Learning Ally Audiobooks in the Classroom: Helping Students Learn and Succeed

the rationale for using Learning Ally is to provide access to grade-level materials for students with print based disabilities their reading level is at times much lower than what their chronological grade level is but they are still required to read the same books as the rest of the class and Learning Ally provides that opportunity for the audiobooks for Learning Ally have opened up new worlds for some of our children children that have never been able to read before are now discovering new ways to learn I love how Learning Ally affords the students a level of independence that they didn't have before and it's immediately apparent in the classroom when I teach my students how to use this it takes no time at all they understand it intuitively students can log in to their own accounts and add books to their bookshelf how they like or a teacher can do it for them and then students can then download the book and listen to the book on their personal device that they have brought in they can use their headsets and begin reading immediately and then have conversations with their their peers students can read at home on the bus to school get lunch during reading time in class it works everywhere once I got an audio book because like you it's fast I didn't know that with dyslexia or with the learning difference that it could be easy to read and they're happy happy children happy children learn better the teachers really love using wearing a lie they are very excited when they find the books on the bookshelf that they're using in the curriculum when introducing the platform to a teacher we sign them up for a teacher Ally account and then the Browse audio focus button is so easily identifiable on the page I logged in and that was it I figured out by myself click the big blue button that says manage students add a student it's not difficult at all type in a title of a book and within seconds the book comes up and they're able to add it to their students bookshelf so the platform also enables teachers to monitor the students use of audio books you can see a list of all your students you can click on a student and see what they are reading what is on their bookshelf how many pages they have read when we log in to teacher Ally and we see that they have read one hundred and fifty-seven pages and they've only had the book for three days we see that they are experiencing success with the program I think the most important thing is that it develops the independence level of the child the child is no longer depending on mom dad to read books to them that they want to read the parents are so enthusiastic are about Learning Ally that they are actually sharing with other parents when they meet them on the streets or in the library it is because it has been such a success for their own children that's when I really see a shining moment when they have said to me I read eight books this year and I've never done that before that's a great impact it's a tool that students need to enhance their comprehension and make them able to read the same as everyone else why would we deny anybody that opportunity our children know that dyslexia holds them back from reading words on a page however now that they have this tool it no longer holds them back they are part of the classroom their self-esteem has gone up they're feeling better about themselves it makes me feel extremely proud as a teacher to see my my children succeed in the classroom you

4 thoughts on “Learning Ally Audiobooks in the Classroom: Helping Students Learn and Succeed”

  1. I started teaching my daughter at 18 months using this reading lessons[Check Details Here >>==>>https://plus.google.com/u/1/117309684281297662218/posts/VHeBAXEfoqk ]. I thought it will take several months before she could grasp anything tangible. But by the time she was 21 months we completed the first stage. Now at 2 years 4 months she can read and entire children's book.

  2. I'm the Director of the Learning Ally Washington, DC Studio. We engage hundreds of volunteers in reading the books that end up in the Learning Ally catalog. Our volunteer readers record the books in a special recording booth and receive over 8 weeks of training. There's a lot that goes into producing a quality human-narrated book and I enjoyed seeing this video and the kids that are helped by our materials.

  3. This makes me happy. I love this initiative to help children with learning challenges to read. It opens a world of opportunity and thought to this group, who before was neglected, overshadowed and placed in a different playing field. Learning Ally helps level the playing field for so many of these kids giving them the confidence and ability to succeed. Well done.

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