Learning Advanced English and How to Speak without Thinking or Translating

– Hello, this is Jack from tofluency.com. Now, when I make a new
video here on YouTube or when I give a live lesson on Instagram or Facebook, I usually get a comment from somebody askin’ me to teach them advanced English. What people normally mean by this is English that isn’t
taught in basic lessons. Advanced grammar, words and phrases that
native speakers use, like idioms and slang
terms and phrasal verbs. In fact, I received a
message from somebody on Instagram the other day, talking about advanced English. But listen to this, because he told me that
he has a high level, that he has been following
my method for months now, but he doesn’t have the
confidence when speakin’ because he feels like he
can’t used advanced English, that he isn’t usin’
advanced English enough. And I understand that, because
we want to impress people. It’s something that we
want to do naturally. And when it comes to English, you want to impress
people with your level, to use words that are
going to impress people. But look at what my friend Jonathan, who is also an English teacher, said on one of my live lessons recently. “Most conversations in English
are based on basic English “that sounds natural and automatic.” “Most conversations in English
are based on basic English “that sounds natural and automatic.” Think about that. Native speakers or advanced speakers use basic phrases, but they do so in a way that is natural, and also they can do it automatically. And this means that people aren’t thinking about grammar rules, or they’re not translating while speaking. And they’re using the
right sounds of English, the right intonation, rhythm, and stress, because what some people
think is a basic phrase is better thought of as
a commonly used phrase. Or basic vocabulary is just commonly used vocabulary. For example, think about
the phrasal verb get up, to get up. This is something that is taught in the first lesson of a language school. This is something that is
taught in beginner books, and you know what this
phrasal verbs means, right? But can you use it in a natural way without thinkin’ about grammar rules? Here are some examples. I got up so early today. I’ve been gettin’ up
really early recently. He doesn’t like gettin’ up early. There was an example of that phrasal verb using the past tense. One in the present-perfect continuous, and one using like plus the gerund. So, these were all used
in different tenses and in different ways. So, ask yourself if you are able to use this type of basic English automatically and naturally. If you are able to use basic English without thinkin’ about rules, without thinkin’ about the translation, usin’ the right phrase at the right time, and sayin’ it in the right way, because it’s important
to know the difference between knowing something
and reachin’ this stage where things just flow. Where you can say things automatically. Knowing how to complete a sentence usin’ the third conditional is different to bein’ able
to use the third conditional automatically while having conversations. And I’m sure you want to reach this stage where things just happen, where you can speak naturally, and things just come out
of your mouth magically. Now, I do want to say that learning advanced English is great, and it’s something that
I recommend you do, but don’t neglect the basics. Don’t neglect these commonly used phrases because these are the phrases
that you’re going to use when speakin’ in English. If you’ve been followin’ me for a while, you’ll know all about the method that will help you get to this stage, but if you’re new or
if you need a reminder, check out the video that I’ve
liked to in the description. Now, here is a tip when it comes to learning advanced English or
any new words and phrases, and it’s this. It’s a simple one. Learn the English that
you are going to use. Think about how you use your English now or how you are going to
use it in the future. For example, let’s say that
you are a fitness coach, but you want to teach people about health and fitness in English. Then it makes sense to
learn words and phrases related to this field, this industry. Things like bench pressing, the Paleo Diet, squatting. But instead of just learnin’
new words and phrases, single words and phrases, learn them through sentences. Things like the Paleo Diet is terrible or the Paleo Diet is
somethin’ you need to try. And then get lots of repetition with these phrases so
that you internalize ’em, so that you can start usin’
them in a flexible way. So interimly, know that native speakers use basic phrases all the time and that maybe you should put more focus on using methods that will help you use these phrases in conversations, because these are the phrases
that you need to know. And when learning advanced English, learn the type of English
that you need to know. Learn it in context. And also, use my method
to help you do this. To learn more about my
method, click over here or watch one of our latest conversations and notice how often we use
basic words and phrases, the types of phrases that you
learned in your first class. And if you’re new here, click that red button and
subscribe to this channel and consider turning on notifications too. Thank you so much for watching. Please share this with
anyone who needs to see it, and go watch one of those videos. (“Breathe” by Johan Borjesson)

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  2. I totally agree with you! The important thing is to learn the basics and start communicating. Here in Brazil many people just want to impress and criticize other people's English. I think that's not good. even though we are still learning and we have made some mistakes, we have to pride about this. You're amazing teacher Jack, your pronounce is very good

  3. I use this method alot, I'm an advanced english student and, unlike my colluges, i always write my essays in a simple lunguage and get high marks.

    Btw Thanks for sharing 💙

  4. Great ideas; thank you, Jack! I am learning a lot from you for my own budding teaching biz. I hope you don't mind if I steal your ideas 😉
    Norbert from TEOC

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  21. This is what I've been looking for! 😄 Been learning the english language for more than a decade but the training at school is mostly on reading, hearing and writing. When it comes to conversational english(real world), it seems like some words just don't come out naturally. 😑 Anyway, this is a great vid… To fluency!!! 😄

  22. I agree with that person who asked the question. He is looking for advanced english not just for improving his communication skills but he wants to become fluent in academic writting and giving speech.

  23. Yes, I teach English to advanced learners and that is what I keep telling them all the time. Another important thing is not to be afraid of using what they know, being brave, taking risks. It's a lot better to get criticism for being brave than for being shy. So, thank you for that video and I'll be on the watch for more to come.

  24. I actually don't have to think or translate before I'm talking or writing. Not about grammar, not about pronounciation and not about intonation. My main problem is finding the right words in each sitution. I can use basic phrases, but not the really ordinary vocab and expressions.
    And my question is: how do I get to this level. Of course I could do some route learning, but that won't help in situations where I have to be spontanuosly and have to express myself on point.
    And my listining skills are improvable. I need to improve understanding foreign speakers and native speakers talking very fast.
    How can I improve all of that?

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    Hope you are doing good.This video is awesome beyond the shadow of a doubt, you are just spectacular, whatever you said was very true.we need to concentrate on basic English in order to understand complicated and advanced English.

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