what up guys today is another more Thai training with my coach Ron and welcome this is the first time that Barbara Brigade has come to my house and you guys know I do a lot of my Muay Thai kickboxing training at my house and I just recently moved this is my second time training here um as you can see we don't have too much built out yet but that doesn't really stop us from training the last couple of times I've been training in the dirt I'm gonna try training here I'm like wait I have a piece of cement maybe I'll use this I don't have to get rocks and dirt all up in my shoes and stuff and I really like training barefoot so it's pretty grippy yeah it's gonna respond my calluses off but daddies even the other day when I'm like fighting for me Oh whatever they want but yeah try to get it in before I go to JK news later today we are learning defense stuff so farst not gonna throw a one-minute my chair strike and John is gonna try to kick me over on nice baby steps no matter what do you mean my paint so John's tricky so try block this right quick block I'll tweak the block and you're like oh shit what do i do then a lot of times john fucks me up because he thinks really good and then it's not fair somebody's been practicing through sound light and slow kicks else do knees to the body cuz we have you fight actually but the rules so dangerous okay one so me we go slow only for three rounds punching kicking Miam and you see everything coming – but you never check me in about two seconds you're trying to time every single shot as a calm that's so true and so you're trying to wake don't don't wait for every shot a cop just randomly start – yeah what straighter remember very beautiful it can't let anything on you one he gets them tired the expending so much energy trying to hit you and to mentally it's very taxing she's like what the heck I can't let anything this guy's seeing he's matrixing me yeah so awesome to be able to do that such a thing sorry Geo so this dirtbag can't see the pocket a little bit what because sometimes you have to be able to go in that way yeah I do more Perris or as I do more head movements it's entirely up to you to be so much style okay there's options there but try to exercise them all right don't don't try to lean too much into one area but do try to center pocket more just sometimes sometimes just stay right where you're at so that everything goes directly okay what about doing the Christmas dance yeah you got a challenge lies we were trying to each other so he tries to community you're stuck here when I turn which are my campaign so be the right size so tribute hit me check me I turn my head make sure my lips I know let's try to get inside arms I'm out here he's got control so I'm coming here they aren't there to turn my shoulder right then we'll change to my shoulders let me make sure you get in the inside we should spend a day on all cleats work yes you know that's right that's a white paste with the real bell rings like next we need to go that fast yeah maybe going a little harder I think I won that one do it about going to party to hit just in the bloodshot yeah still trying to react to every punch that's coming scary yeah person that is going for the best remember that when you lightly roll it doesn't matter whether you find out that took lightly will go shot because you're still trying to wait okay I have to come here and he fires the body shot you're trying to time it right but don't worry about time the headshots too much doesn't matter where you roll so literally fire to my shop T headshot party hit you you know so the most but um it's defended right so I'll focus so much on trying to I feel like if I try that I would give push in the face no so try this one let me go when he fires a three he'll miss often cuz if he hits that hard if I miss there you go go like this one so the first two punches you're gonna put on my okay where she punches might be wrong and all you're doing is waiting for a body shot just all they don't have choice but it's gotta get it close your eyes Oh even though it's my trolley literally and you just go to boardroom but don't worry about ruining the right side you can roll any size you want so scary this time it's scary but it works but remember you can't just walk because I'm still have holes here but whatever hole it covers more super stairs and off the Rohtang you have to go see almost this next hour go slow if I don't push it okay I'm scared I'd roll too soon and I brought the other way amaze me okay here here here here there's no in fact it's easier this way because I've already voted for that my shop as opposed to coming here never going to be back this way I've said to my elbow dental remember I'm going to cover my whole body actually come okay every role gives one remembers you should erase it if he fires a Red Cross I can pluck it yeah if he finds a cross I can also deflect it so it's not all the time it doesn't matter what he hits you see how differently they've got planted based on that time the time is different let's let's do this after the 60 second drill shots just I want you to just work on one side first I want you to roll to the right bring your hand down don't you love that it's like shot yeah then I think you have excelled in that transition yeah yeah yeah that's so few let's move on you know quite a roll this night yeah all I have to do is just bring my elbow my hand down that's quick right now if you go the other side come back see no books you know we should work one side so it's it's roll to the right yeah yeah yeah I'm gonna rotate them rule eleven oh it feels weird write those here here but it would help middle more than Africa I've already turned in for that body shot so he tries to throw a head shot and he takes the body yeah so I think he's rolling it he fakes I'll be able to adjust because the rest are getting a big movement changes having that control to be able to hit so first one not even hit now such a shadow just go back cause I'm gonna square as well right there is what will this role of waste because remember the bible's can work on it feel that yeah it's different right do one more yeah that's actually very it feels very weird but you see how it works yes there's no you know to pull back in fact it's worse for you when you fold yeah yeah it's like you're walking up that hill and you can't show people they gotta breath oh yeah [Applause] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] thank you guys for following my training at home in my backyard that's unbuilt but wait till it's built because the designs gonna look sick and we'll probably practicing over there because we're building like a little half-court basketball court thingamabob er and it'll be flat surface and I won't eat your legs up or your feet up like this but this actually was not as bad as I thought it is pretty grippy and if we did a lot of kicks today which is like a lot of rotation there the probably rough some calluses off but I just got beat up today so it's not too bad see you guys next time thank you guys for watching our content don't forget to support the brand viral bergen.com make a description below see you guys next time peace

15 thoughts on “LEARNING DEFENSE AT MY NEW HOUSE ft. Ron Scolesdang”

  1. you have a good coach. im glad he knocked out my ex coach….p.s. fight me bart for your amateur match! 😉

  2. Bart's ready for an amateur fight already. He has great kickboxing and boxing trainers and he's obviously powerful as fuck. Just get in there and compete while you're still young and healthy enough.

  3. Training must commence.. can't wait to see where the training will take place when the backyard is done and learn some more martial arts fundamentals..

    Love the island jams!! 💯😎

  4. nobody wants to see you bitch boies pussy love tap each other. this is just pure embarrassing. stop pretending to be a "badasses" and just stick to lifting fags

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