LEARNING FINNISH *for real* | Part 10

the endless journey continues hey so for those of you have been following my little finished journey my Finnish language journey maybe you all know that the last time I showed you guys where I was that was when I did a seven-day challenge where every day for seven days I would study some Finnish and then at the end I did like a little speech a little monologue and yeah that was pretty intense and I think that kind of gave me a little bit trauma of learning Finnish but to be honest since then and that was I don't know like six weeks eight weeks ago I haven't really studied much Finnish over the last couple of days I guess the trauma has declined a little bit and I've been picking up my apps again and studying a little bit so I thought today would be a great day to bring back my Finnish learning series so today I'm gonna pick up the program that I've been using the most and which I think is probably the best that I've found at least to learn Finnish with it's the most comprehensive shall we say Finnish learning application self learning thing that I found but of course it has its flaws it's not exactly perfect but I've been getting quite a lot out of it so we're gonna use that today so without further ado let's jump into word dive alright so here we are and as you can see I've got a few little stars here going on from my my studies so far so we're doing okay but today I kind of wanted to do something a little different I wanted to learn something new today because I've been going over the same things over and over and over again which of course repetition is the key to learning a language but today I think maybe I'm gonna go out of Finnish for beginners one may be jumping to finish for beginners – so Finnish for beginners – is learn everyday vocabulary which is of course very important and the most important expressions you need in a shop at school and at work I don't go to school and I don't go to work unless I talk to myself which is actually a daily occurrence so it'd be cool to talk to myself in Finnish and what I found on Finnish for beginners number three is that they have an introduction to spoken Finnish which I thought could be quite interesting to take a look at so let's start with Finnish for beginners – and the course titles we have a dinner time money money money welcome home first day at school and what do you do for a living I wonder if they have I make youtube videos for a living as a phrase because that would be handy if I can't really explain what I do for a living in English so maybe I can do it and finish after this I think maybe money money money would be a good exercise to do because as you know I am obsessed with money so we're gonna do this I don't know really what to expect from this course but let's let's try the main exercise ok the translation for money no idea hang bas svenska money in English and in Finnish not a clue what do you do with money though you max ah which is like to pay to buy is a buyer pay or star is also something I think but yeah no idea let's just listen ha ha whoa that was a road our if ever I've heard it ha ha maybe that will help me remember ok so how many hours is that it's gonna be at least 5 hours right 6 I don't know maybe we'll try one see how we get on ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha okay just one a.m. that mineral or a all at our picture ah ha ha I need this sentence since I'm gonna have a baby soon Minu la a la terre Peck see her ah ha I have a feeling this could come in handy price again no idea price I don't know what a guess of a reserve looks human thought hindered by I absolutely knew that you see that in shops everywhere in him I feel like such an idiot right now please don't judge me see on Hoover Hentoff knowingiy boy stuff our gusta meet that red red I should know this I should have solutely bloody know this oh my god red poor 9 1 9 m o9 in yes I am the king of everything the smooth things that is the small victories you gotta celebrate them Conine in stop America stop Marika okay so stop sign is stop America so kind of like stop mark I guess bounine stop stop America blue again I feel like I should know this one blue I do know this that's sitting in Sydney man Synanon keep those key toes by Danny on Synanon okay I feel like this lady is speaking slow from my sake I could probably go a little bit faster than that bye honey on Synanon yellow Nani I'm like you know just going through all the folders in my in my little brain it's going through them one by one colors okay yeah benign in singing in and yellow is I'm gonna kick myself Kanan nope didn't know that that's fine killed by kill Tainan why I have noticed is that I'm getting a lot better at spelling hearing the words hearing double consonants hearing double and double vowels and things like you guys it let it okay good start good start let's let's carry on bye okay max ah yes finally because max ah is to pay hasta is to buy em hasta vegan nexia good for Emma Green be fair this area oh ah via this via v-ray ah AHA this is black like most da Mosta musta just one okay white white white white white white white mmm what I want to say poignant well Conan how the hell that I know that this file you know this filing system seems to be pretty good look for ya this is a new one for me it's yeah it's yeah it's yeah it's in all Pattaya Latakia it's you know but a Latakia it definitely helps me when I'm learning Finnish to have that rhythm that was a little bit on money I don't really feel like I learned much except for I now know that's a pay is max are and to buy his hasta I think I quite like actually now to check out the spoken Finnish course I think that could be really helpful again this is kind of why I like word DYFS they they seem to have covered most of the basis for learning Finnish because you never really see this spoken Finnish course on the other apps and stuff it's all really know what's it called kyriaki le right and not this spoken finish so let's give it a try babe play ball lay or lipo got it right late for that kinda makes sense cause late bar is bread that's how I remember that one I'm a lonely boy at an inch we call upon Haroon lay pour your tiny ends week on Laguna learn more ah this is good look he actually explains it if we work with ends if maybe I should try and learn some English if a word ends with Oh a it becomes Oh Oh formal language labor becomes label just another rule to learn in the catastrophe that is learning finished ice hockey I feel like I should know this but I don't that's that's a bit sad ladka what ladka plastic ax or lacquer ladka that sounds like a peel that latzke ok come on back me up there guys it sounds like she's saying flat gap listen Latika I've never heard that gas in my entire life I have ok translation for this one is I have now this is the spoken version but I don't know what that is that the karaoke le at least is Nuala I think so what could that be me no just me no I'm gonna just gonna go with mineral mola mola ok interesting so you get rid of the iron in just for the hell of it just to confuse everyone all on Carl has deterred that demand mullah on cow hair state that Tannen that is the sentence I will not use since I make youtube videos for a living that's what everyone else thinks at least next okay this I might actually have a chance at getting I is of course meaner but I think this I mean that I feel like there's a lot of different ones but maybe like Matt Matt spoken finishes different I pronouns in different parts of the country Matt ma mère yes that's kind of why I thought okay so you cena is of course the the book-learnin version what could that be shortened to sir sir yes i am the king of all the land that's literally how I feel when I get something right mr. Samet boom a let me suss Amer that could be a useful little phrase missus I'm here so I can finish is different new pronouns in different parts of the countries sir sir CA okay daily goal achieved Dave amazing why thank you inanimate software so I think on that note of praise I think I'm going to end here I don't know if I really got anything out of this except for a whole bunch of doubt on my ability and finish but I don't know you guys can let me know in the comments how you think I got on maybe I can head it this video to make it look like I'm Way better than I am but guys if you have enjoyed this video maybe you want me to carry on this series again maybe I can do one every month every couple of weeks something like that let me know in the comments and with a little thumbs up if you don't fancy typing in the comment section that's fine just a thumbs up will let me know that you've enjoyed this video and I can make some more for you but once again guys thank you so much for watching and I see you in the next video see ya

22 thoughts on “LEARNING FINNISH *for real* | Part 10”

  1. Ok I'm native finnish and it totally sounded like plätkä and not lätkä.
    And if you learn to use "mä" and "sä" instead of "minä" and "sinä" you are totally cool. Also use "mun" and "sun" instead of "minun" ja "sinun".

  2. I feel like you look more fit and healthy! I’m glad to see you’re doing well on becoming more active for your child 🙂 all the best for both you and Cat and of course your little one!

  3. Why do we comment in English, when Dave wants to learn Finnish? To be continued… In Finnish 😀 This might be little challenge to translate, but even 50% correct translation might be positive 😀

    Dave ei syytä masentua. Olet oppimassa monia suomenkielen erityispiirteitä paremmin kuin monet täällä työskentelevät ulkomaalaistaustaiset lääkärit, jotka hoitavat suomalaisia potilaita, jotka puhuvat omia murteitaan. On suuri riski, että monet tärkeätkin asiat katoavat käännöksessä, jolloin on hyvä varmistaa toisia itse ymmärtämiään sanoja käyttäen ymmärsikö oikein. Aina ei tarvitse ymmärtää jokaista sanaa ymmärtääkseen kokonaisuuden.

  4. Checkout this, if this dude can, you can do it mate!

    or this

  5. you have couple more month to learn finnish.. if you want talk finnish your junior so 😉 no any pressure but…

  6. Finnish is impossible, just give up mate! We can speak english with you lol, on a serious note, I think best way to learn finnish is to ask Cat to speak you only in finnish, also all your finnish friends to do the same. Also watch finnish news, tv shows, etc. with english subtitles if possible. In everyday encounters ask your counterpart to stay in finnish, instead of switching to english as soon as u say "I dont speak finnish, en puhu suomee". Be brave! Every finnish people would love u to teach finnish, even by word by word, sentence to sentence, if you put effort to it and show that you like to learn. It takes time, but it is doable.

  7. For the record, I've never heard anyone ask "missä sä meet?" at least in a typically casual conversation. It sounds like something that'd only be said in specific age groups or parts of Finland. I'd much rather say "missä sä oot?" or simply "mis oot?" to ask someone where they are. Because that's literally what it means and is much more commonly used, and I can't believe this teaching program didn't teach that version instead. "Missä sä meet" does, in fact, make sense, but it just sounds really weird at least to my ear. It's almost like if you asked in English "Where are you currently going around?" instead of "Where are you?".

  8. Hyvä Dave!!!!
    That actually went really good 👏👏👏
    Also your videos are great, thanks for making them ❤️

  9. The feeling when you can hit the like button before you have seen the video becous you know you are going to like it!

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