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[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] this is an important day in the life of the University a day to celebrate the success of our graduates it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to this ceremony and to formally declare this congregation of the university open please be seated Chancellor distinguished guests ladies gentlemen and of course graduates as Vice Chancellor it is a great privilege to welcome you to Portsmouth whether you know our Greek city are coming here for the first time I am honored to be sharing this important occasion with you our graduates and with your families and friends on behalf of staff at the University I would like to congratulate our graduates on your well-earned achievement I am instantly proud of your commitment to your studies and your broader development as worthy citizens as you should be also it is an amazing fact that this year 2600 of our students were active in volunteering from helping children to learn to read to supporting those suffering dementia our students give a tremendous amount to this community as we are all too aware we are living through a period of tremendous uncertainty there is unrest in the world and closer to home grexit remains unsolved a graduation last year I said soon the UK will leave the European Union and I was hopelessly wrong whatever your views on brexit we do need a resolution so that the country can focus on other issues and university funding is one of those issues a recent report the auger review recommended that universities receive less money through tuition fees but that graduates repeat their loans for longer for up to 40 years after graduation if the report is implemented graduands sitting in this room in future years can expect to pay more for less investment in their education I don't believe that will appeal to them but cutting the tuition fee cap will generate some favorable newspaper headlines and does appeal to some politicians political short-termism is one of the biggest problems our society faces collectively we are a long way from making the changes needed to mitigate for example the effects of climate change or to think about the significant social implications of technology change and the rise of artificial intelligence and the feast of all of this there is sometimes tempting to be pessimistic and then a day like today comes along and I see passionate highly skilled and educated people such as yourselves full of ideas ready and prepared to reshape our world seeing you graduate today is a tremendous feeling and a welcome reminder that whatever our current difficulties our future is in good hands of course that does not mean that your future journeys are going to be easy but what is clear is that the demand for the kind of skills you have developed continues to grow since 2010 more than 2 million new jobs have been created in the UK around 2/3 of those jobs have been in highly skilled professions we believe it is a University's core purpose to prepare our students for their future work and careers indeed a portsmouth we are creating a new breed of university one where learning is rooted in the real world and prepares you to make a success of whatever path you choose to follow we pride ourselves in our research that changes lives and extends the boundaries of knowledge in June the University was a at 5.8 million pounds from research England to help find a solution to one of the world's greatest environmental challenges plastic waste earlier the sheered Institute of cosmology and gravitation was awarded two million pounds to continue as world leading research into dark energy and gravitational waves researching the very boundary of our universe the university is constantly innovating this month entrepreneur and philanthropist Dame Stephanie Shirley opened the university's future Technology Center a 12 million pound facility designed to teach engineering in a new way and to make it more appealing to a broader range of students particularly women who are underrepresented in the profession and this summer we began construction of our new indoor sports facility which will be the first with a swimming pool rated climate excellent by the UK government you should feel confident that you are graduating from a university that is recognized as part of the modern global elite of universities tackling the real challenges of the 21st century when many of you joined the university three years ago we were ranked 43rd in the UK Guardian League table no we are ranked 21st but please remember that in graduating today you are part of a privileged minority that has had the advantages of a university education with that privilege comes responsibility please reflect upon your obligations as graduates of our University you are trustees of the skills and abilities you have developed I urge you to use your talents to help enrich society and to make a difference for the benefit of others raise aspirations among all those Ewing counter and set an example in behavior and achievement that others will seek to emulate you have lived in a diverse environment during your time with the University take that appreciation of difference and culture and friendship with you in all that you do as you think about achieving your greatest ambitions think about the exceptional team you have around you you've had the support of the university community all through your time here an excellent staff have provided a supportive environment in which you have learned lived and flourished your fellow students have no doubt lifted you through the tough times and celebrated with you in the good times and will remain lifelong friends and of course those closest to you will have been your most important team parents partners children wider family and friends all have helped by providing encouragement a shoulder to cry on a listening ear but most of all they will have kept faith in you and willed you to succeed so I think it's appropriate that you our graduates should stand up and with a warm round of applause join me in thanking your family and friends who are here today please stand up a big applause now now I have to see that is that is actually quite pathetic let's have some proper cheating improper applause [Applause] Thanks you can sit down now the university has been part of your team as well supporting you throughout your time here and we'd like to remain part of your team in the future we want you to be successful because your successes and achievements will reflect well upon your University and of course the success of your university reflects well on you you're the second cohort of graduates who will be asked to take part in what is called the Graduate outcome survey at some point in the next two years you will be contacted and asked questions about your career paths since leaving us please do engage with this survey we always strive to improve and this survey will give us vital information to help us do exactly that today is just the beginning of a lifelong relationship with your University as members of an international community of Portsmouth graduates please make use of our excellent Alumni Association and keep in touch as you continue your journey through life we want to know where you go next as you will be the future leaders thinkers creators and innovators be a force for positive change within a world that desperately needs your talents and when you are successful please come back to visit us and be part of our elite team supporting next generation of Portsmouth students I urge you to live by the values of your University in all that you do be responsible be open be ambitious and never settle for second-best I congratulate you on your awards and wish you every success for your future thank you [Applause] no of course the mean practice of today and the part that we are all looking forward to is a graduation of our students but before we do that there are some formal words for the academic registrar and the Chancellor have to see to officially confirm that everyone that is graduating has a right to do so and after that the students will then process across the stage to be shaking hands and congratulated by our Chancellor in the middle of the stage and then by our executive Dean's representing the faculties from which the students are graduating by the authority of the University I confirm that all those who are dually qualified are hereby admitted to the awards for which they are presented Chancellor I present to you the following successful candidates from learning at work for the award of Bachelors of Arts in business with first-class honors Rachel buswell green with first class honors Kim Club with first-class honors Jessica Robinson but Bachelor of Science and Engineering studies Jack Howard with first class honours and with the Liz bishop award Patrick's shouts for Bachelor of Science and Engineering and Management Studies with first class honours Mick Bell with first class honours Ricky Bell with first class honours Catherine Davies with first-class honors Nathaniel head with first-class honors Graham how Michael Jeffrey with first-class honors Paul Johnson with first-class honors in Laila with first-class honors Andrew Lawrence with first class honours Carl Marais with first-class honors Daniel Marton with first class honours Paul Olmstead the first class honors Stephen Pearson day-old sharp Ravi's Shukla Phil Todd home The Bachelor of Science in maritime studies with first-class honors Sam Jax with first class honours Ross Paulie for the postgraduate certificate in occupational health and safety management Salma Ahmed Michael Langford Dean nor gate with distinction aegeon Shawcross debbie wilcher for Masters of Arts in business management Nikolas Kimani Gregg Matthews with distinction Kevin McDonald Christopher Shirley the Masters of Science and Engineering with distinction dan Aldous the masters of science and engineering project management with distinction Kenneth banister with distinction Adam Benson with distinction John Brodie John Stevenson for Master of Science in engineering and management Martin Kearney Allen Evans Russell Evans pull Fletcher with distinction Rob gives me with distinction Steven Holl with distinction Martin Hill with distinction Jasmine John with distinction Matthew hunt with distinction Susanna Larkin with distinction Bryant Lamont crate Lily with distinction Christopher Mayer Marcus Murphy with distinction Stuart Richardson with distinction Steven Ripley with distinction in Seaton Luke Spaulding with distinction David Thomas with distinction with the trafalgar armed forces postgraduate award Sam yokka with distinction David Thomas for Master of Science in occupational health and safety management Oliver Melanson for Masters of Science in occupational health safety and environmental management wisdom AG rumba Carlos Mejia [Applause] manners Mona Han in O'Donnell then read [Applause] David Tibbles Oh lardelli you sir this concludes the presentation of students from learning at work [Applause] Chancellor I present to you the following successful candidates from the School of Creative Technologies Rachel they do a Nastasia Yanni's be Thoris with first class honours Mariana cancel Ashe de numero Nia Skye Edwards dan le Lorna greener max Johnson Camilla Kyle Danielle Kitchener Yomi paliku with the School of Creative Technologies award for best VA animation art direction student Jack McGovern Shekinah oku with the School of Creative Technologies award for best BA animation design student obey obey Jordan Rutter George Smith with first class honours and with the School of Creative Technologies award for best ba animation student Lorna tan Martha webby – rindu Vijay rotten a Lea would Lisa Yates Johanna Lizza Rondo Runa at Ania for Bachelor of Science in computer animation with first class honours Thomas AB Caen with first class honours and with the Jenny Morris prize for best performing international student Vertica um narnun Konstantinos RC Otis with first class honours Jon Brockman Daniel chant with first class honours Julian Clarke Alex cook Omar Dickenson with first class honours and with the School of Creative Technologies award for 'best BSC computer animation and visual effects student Dominic englebright with first class honours Martin Fairbrother Burton Josh fuller laughs gotcha Harry grieves with first class honours Hana Gregson with first class honours Martin Hampton Michael Harding with first-class honors Daniel härtel Ryan Ryan Johnson Declan mcgrill Benjamin McNally with first class honours Jack Plummer Lucas Prieto with first class honours William James Ryan Andrew guides Seaborn Rogan Shelton with first class honours James Stetson Thomas Truman Kuang van with first class honours Gabriel Walker [Applause] for Bachelor of Science in computer animation and visual effects with first class honours Lu Anthony Alcantar with first class honours Freya bouts with first class honours mirela vajura new with first class honours my Ann Fisher bender Murphy Andreea spinosus Jessica Raina Ticknor how chance you with first class honours Isaac Yearwood for Bachelor of Science in computer games enterprise with first class honours Joe green Pedro Cruz with first class honours and with the School of Creative Technologies award for best computer games enterprise student Tyler Truitt bond Michael Vega for Bachelor of Science in computer games technology William Adams Connor Adkins Chamberlin Stephanie Ansel Danny Boylan with first class honours Lewis Brooks Jonathan Carlton Ellis Carter tie day with first class honours William done jack Eustace with first class honours Lewis Fletcher with first class honours Ben Freeman George Jasper Gilliam blue-chip Connor green with first-class honors and with the school of Creative Technologies award for best placement student Liam Griffin with first-class honors and with the IBM Award for Best Creative Technologies project and with the School of Creative Technologies award for best computer games technology student Jack Hardy Stephen Henderson Smith poni hobbling Nathan Engel turn with first class honours Alex Johnson Jordan can Jake Kendall Kalem Kent hurry Laci Alys Robertson with first-class honors Victoria Mackenzie with first-class honors and with the School of Creative Technologies award for best self employment placement student yeah MacDougall Kaylie McGowan Matthew McMurdo Rhys Newman Simon Newman with the or dazzle social impact award Jessica O'Connor Matthew Pembleton Stephen rump Halawa then Rothwell a eun-joo Sulaco ashle summon Andrew Seton with first class honours and with the advanced games research group award for best game project Charlie Smith Christina Somali Matthew Stephens corner Stockbridge Connor Summerhill Mitchel Taylor James VI God ashle Watson Benjamin went Ashley West Asher Wesley Michael West Aidan Western Connor would Natalie Hutchinson Artur razajin ski for Bachelor of Science in Creative Media technologies Toby Boyd nah Lou with first-class honors and with the School of Creative Technologies Award for outstanding creative media technology student Michael Page cont Yin Xiu will way Shah [Applause] for Bachelor of Science in digital media Ahmed Adam Katie Ainsworth you're fat in Mesilla alius with first class honours Christian Allen Timmy Oh were larger with first class honours Loretta below ghen Jack Beaumont J born Stanley brown with first class honours and with the School of Creative Technologies Award for outstanding digital media student Caine trained John even McCrory AG dumo with first class honours David aging Kanye with first class honours Ryan fender Matty foreign hidin fort jack furnace with first class honours Simon gander with first class honours Chloe Givens Sauron hahoo with the sponge UK prize for best student in the digital design theme Andre Han Matthew Jones with first class honours Taslima cannon with first class honours trudy Kitchener top pan Koba with first class honours Robert Latham Mac much easier with the IBM price the best student in the emerging technologies theme samuel McRae Adams Damilola organizer Whitney Ooty with first class honours and with the School of Creative Technologies Award for outstanding digital media student Ramona Raymond dippin session Adam Silverthorne Anish odd gamma Aiden Liam Joe Wallace Jordan we're all over West with first class honours Sara Wiley for Bachelor of Science in music computing Michael Dougherty Benjamin Jones Josh McManus some Parker Alex stick 'land Freddie Tosh kill coolie for Bachelor of Science in music and sound technology Benjamin alum Gary Andrews Dominic powdery Sam cherry Jack drum field Stian anger boo Liam flower George Hill miles hopper Elizabeth Hutton Tom Kelly with first-class honors and with the School of Creative Technologies Award for Best Music Project Nile Lawson shannon moore Darrell Nash tarah 101 Trani ho with first class honours and with the James online award for outstanding achievement by a music and sound technology student and with the Baker Prize for music and sound technology and with the audiokinetic WY is award for best game audio Harry Salter not Douglas Josh Stroud Nathan Taylor for Master of Science in computer games technology with distinction Matthew Whitley for Master of Science in digital media shy him Alan Ian born Ashley Howard Francisco noir whoo for Master of Science in music technology Wade Bennett me high annual Lake Woodford [Applause] master of research creative industries with distinction Holly Newman for Doctor of Philosophy for a program of research in facial frontal ization for facial expression recognition in the wild you Ming Wang this concludes the presentation of students from the School of Creative Technologies [Applause] Chancellor I present to you the following successful candidates from the School of Architecture for the award of Master of Arts in interior design near in China Haru Chung and Raya Oksana boat Hatice oza with the University of Portsmouth art collection award integration project for masters courses within architecture Lillet Pat Summitt pong for Master of Arts in professional design practice April battery for Master of Arts in sustainable cities Jane let Matt's with the University of Portsmouth art collection award integration project for masters courses within architecture design Mohammed [Applause] for Master of Science in historic building conservation Mr Ackroyd hwa-jung Lance Jones with distinction Sarah Roberts Oliver sharpen [Applause] this concludes the presentation of students from the School of Architecture and today so [Applause] today is all about our graduates and so I think it's appropriate that we now hear from one of them Chancellor I present to you clear Denis Eady to respond on behalf of our graduates first Chancellor Chancellor honored guests and gathered attendees this one right now though is for the students because we've all made it then haven't we that's right give yourselves a big pat on the back and I'm gonna wait until you've done it right now so please do that thank you I know many of you here will share my sentiment in thinking that we weren't going to make it but we did and I am ever so proud of all of you I'd like to thank not only ourselves after just being awesome but the support networks that got us through for my friends and our family too when we've walked into the library eight in the morning and realized that we've got a free cup of coffee and our library card and a canteen staff and all the fantastic support services that have helped us and myself included I am a working-class woman who grew up in a low-income household in Portsmouth I left school with one sheet with just one GCSE and I did real-life burst my achievements feel like they are one in a million but they shouldn't be so now it's our jobs to be empowering people and bringing down barriers to learning taking our experiences and encouraging others to come forward to try because I know they can do it I hope we all take a pledge moving on to support those around us encouraging others to follow their dreams aspiring to the best that they can truly bit to be no one can ever do it on their own before I arrived here as a mature student I did not know what to expect I underestimated what I thought I could learn I cannot be alone when I say the education have we have received an open our eye has opened our eyes and made us more aware more determined to change the world we have become the best versions of ourselves as we leave here today in the next chapter of our lives I hope we can stand in solidarity so we can encourage the next generation of students to unleash their creativity and succeed no matter their background thank you very much students [Applause] vice-chancellor distinguished guests ladies and gentlemen the day is here it has finally come you are now graduates of the University of Portsmouth congratulations to each and every one of you I know what it took to get to this point having SATs where you are over 25 years ago when I myself graduated from this fine University it took many a late night finishing assignments in the library which was not open 24 hours in my day by the way sweat tears copious amounts of coffee ProPlus and diamond-white cider thank you to your family and friends who sit in the audience today bursting with pride they have been part of your journey and as such a part of the university I am glad that they are here today to witness your graduation and be part of your happy day if it is even possible today they will be even prouder of you than you are of yourself bursting with joy and pride but also there might be a slight sigh of relief relief that you have made it to the end the panic calls home will cease relief the emergency parcels of food top-ups of phone credit bank balances trips to and from the university currying various items and people and washing that somehow manages to find its way home will come to an end or was that just me but what lays ahead and what is next well firstly let's think about the friendships that you have formed during your time at Portsmouth please hold these dear these friends are your ready-made cheerleaders they will be there for you and you for them during the ups and downs in your life in your career the lessons that you have been taught at University please remember these are your compass you today leave University and walk out into a world that may seem uncertain a world of work which has utterly transformed and will continue to be so I want you to really hear this message though please do not worry about the future ahead you may be one of the lucky graduates sitting here today that has already secured their first step in your career congratulations and well done if that is you if not I promise you it will come you may be busy applying for roles and receiving not back after not back thanks but no thanks letters you know what that is okay because that was my story it happened to me rejection after rejection before I secured my first role and I think it's fair to say it made me stronger more determined and made me understand the importance of resilience I did not give up and I think I've done ok you are equipped to deal with whatever may come you walked out of the university a foot taller than the day you walked in you have the skills and knowledge to deal with change and uncertainty focus on having a growth mindset at some point you may feel you just cannot do something and want to give up at times like that always remember the magic word yet whenever you find yourself saying I can't replace I can't with I can't yet because you can learn you know that you have the ability to learn new things you've just spent several years here proving how good you are at doing just that always please always look up and see the world please please stop looking at yourselves and this and the selfies you post and those of everyone else the lens that you see in social media is exactly that a lens a filter which is not real do not compare your life and what is happening to you through this lens look up and look around you have the ability to change the world by changing the immediate world that is around you I want to give you one last piece of advice that was recently given to me put yourself first and last and everyone else in between look after yourselves and find your purpose in the world I want you to find your happy this may not be immediate right now or even front of mind it is however important your purpose will guide you through life and ensure you grab it with both hands and be successful on whatever you choose to do you have the potential to make the world a much happier place and to make people feel that they belong I wish you Godspeed and good luck I wish you success however you define it I wish you a happy and fulfilling life now go out into the world and change it for the better but make sure you take a moment and celebrate today first congratulations to each and every one I now declare this congregation closed please be upstanding for the academic procession [Applause] you you

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