaction out of doing so but somewhere along the line that curiosity gets crushed and we come to understand that all of the learning that we do needs to be for some purpose you learn in school to get into University and you learn in university in order to get a job there is no room to learn for the sake of learning now immediately you might save it learning for the sake of learning is a luxury only afforded to the privilege that you would love to spend your life for your summers or all of your free time learning but you have to work and trust me I understand that the drain that working full-time can have on your time and your energy I've worked full time for my summers for since I was fifteen and that's nothing compared to what some of you guys are doing forty hours a week is is nothing compared to what some people work but here's the thing you don't need to be a full-time or a part-time student you don't need to be in a school to learn when you're learning on your own you dictate your own schedule you dictate what the curriculum is and how it's gonna be taught it's all on you as long as you have some free time you can learn and odds are if you're watching this video you've got some free time now the next thing that you might say to contradict this is that while learning on your own might be fun and enjoyable it's ultimately kind of useless you could be spending that time working and furthering your career and doing things which will benefit you further down the line but what I'll say here is that the learning that you do in your free time is often much much more beneficial to these later opportunities than any learning that you'll do in school so whether it be for a university application or a job application or starting a company all of these things will be tremendously aided if you can bring in external knowledge and external experience than what you learned in school to give an extreme example in my field of work in technology computer science a lot of companies now don't care whether you have a bachelor's degree or a master's degree or anything like that they want to see what you've built and as a result there are tons of software engineers who are being hired without degrees and it's not just technology and computer science and software that's like this historically if you look at any major fields be it science math English any subject that you can make hobbyists or people who have had full-time jobs in unrelated fields have made major contributions and hobbyists will presumably in the future continue to make major contributions as they are in the present so hobbyists have contributed to these fields and you would be a hobbyist and why couldn't you contribute to these fields one of my favorite movies of all time is actually you know centered around a very similar topic it's Good Will Hunting and in arguably the most iconic scene in the movie he hits a Harvard student with this line he dropped 150 grand on a education he could have got for a dollar fifty and laid chats at the public today the only thing that is no longer relevant about this line perhaps is the dollar fifty and late charges because we have the Internet I'll tell you right now there is not one thing that I've learned in any of my courses at Harvard that has not been freely available online there's been no secret piece of information nothing like that I could have learned every single piece of academic information if I just gone online now that's not to say that you know going to college isn't worth it at all there's a number of reasons why college is worth it but in terms of learning the actual content you can do that from the safety of your own home because when it comes to actually doing things it doesn't matter where you study doesn't matter how much you paid or how many years you were in school what matters is what you know and what you do with it and yes arguably today you can get by without knowing or doing anything especially if you're coming from a privileged background but who wants to live like that right like I believe we all have this this fundamental innate desire to do things and to know things and I think that's reflected in the curiosity of children and what happens is we just push that down and I think that as soon as we stop pushing that curiosity away and we start to recognize it we start to feed it then we can change our lives so how do you do it because because most people can't just reinvent their lives overnight to be learning all the time it's just not realistic but that's not it's not what you need to do I think what you need to do is make a regular daily small commitment to exploring it and to learn so for me for the past year and a half I've dedicated a few minutes every day to reading a book in the book changes sometimes it's fiction sometimes it's nonfiction whatever interests me and I've averaged about a book a week and so over the past year and a half gotten through 78 books which is probably about as many as I'd gone through in the previous ten years I think that consistency and patience are the two things that you have to focus on in this so let's say you want to learn deeper right I have this textbook here and it's 710 pages long and if you tried to binge through it in the weekend you would but if you read two pages every day you'd get through it in less than a year and if you did that for 50 years from the time that you were 20 to the time that you are 70 you get through 50 textbooks and if you doubled it and you read four pages every day you get through a hundred textbooks I mean think about how much that would change your life for me reading a book every week has changed my life tremendously for the better I find that I'm more literate I'm more curious I'm just generally a happier person but of course reading isn't the only way to do this right the thing is if you can make a regular daily commitment to learning and to exploring in some way be it you know watching videos online that are educational or building a coding project or working on a painting or writing a novel if you can do that every day consistently for years you will eventually get to a point where you can look back and say you know I've done something amazing here so ask yourself do you have or can you find can you make the 15 minutes it'll take every day to read two pages of a text book or to write a hundred words of a novel because if you do and you probably do because you've watched this video then ask yourself what's holding me back from doing this than from changing your life I'd like to thank audible for sponsoring today's video I've actually used audible consistently for almost a year now it's been awesome I love using it when I'm walking when I'm commuting etcetera now this month the book that I'd like to recommend to you is Alice's Adventures in Wonderland it's famous it's a classic but what you might not know about Lewis Carroll is that at the time that he was writing it he wasn't making a career as an author he was actually working as a mathematics lecture he would make up these kind of fantastical stories that he would tell kids and eventually this kind of just came out of one of these stories was Alice and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland it's now one of the best-selling children's books of all time but it's not just a children's book I really enjoyed listening to it it's like it plays with logic it's fun now if you want to check out this book or any of the other pieces of audio content that audible has in their enormous collection then I recommend you head over to audible.com slash John fish or text code John fish to 500 500 so if you head over there in your than what you'll see is that odd will actually has an amazing deal going on right now for July where your membership is gonna cost you four ninety-five a month instead of fourteen ninety-five a month and this is valid for the first three months of your membership so essentially you're getting three months for the price of one and in each of those months you're gonna get a credit for an audiobook as well as two free audible or regional pieces of content this is only valid by the way if you sign up before July 31st so if you're interested I'd recommend heading over to audible.com slash John fish are texting code John fish to 500 500 so thanks for watching this video I'm John fish I really do appreciate it if you subscribe turn on notifications because subscriptions are kind of funky right now and maybe head over to Instagram and follow me at the John fish I have an announcement video coming out later this week so yeah if you don't have notifications on I recommend turning them on because it's kind of a big announcement so I'll leave you there a little cliffhanger hope you enjoyed see you next

29 thoughts on “Learning for Fun Could Change Your Life”

  1. John you my example, about year ago i could not even spell English alhabet, so now i understand what are you talking about, and now i'm trying figure out something with code, anyway at least i tried to do it, thanks for insparation.

  2. you know, I had a feeling this was for audible since you're easily the only person that puts this much effort into each video for them, but this suited skillshare SO much was hoping it'd be them lol you'd do them a solid if they ever sponsored you tbh

  3. So I recently got a job at wwf and while I was working there over the summer, I felt motivation less because all my other friends are out of state for vacation and I was the only student to pick up a job. Learning without any motivation is as pointless as scrolling through Reddit.

  4. Thank you john , you motivate me to study smart and study better and not waste so much time as i used to do
    Now i'm going to get into colleague
    My goal was to get 98% in high school
    But last week if got 95% and i'm happy with it
    Because if i wasn't working hard this could be 80% or maybe 70%
    Now i can get into IT colleague and learn from my misatkes
    I learned from my mistake in 9th grade ,
    9th grade i've got 75%
    12th grade 95%
    And maybe in colleague i'll reach my goal and got the 98% and that's improvement because of you
    So my last wish to student and every one have a goal is to learn from mistakes we made
    Don't be sad if you haven't achived your goal, no you have to be smart and research what is the thing that made you not achive it
    Love from syria🖤

  5. Thank you for the video! Your editing has improved noticeably. The music was a bit too loud for my taste, maybe it's just me.

  6. You're so inspiring. Thanks to you, I've started to improve as a person and I'm focusing on things that really make me happy. Greetings from Poland ♥

  7. Furthermore you should choose a field in university that you really like, so you can spend a lot of time with smth. that you like 😀 Greetings from Berlin.

  8. This is so easy for you to say. Not everyone is a genius/ computer science prodigy taking one of the hardest CS courses in the world like you!!

  9. Jhonn!! ahhhhh Im from Israel and I've been watching your videos for a year now. You are such an inspiration to me!! Because of you, I managed to get my life together, study much more productivily and start coding without being afraid ! Also I became happier person and calm. Keep going with this holly work!

    *sorry for my english

  10. You should really read Martin Eden by Jack London. It is my favorite book and its really related to this video. Its about power of knowledge and how you can improve yourself by just reading and learning. Just brilliant.

  11. thank you for the video. I don't think I have enough time to learn in my free time since I'm a senior in Japanese high school and I have to study like every minute or something. but I will when I get into uni! sorry for my poor english

  12. isn't it incredibly that there is so much free information? just stand still for a moment and think about it, literally EVERYTHING you want to learn is on the internet in what ever format suits you (blogs, papers, video's, etc.). some of the problems I think were are not using this free information at its fullest is that 1) there is more free entertainment on the internet which is hard to resist, since it is engineered to grab our attention 2) we lack the discipline to consistently study something for a given period every day (why are we lazy?) and 3) as you say, we don't think/are told learning = fun!

    I have this side job where I have a lot of breaks between tasks. all my colleagues always drink coffee or look at their phone during these breaks while I take out my journal and read a book. then when I am reading often some of my colleagues will walk up to me and say "oh are you studying for school?" after which I say, "no this is just for me". what happens then is that their face changes to complete surprise/confusion and they don't know what to say next. somehow they can't get it that you would be learning for fun. once you have gotten yourself the learning = fun spirit there is never any time during the day that I don't have anything to do, because there is so much more for me to learn, I can always be doing something!

  13. I have a problem with learning, last school year was so hard for me I was almost constantly studying and I had several burnouts and it was the first school year that I cried so many times because of school and because I was struggling with the material. It's not that it was hard to learn, it was just too much to learn and I found myself almost every day trying to catch up on some subject or subjects. But as it is summer now I've decided to help myself and study maths and literature for the next year and also improve my studying skills at the same time(plus I decided to learn Russian, German and a few lessons in history but this is my choice, they are not necessary, I just love these subjects). The problem is that it just makes me sad and stressed out when I think of studying and for several days I wasn't able to study at all because it would bring tears to my eyes even though as you can see I like most of the things I've decided to study. I suppose I have that reaction because I view studying as something I HAVE to do and I can't escape and I know that if I give up on it during the summer, when the next school year comes around I will be stuck with the same problem, the same frustrations, the same stress…
    Please, I would be VERY grateful if you have any advice for me, but even if you can't give me- thank you for reading my comment! It means a lot to me and I hope you have a great day!❤️

  14. The best of learning is one done out of free will; that's true. Often, smart people are those who take fun learning seriously, and do it widely. It pays of tremendously.

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