Learning Filipino Superstitions Before Visiting the Philippines ft. Anda Bohol

Hi everyone! So this is my second night
in the province, I am on the southeastern part of Bohol and that is like two hours
away from where everyone goes in Panglao And how do you know if you are in the
province? Well your pillows has flowers in it and your blankets have flowers in
it and also your bedsheets. So this is legit province guys! The reason why I
want to share this vlog is because on the first day I was here I went walking
with my mom and dad and they started saying things that I haven’t heard in
the longest time such as tabi tabi tabi which I’ll explain later but these are all
superstitious beliefs that I was acquainted with in my younger years and
I haven’t heard of it when I was living abroad and also living in Manila so why
am i sharing this vlog with you guys? Well if you are a tourist or someone
from the big city visiting the provinces I just want to share with you these
superstitious beliefs that a lot of these province people live by and why
should you know it. Well you wouldn’t want to leave the province with like a
random allergy and then when you go to the doctor they’re like, oh we don’t know
what this is and it can’t be cured so what I’m sharing with you are some do’s
and don’ts while visiting the provinces of the Philippines. And if I missed
anything important please share it on the comment section below, we’d love to
hear all the things that hyped you up as a kid or growing up while in the
province. And the person who will be explaining this will be no other than
the person who explained it to me which is my mom! So super excited to share all
these superstitions I grew up with. One more thing before I go, the honest truth
as to how I thought about this vlog is because I couldn’t sleep last night,
the dogs were howling and I started over thinking about all these monster stories
in my childhood and I was just hiding under the blanket and hoping for the sun
to come up. So I’m sharing my fear with you guys on this Halloween season and I
hope that you guys also enjoy! Stop spreading your legs. Sit properly. Paano bang mag sit ng properly Honey? Ay binuang na ni Honey oi! First superstition is one of most
comments and I’m sure you’ve heard of it See I don’t even understand what you said. So fast that I cannot understand. Sorry. Let me slow it down
The first superstition is everywhere you go you have to say tabi tabi tabi. You
want to go to the toilet and urinate somewhere it is important for you to say
tabi tabi tabi. You also told me that you need to spit after. Why do
you spit after urinating? I don’t know. I heard it only from the old people. She she’s heard it from the old people
but she doesn’t know why you spit. So the first superstition is
proof that it’s a superstition because she doesn’t even know why she’s doing it.
to begin with. I don’t even know what’s the meaning of it. I just follow but I think
you guys just have to do it because apparently there are supernatural
creatures out and about with us and you might be disturbing their home where you
decide to make yes yes ok so mama shows us looking sir I can barely even move
seriously this is the court in three two real no I just made them included court
entry because I like the throats okay so the next superstition is if
anyone in the province such as you you have the custom bar yes and why is that
so that it will not readily absorb you put something on you it becomes a more
to him or to me okay so there are people who have black magic and what they do is
they pass it on to other people by touching them so a veranda touches you
touch back you’ve mentioned that you have experienced this yeah so what
happened to you because it’s rarest world and then I went patrol of course I
mean four times very vicious so Thomas Hospital and they were not
able to cure whatever was thrown out there and then we can place the balloon
or I’m not saying Canada just never there so mama went to an audible are you
which is a faith healer and me because it’s like you have to spit in domestic
oil and Linda Monique’s approach and I was this bit on you all over your buddy
so the faith healers Pat all over you to heal you and then Italy then you’re
maybe course continue swimming like my foot and then somebody told me you try
that retailer in Mobilio by try there because that’s where I cured my a lady
before also never close to da jokes or whatever no I went to that petty little
in Bimini and he touched me here this isn’t it’s not a normal one
somebody put on you and then after you put something in here or in hair oil
hair or there’s oil on my stomach see also clothes Oh in here what kind of
oil is this I don’t know what kind of oil mistakes about the love plenty it’s
something inside he told me you look at them and what will come out then little
by little the hairs came out back about five universe needed at the foreign
polar that’s why you will never be cured because of that I’ve been a hundred
times we will go to spit are that will never become because it’s not a natural
one somebody put on the other here what we will do now is to return but he will
ask you like you have to buy a certain pieces of luck and all because
protecting you nights from 6:00 to 9:00 then pray on it did you take photos of
it I had before divine Facebook so you told me if somebody will touch you or
whatever you have to touch back so that it will not really absurd to you whom
that was a mosquito passing a bad energy so so and this summer session where and
you cannot over compliment a baby or an adult because it’s pretty much means
that you are transferring whatever energy you have apparently my sister has
been blue young before she was one when your we know see the person that touched
this dark here or the thumb is liked by that person is really very powerful yes
strong they can make booyah go so they can be because sometimes they say oh
you’re beautiful and then the person that I know does no power and of course
you will be order so guys don’t over compliment babies or adults you can
actually counter it by saying where we are right should you say oh you are so
beautiful and usually put up weird but also what does that mean yeah you have
to answer do you say something you have to uncertain widows so many mosquitoes
but anyway the next superstition is leaving for the door around the house by
the door and what is it for it’s also for business Chinese use that one a lot
so it’s more of a Chinese superstition but it’s also when I say ya knows but I
also read that leaving salt also removes the bad spirits in your house yeah
actually what I did is well before I came here at the mall I brought some
sage with me but you can’t find sage locally but what you can do if you feel
uncomfortable at home because you feel a weird energy just try it with the basic
salt it works the same way as garlic garlic no in other countries they do the
same thing with Garneau garlic is for the witches yeah it’s to remove the bad
vibes inside your home but aren’t witches bad vibes as well yeah one of
your neighbors is it you have to put or hang some garlic around your house just
avoided if you feel that one of your neighbors is which then you have to hang
garlic around your house okay so the next superstition is do not sleep on
your part my sister actually experienced she said
that a white lady while she was was holding her head down when she woke
up she couldn’t move is that true because I had a hard time
sleeping and this is what actually made me think about for aiding with the vlog
because although I don’t believe it I still got freaked out and I was
sleeping on my sides for the past two nights
can you explain like why sleeping on your back is superstitiously bad many
forces don’t sleep like this because you will have a bad dream bad dream so it’s
just dream so that white lady and my sister saw is a dream I don’t know maybe
we don’t not know the only thing you don’t slip like this because it’s like
even open and you will dream something but this Canyon mmm so this superstition
is really just a dream what you see is not real I’ve actually done a little bit
of research about this and I’m thinking this could be actually people who have
sleeping disorders such as sleep this year I’m gonna write it down because I
don’t know if I’m pronouncing it right it’s people who have a hard time
breathing when they sleep and maybe that is associated to some sort of
superstition because there was no explanation when this was not discovered
before so I hope it’s just like a disorder and it’s not an actual ghost what they heard from the old people
before when the family is eating in one of the family members will try to go
before finishing the it’s no accident like for example you
have to wait so if you do not let anyone in stable finish eating
then there’s the person will be thrown from getting an accident so it’s a bad
luck so do not leave any social gathering
dinners or lunches until everyone finishes eating what I also read is that
if the person plus eating at the table is a single person apparently the person
would remain single for the rest of your life so be nice to the people you’re
having dinner and lunch with guys and wait for them to finish their food when
you visit the Philippines you may be tempted to get coconuts or whatever crop
especially when you’re walking in the forest and you shouldn’t and why is that
not like I’m a feeling because some people said that can make you sick just
one because some of the owner you put something in order people do know your W
say they will live there their crops to be like open to everyone but you are not
allowed to touch it because you might get into trouble or six aside from that
some of the fruits to come across are actually poisonous and if it either you
could choke to death so bestest even if you’re in the forest and
you see some fruits just don’t touch them and leave it to the farmers so you
will get sick and then apparently the type of Voodoo they put and this is your
summers gonna be get very big and you’re gonna get sick and then you’re gonna die
our neighbors told us that it is true so do not pick any fruits or vegetables
normally the provinces there are no fences everything you can just walk to
the farmlands and you can walk to the trees if you really wanted to ask
permission okay the next one is about talk to me horns honking ironically we
are sitting on a log but this is not an old tree so we’re fine this is
superstition that says that you cannot or you should not hot or insult older
trees I know for a fact that that encantadas that they they live in these
trees and can status are Perry I’ve heard a lot of rumors that people have
died when they’re trying to cut trees or insult yeah you have to ask permission
okay so how do you ask permission if you want to learn have you don’t get an axe
and you do like that with the to the trowel if that axe will stay in that
where you do it like that meaning it’s okay to be cut but once the
axe will go for the arm will fall down that means you don’t allow you to cut it
and what happens if you still try to cut it without a very
but step one the next day the mayor of the place three is that one yes one area
with a lot of old trees to be cut and then this guy who’s just in his 30s was
cutting the tree down and then the next day he died you know we don’t know if
it’s real it’s not so what happened was the mayor decided to platform or more of
these big trees as a repayment so they will not get any bad luck so yeah guys
if you plan on climbing trees always ask permission like the vision though
permission to climb had permission to cut because there are again super
national leaders living there you are pretty much going to be destroying their
home or disturbing their home if you go near these trees okay it’s very similar
to priests where ask permission before you go inside right so we’ve reached
another cave and I have to be have to ask permission if I’m okay to get inside my brother-in-law apparently gets his
careful yeah whenever he enters the cave because when he was a kid he insulted a
tree and then apparently that spirit yeah or wounds have never get healed and
doctors don’t know what to do so again as permission before you go anywhere
especially places that have not been touched by tourism and the final one is
the special for Halloween is when you plan to visit the cemetery a day or two
after Halloween which is also for All Saints Day you need to hear the dogs
howling that’s what I hear every night and that’s what freaks me out as well
you have to bring extra food for the dead people you ate there together with
your family name and then you will call their names they will offer the code
they will lipid but according it’s not the spirit is the one more if it isn’t
the people offer food and then the beggars are the ones who’ll eat it when
you go to cemetery just bring a little extra live seven foot there it’s not
just for the spirits it’s for the people who need it so thanks to my mom if you
have any questions she will be commenting below thanks for watching
another video from the travelling foxes this is our Halloween special and I hope
when you visit the Philippines especially in the provinces you would be
able to learn the do’s and don’ts before traveling around these areas and yes
don’t forget to subscribe guys

8 thoughts on “Learning Filipino Superstitions Before Visiting the Philippines ft. Anda Bohol”

  1. Which superstitions and beliefs did you grow up with? And do you still follow it? Leave a comment below! 🙂

  2. Haha I could totally relate…I still believe in the tabi tabi po! For us, it''s because you might step on a "diwende"'s house and they will punish you for that…

  3. Haven't seen tita for a long time dude, glad you included her in your vlog. Also, that dream thing, we call that Urom in bisaya or sleep paralysis. Its sometimes associated that a spirit of a white lady sits on top of your chest hence you have a hard time breathing. Nice video, enjoyed watching it. 😉

  4. for me instead of tabi tabi po. I would bring a firecracker and start lighting it up. Bad spirts hate loud sounds right that why we have firecrackers in new year.

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