Learning About People’s Behavior From Chickens And Loretta Lynn Proverbs 12:10 31:10-30 NLT

ladies and gentlemen my name is Justin Breithaupt
With another episode of the Unboxing Authority YouTube channel for you guys today
we are with the chickens because I want to talk about learning about people from chickens also reading from proverbs
and of course we will read proverbs 31:10 through 30 we’re also going to
talk about some examples that we have here in America of good people as well
so let’s get started here with proverbs chapter 12 verse 10 proverbs
12:10 New Living Translation it says the Godly are concerned for the welfare of
their animals but even the kindness of the wicked is cruel proverbs 13 verse 23 a poor
persons farm may produce much food but injustice sweeps it all away
everything they do is wicked even if they’ve got lots of wealth the wickedness
they do sweeps it all away one thing I’m going to tell you about this this is
what I want to try to Center some of this message on is
if you see someone and they have pets or animals children relatives elderly these
elderly people to look after things like that and they’re not doing too well anything they
touch whether it’s living or not living is bad right so they get a car and the
car is smoking and then you see that car sitting still and they get another car
and it’s smoking it sit still and they just keep getting used cars and they
just keep piling up but when they move from one place to another a lot of their
cars just kind of stay there they never seem to be able to keep anything going
you know if you’re poor maybe you can only afford to keep one car going like us
we have one car you know and I have another one I want to sell that’s going
but we have a couple that we just can’t afford to work on right now right I
spend most of my money and my time on myself and the things I have to have for
work or whatever all my chickens on my grandmother and on our car right so
those are important things in my life and if you meet someone you know someone
who even their kindness is cruel even when they give you things it’s evil
whatever they give you you know is evil and when they take care of you it’s evil
you know it’s just not it’s not right and perhaps their kindness in itself is
some sort of adultery or fornication or some sort of wickedness or or or
astrology or you know witchcraft you don’t know it’s very important that when
you’re looking at people you know to try to decide whether they’re going to be
good for you or bad to you in your lives that you look at that are they able to
maintain the people the animals and the
appliances in their life or you know even if they don’t know how to maintain
things and care for things if they treat them badly they’re gonna go bad a lot
faster before I get into more of the proverbs and where the scripture I’m
going to talk to you about chickens and we have our wild rooster our wild
rooster doesn’t really trust me much because I used to try to chase him away
the roosters are very good surviving in cold weather and everything the wild
ones that we caught and I also slaughtered two of his friends now
speaking about this scripture here none of my chickens have died unless I have
slaughtered them so I take very good care of my chickens and God has blessed
them I’ll put most (all) of the credit to God for my chickens doing well for my
grandma doing well if it wasn’t for some of my friends and relatives that told me
about different supplements and things to give my grandmother she would be
very ill pt she may not be around right now so you know I it’s not all me God
leads me to things that help and give me advice but God has also watched over my
animals I don’t think these predators have come around and when they have I’ve done
whatever needs to be done and the Predators don’t come around anymore so you know
again just the way that people care for other people and their animals but
getting back to animal behavior and how it applies to proverbs and how it applies to people okay the hens and the roosters are very
different in a lot of ways and so what the hens do is the hens like to be held
they like to be cuddled okay it’s just like a lot of women do
they like to be held they like to be cuddled they like people to sit with
them and talk with them and spend time with them right
the rooster however he has a whole different idea the Roosters idea is as
soon as she gets let out of that chicken coop which by the way they had weird
things in weird places because I was trying to patch it up and it hasn’t thawed out
yet around here it’s like still freezing at night so when that stops I plan on
hey! here you go I got one. I plan on thank you Lord.
I plan on painting this again so that it matches and so that it looks right
don’t eat my shirt don’t do that I plan on I plan on and women don’t like
to be ignored you see I ignored her and she tried to eat my shirt but you want to
paint it so it matches obviously you know and that’s a big
thing to women but right now I want to wait until the weather’s better so the
paint has a chance to dry and everything and I did that before the winter cuz the
chickens were wearing those spots out stop trying to eat stuff or I’m going to peck you
okay I’m putting you back down but yes hens like to be held they like to be
cuddled even the roosters do but they don’t like to be neglected and will
peck me if I neglect them but but the rooster even the rooster realizes to be
held they like to be coddled but what they don’t like is when the rooster dude
jumps on him and has his way with they they don’t like that and being like
women though these hands they’ll walk up and they’ll tank rooster
they’ll dance Rattlers try get their attention sometimes
they’ll get into a submissive stance because they want the rooster to come
have his way but usually most of the time these hens don’t really want the
rooster to jump on them they even greater be cut ‘old they would rather be
held like this one jumped up to me and that’s how they want to be treated the
ball mister he’s still wild and him and I I don’t spend enough time out here to
have a good relationship with the chickens or the roosters should I spend
most of my time watch my grandma it makes it difficult for me to make these
videos okay because I need someone to help me watch my grandmother but anyway
this is this is the thing is hens love to be held they love to be and they
don’t like to be jumped on but they don’t like to be jumped on all the time
like the rooster likes to do now see she’s gonna try to come back again and
thinking and anyway this is women are weird sometimes they want to go and then
they want to come back again they you know it’s kind of weird but sometimes
women just want to have someone listen cool right
but men are wired this is important men are wired to design naturally to want
one thing I mean guess we want women to be there with us but that’s not how
we’re biologically wired we’re biologically wired to want to mate to
want to procreate that is how men are for the most part unless there’s
something defective that’s how they’re wired mr. rooster over here lamps for
the hens he’s doing it right now he was it kicked his leg back like this
and it put his his weight down in the Box in circles and he thinks that’s
gonna impress the ladies and usually never does there he goes he’s doing it
and that usually never impresses the ladies sometimes they will squat down
for him though when he does that but it does not impress them what they want is
they want to be held they want to be coddled and roosters don’t do that as
far as I know if there are I haven’t seen it so you have these two
conflicting things the roosters want to be cared for and see women you know you
you mean human being women they they also want a man do things for them they
want them to give some give them stuff and do things for them and protect them
but they don’t necessarily want to be available for them they don’t want to
give their bodies to the men even if they’re married and this becomes a
problem because a man has a natural desire that needs to be fulfilled the
woman also has a desire spending lots of time and lots of relationship not
necessarily even touching each other but just sitting down and talking and
spending time with each other and these two things conflict
another thing that conflicts is when a woman is going through something is
making her cry she sad she’s upset and so she tells her husband about it and
for her father and it you know whoever and and so she tells her husband about
if there’s a problem the house is on fire this is an extreme example of
course but should tell her husband the house is on fire the husband what’s he
want to do he wants to get everyone out of the house he wants to put the fire
out or call other people to put the fire out and she doesn’t work at she wants to
sit down next to her in the house while it’s burning down and comfort her and
console her about it and that’s an extreme example but that is the way that
a lot of women prefer things they don’t want a man to fix the problem they
wanted to comfort them through the problem and there are hard arguments on
both sides of that okay the women do because they do need men to be there for
them especially when the problem can’t be solved or when they don’t know how to
solve me work through it together but if a man knows this a solution to a problem
and it’s not an immediate threat he might need to take some time and just
give her a hug and tell her it’s gonna be all right and that’s what Jesus did
when when Lazarus was dead and the lady was weeping and crying he wept with her
first he didn’t just say Lazarus come out
he he wept with her first and spent time with her to mourn with her it’s the only
place as far as we know where it says Jesus wept and he spent time and
consoled her before he rose Lazarus from the dead because this is what women need
they Lazarus could have sent there for 15 more days and Jesus could’ve still
rose him from the dead okay he could put his body back together and and he made
him you know all new again and because Jesus could do that okay and so the
important thing was that Jesus spent time with the lady and morning before he
just said come out because that was what she needed that’s what women need men
are people of let’s fix the problem women are let’s talk about the problem
and so these are two conflicting things reading from proverbs 15 verse 14
a wise person is hungry for the change ball pool feeds on trash the cool feeds
on trash the wise person Thunder for the trip the pool feeds on trash now you
know I a lot of these things I was raised my parents did a great job the
television the public school you know things like that society all lies to us
and so we get caught up even churches lie to us so we can caught up in these
fictional movies these fictional films fictional stories and people spend lots
of money on buying books that are fiction and reading through fiction
instead of studying the truth instead of stress studying reality and how things
work and how to how to work on your farm or whatever it is you’re doing and work
on your heart you know whatever it is a useful thing how to defend your family
instead of doing that they’re feeding on trash and for women and and men that
consists a lot of soap operas stuff like Harry Potter magic witchcraft sorcery
even the mainstream news is trash it’s garbage and the mainstream’s needs job
right now it seems this to mess with people now see I believe this is the
hint that I sat down and she is growing and she’s mad because she wants
attention she wants attention from me but she doesn’t want me to just pick her
up and hold her all day okay or she wants food maybe she wants me to drop a
treat lemons what my gripe about that too but we’ll talk about spoiling women
because that is a problem and I don’t think I have a scripture for that so
whether it’s men women children whatever you don’t want to spoil and you know God
has to be careful about spoiling us as well and I’ve seen this and the
psychologists sociologists have studied this and they’ve come up with a
conclusion on the matter and that is that seven women would rather share one
man there’s a little aggressive a little oppressive then to be with one man who
spoils them and cares for them and loves them affectionately and lavishly
and it’s because women have a subconscious desire to be dominated we
will say dominated and so these types of women which is most women will actually
seek after criminals they’ll actually seek after people who cuss and swear and
drink and do bad things because they see a bad boy
that’s aggressive and he’s not going to treat them with respect he’s not going
to treat them like a man should treat a woman and that’s what they crave okay
all women even if it’s subconscious level and they won’t admit it they
desire that and so if a man spoils his wife and I’ve seen it in several
situations I saw it in my own previous marriage I’m divorced and that was
because I was married to one of these types of women and what happens is the
more that you care for and spoil a woman or a man or whatever the more that they
want to leave the more that they are not appreciative of you and there was a man
that I knew really well a good man and he wanted to get married and so he
threw a big party and by luck I’ve spent lots of money on trying to impress this
woman in everything he did that she wanted nothing more to do with in the
relationship because he spoiled okay I know another man he worked very hard yet
many children with his wife many good years and he got a trailer and they go
camping all the time and they have lots of fun but it seems to me as an outside
observer that the more that he spoiled her on where he spent time with her and
took her with him and stuff more her nose started turning up in the air and
the more she started thinking that she was better than others or something and
better than him or whatever and and she deserved better whatever if she just not
around she does not house anymore so I prayed for them I prayed for them
hopefully that situation will get straightened out and she’ll realize you
know that he is a good man Eve had the same problem Eve the serpent told Eve
that she could be better she could lift her nose in the air and she could have
knowledge of good and evil she could be like God and she can elevate herself she
could empower herself and become a feminist and
and try to get above god right just like Lucifer
tried to do and so Eve hid it and then she went along and seduced her husband
and told him he should join in and and joining all his guilt
that she was in an innocent and and trying to be higher than God
and so this lifted nose when I see that it’s a big problem and I’m not trying to
be judgmental here I don’t want to classify everybody but I think
especially in liberal areas a lot of very attractive women get that way
because they use their beauty and the thing is women beauty is valuable it’s
something you can use for presenting like a woman was presenting this people
might want to listen because she’s beautiful and they want to watch her
she’s attractive there’s a lot of uses a lot of usefulness for feminine
attractiveness unfortunately a lot of women see that and themselves as being
so valuable that they believe they can set themself higher and demand things of
other people as if they were a god or you know they’re idolizing themselves
and they want other people to idolize them as well and one exalted himself
above and men of course can use riches or power or anything to do the same type
of thing going along with the nose in the air proverbs 16 5 the Lord despises
cried be assured that the proud will be punished
proverbs 17 13 if you repay evil for good evil will never leave your house if
your husband or your wife is good to you or your pain and evil for doing that
it’s not going to evil is not going to leave your house verse 15 the Lord
despises those who acquit the guilty and condemn the innocent if your spouse if
your children if their innocent why would you turn on them you know parents
will do that too they will lift up the wicked son or wicked daughter who goes
out and does evil because they socialize and because they’re doing better in
society at least they look like they are and they will condemn the innocent son
or a child that stays out of trouble and stays home
proverbs 14 1 a wise woman builds her house a foolish woman tears furs down
with her own hands there was a woman in town who went to church and she had
three children with a very wealthy very good man another farmer both farmer men
I’m talking about as far as the way they spoiled their wives and actually all
three I’ll three minutes this man he spoiled his wife he got they had three
children together did very well she went to church every Sunday and she decided
that she didn’t want to be with him anymore she just didn’t like him as far
as I know he didn’t do anything wrong that merited that except that he
apparently would drink and I guess he gave his Kenda spanking and you know I
don’t think that that really merits of divorce but she did because she couldn’t
get her way now she didn’t really care about the children because she didn’t
keep the children she didn’t want the children so what she did was as she left
him and the children and of course she had to be the victim so she said that he
was an evil man for spanking a child and there was a bunch of stories and stuff
and I don’t know what was true and what wasn’t but they ended up getting a
divorce and she settled for somebody who I believe probably doesn’t make as much
money can’t spoil her as much and I don’t think that she has any children
with him and she’s left her own children alone and now the man has remarried and
he has the three children still and more children from another marriage and
that’s another very interesting situation was it just fault did he have
a fault to play in it well the only thing I could see wrong on his part was
that he drinks and he may not see that as a problem you know I never have drink
because I from the time I grew up I saw what it did to other people and I just
decided I didn’t want to do it I don’t do drugs that are great I never
have and hopefully I never will okay because I just that just seems
small foolish to me but this woman decided to destroy her own house with
her own hands in favor of another house without her
own children proverbs 14 verse 11 the house of the wicked will perish but the
tent of the godly will flourish and that doesn’t always mean riches chapter 12
verse 4 a worthy wife is her husband’s joy and Crown a shameful wife saps his
drinks before I go on on Scripture I want to talk about a good example of a
woman who is opposite to the women that have left their their good husbands and
that is a woman here her name is Loretta Lynn she is a musician and an artist now
as you can see Loretta Lynn I wanted to portray yourself as a woman
she dressed like a woman she acted like a woman even though she was a coal
miners daughter even though she came from a poor house she always wanted to
act like a woman I could say things might have done differently for if she
would have married a good husband because she might have also become
spoiled I don’t know only God knows what wouldn’t have to but he married a man
that was not necessarily a good man he was very forceful with her from the very
beginning in ways that she wasn’t ready for and he did he seemed a very
comforting and consoling to help lead her through that instead he gave her a
book on how to you know how to do things in the bedroom he cheated on her with
different woman’s while she was out singing and doing everything she was
supposed to do you know doing music and she stayed with her man she did not turn
on her man and instead she decided to drive off anyone that tried to seduce
him she wrote a song about it called fist
city where she would actually grab beat up whatever she had to do anyone that
tried to get with her husband so she could maintain their marriage and keep
their children and their marriage together and it always seems like a lot
of marriages today are imbalanced that way do you have a good godly woman or
you have a good godly man and like it’s rare to find both especially
in the liberal parts of the world in the United States it’s also extremely rare
here in the northwest and other liberal parts of the United States to find women
that wear dresses and act like women and stand by their man it is very difficult
to find that here which is one of the reasons I have considered moving you
know it’s an option that the Lord has shown me if people here will not repent
and will not make up for the evil that they’ve done and I believe the Lord will
allow me to move to avoid whatever their face so that’s a pairing floor and
hoping for because it thank you for me and more convenient for me to start
fresh like Moses could have done with the Israelites starting fresh instead of
going through the desert for 80 years with them okay and then dying before he
got the promised land then to try to work with people that do not want to
follow the Lord did not want to follow his law today in this part in the world
it’s extremely rare to find anyone and even the people that go to church
Christian people reject God’s law because they bought into a mainstream
agenda that we no longer follow God’s law because Jesus died on the cross and
we’re all under grace and he’ll just give us grace grace grace and he’ll
never ever judge us for anything be and we don’t ever have to repent follow his
law and that’s a false gospel it’s a lie and he does tell us to repent is the
first thing Jesus instructed that I know of when he started preaching he told
them from that time on to repent and he sent his followers out and they told
people to repent and John the Baptist told people to repent and in Revelation
Jesus tells the churches to repent you know it’s over and over and over again
it’s a reoccurring theme through the Old Testament in the New Testament and it’s
something that people have either forgotten or they’re in denial of it one
reason people deny it is for peer pressure because everybody else it’s
that following God’s laws is wrong there’s even preachers on TV they try to
tell us that if we obeyed God’s laws we’re doing what the
to do that that’s the devil’s goal is to get us to obey God
so things have really got turned upside down and the government in YouTube and
social networks have made it illegal or whatever sins so we have to remain
morally straight and correct now I’m going to tell you some things that are
very controversial in the Bible but I think God brought into my attention a
reason to include even though they’re extremely socially unacceptable so what
I’m going to say here is make 11 not more but don’t join with people to lead
you with the weight from God okay so there’s a Heinlein arm about making love
and not war but don’t join with people we’re gonna read you away from God
Genesis 34 revenge against such an now because I want to make this video short
I don’t want to read the whole thing but basically what happens is the Nile Lea’s
daughter which was also I believe the daughter of Jacob I’m correct here yeah
Jacob went to visit some of the young women who lived in areas is out of
Genesis 34 but when the local print such him son of hey mark the hivite soccer he
took her and raped her ascensions love first denial was strong and he tried to
win her affection even spoke to his father gotta get this girl for me he
demanded all want to marry her now God’s law makes perfect provisions for this it
says that if a man rapes a virgin and wants to be his wife guess to create
great dowry today it’s about $30,000 that someone
would have to pay they wanted the father of a woman that they had raped they
wanted to take her as wife and so this man said he would make any sacrifice for
her it turns out according to the story here that the reason the Hugh is willing
to make any sacrifice for getting a hold of this woman was because he wanted all
the property and everything that belongs the Israelites he wanted them to become
one people so that him and his people would own all that they had that was all
he really wanted here it was more of a theft thing the other thing about this
other people this Shechem is that apparently they were not Israelite
people they did not follow God they did not follow God’s laws they didn’t have
an intention of becoming closer to God so the by God is very clear that we’re
not supposed to marry people or get involved with people that are going to
lead us away from God and not to God especially when it comes
to two nations coming together a foreigners coming in we’re never
supposed to join with those or allow those to come into our area who do not
follow the same God we do who do not worship the same God we’re not going to
lead us closer to God but lead us away from them God is very clear about that
in this example even though there are provisions in God’s law and even though
the Bible does say that it’s better that’s actually worse it’s worse for a
man to turn a woman away the rapist that taking her as his wife that’s a worse
sin because they defiled her you know and if he’s defiled her doesn’t have to
be a public thing you can go to his father and go to her and say hey let’s
make this right I’m gonna marry him to take care of you and we’re just gonna
make this look legitimate instead of embarrassing her and defiling
her and and making it into a terrible thing right and a lot of women today may
not want anything do it that that’s why we say make love and not war but also
people who lead you away from God you want to stay
away from so it’s very important now Jacobs stance on this whole thing was
that they should have thought it over first instead of going and wiping out
the country of Shechem because then he Jacob knew that others were gonna
retaliate for them going after chechen and it wasn’t Jacobs decision Jacob was
gone when his sons made this decision to get rid of section and so God left or
moved Jacob and his sons into Bethel and they
settled there and they made sure Jacob pulled everyone to make sure they had no
idols if they weren’t violating God and they made sacrifices to God and God
blessed them there and apparently they did better there than the way they were
previously was such them and today we could say the same type of thing get out
of the wicked city and that’s one of the reasons I want to move I want to get out
of the wicked state and out of the wicked city if that is God’s will if
they will not repent people here will not repent and make up for what they did
wrong and show great interest in following God’s law and submit to it
perfectly I want out of here because God has showed me God has showed me what
will happen I want out of here I don’t want to be part of that I’d rather start
over with people that are serious about following God’s proverb 16:19 holiness
before didn’t to share plundered with the proud and that was the case of
Ketchum they wanted to share plunder with the Israelites they wanted to make
the Israelites a plunder and this was an evil deal Jeremiah chapter 2:14
– why is Israel become a nation of slaves why has she been carried away as
plundered Lions have word against her the land has been destroyed and the
cities are now in ruins no one lives in them anymore Egyptians marching from
their cities of Memphis and tempest ease atlases Memphis in Tennessee
Tiffani’s have utterly destroyed Israel’s glory and power and you have
brought this on yourself by rebelling against the Lord your God when he wanted
to lead you and show you the way what have you gained by your alliances with
Egypt and Syria alliances with evil people see what good – you are the
waters of the Nile and the Euphrates your own wickedness will punish you you
will see what an evil bitter thing it is to forsake the Lord your God having no
fear of him I the Lord without Almighty have spoken and see this is very
important that we remain separate from these types of people’s like you know
what we’ve seen here what I’ve seen here in comrade Washington State very
important to come out and be separate from them if they will not repent and
turn around and follow God now from Joshua chapter 2 which I’m not gonna
read today for the sake of time Rahab the prostitute has faith in God feared
God and protected God’s people and as a result she was pardoned and became a
grandmother of Jesus Christ in the lineage and so here we have prostitute
she sees God’s people coming she knows that God’s with them she knows that God
is all-powerful and we don’t know her situation for sure we don’t know if she
was forced into prostitution we don’t know what’s happening but she the
prostitute that city so the people God came to spy out the land she had such
great fear and God reverence for God that she protected them and she’s
experiment she says I know you’re God’s gonna be victorious I know he’s gonna
wipe this place out scare me and he did and he hardened her and she ended up
being one of the grandmothers of Jesus Christ mark 2 15 through 17
that night Levi invited Jesus at his disciples his near yes tax the call of Jesus but when some of the
teachers of the religious law they were Pharisees saw him eating with people
like that they said to his disciples why does he eat with such scum then Jesus
heard this he told them healthy people don’t need a doctor sick people do I
have come to call the sinners not to those who think they’re already good
enough okay so there’s a lot going on here but the thing is is that anyone who
is serious about following God needs to be allowed to follows on okay it doesn’t
matter what their background is it doesn’t matter what sin they came from
it doesn’t matter what they’re engaged in or their lifestyle choices or their
Express gender or whatever it is if they come to the church they come to you they
come to me and they say I’m serious about following God I realized whatever
I’m doing is wrong I don’t want any more to do with that many people’s right let
me come to God show me what the Bible says we have to accept them we have to
accept them and help lead them back to him and that is what he did was ever
from the people that are gonna lead us away from God we have to accept the
people that are serious about coming back to God even if they’re coming from
a terrible place going on that note I’m gonna share with you very quickly I had
another couple of dreams last time I shared the dream about the Pharaoh who
had the serpent that was a parasite to the Pharaoh
this time I had a dream about parasites and bullies first there was a holy as a
little kid little insignificant child that would do anything to get ten cents
he was gonna steal your lunch money right and so he would he would jump on
me people couldn’t do it so cuz I was the adult so
you got a whole bunch of other kids need to say so you’d do anything it took to
steal that ten cents you know and there are people in it it will fight over a
pack of cigarettes they actually will murder each other to get a pack of
cigarettes or even a cigarette but I have seen women jump upside down in
garbage cans to take out a cigarette to try to build their addiction and they
are parasites they will take all your money and they’ll use it for those
things in that dream I also saw a parasite there was the serpents and they
were in people’s legs I have one in my leg and there was ones and theirs and we
had to run around and allow them to feed off of other people because otherwise
they would eval with us and I believe a lot of people are married to parasites
the inner of whether whether it’s their business their job their employer or
their spouse or whatever a lot of people are married to parasites and God showed
me is very serious about that that he doesn’t want us to have anything to do
with those types of parasites that just want to drain us and we’re not supposed
to be with them and in the last couple weeks God showed me new ways to engage
in spiritual warfare against demons and witches and principalities and darkness
of this world to be completely successful and it was his way for me to
do it I don’t know if it’s his way to do it but it you can’t stuffed it out of
the Bible and I did it and I was amazed with the results the first thing I did
the first time I did it we we saw that then with those people are engaging in
witchcraft and different things and they were no longer able to do the things
they were doing before and then God showed me how to do a different kind of
blessing a different kind of prayer and different ritual from the Bible and then
all of a sudden those same looking whole and other wicked kids we didn’t
know about we’re no longer able to come up and down our streets anymore
I did this this thing God told me to do and we’ve noticed that people start
fleeing it’s kind of like if you have a pest repeller or a parasite repeller and
you put it in a place and all the parasites start running away that’s what
happened I did this prayer that God taught me and I did the way he told me
to do it and all the evil people start coming out of their houses and going
away and not returning it’s very interesting and we’ll see how that goes
I think I think there is this amazing result with that and unfortunately it
seems that some people might be having some separation and some divorces over
that because we saw I saw some some women coming out of some men’s houses
and being chased out and going away after we did that so I’m not saying it
was just the women that we’re at fault in fact I I figured some of these men
were at fault too the way that I saw but God was sending them away from us wife
Noble to character we can find a virtuous and capable wife
she has bared more than precious rubies her husband can trust her
she’ll greatly enrich his life she will not hinder him but help him all her life
so you don’t even need to keep things locked up from this virtuous woman you
can trust her she finds walnut flax and busily spins
it she is like a merchant ship she brings her food from the car she gets up
before dawn to prepare breakfast for her household and plan the day’s work for a
certain girl she goes out to inspect the field and buys it with her own earnings
with her own money she plants a vineyard the implement will take her husband’s
earnings and gotta spend him and then divorce him she is energetic and strong
and hard worker she watches for bargains her lights burn late into the night her
hands are busy spinning thread her fingers twisting and fiber she extend to
help again to the poor and opens her arms to the needy she has no fear of
winter for her household because all of them have warm clothes she calls her own
bed and she dresses like royalty and gowns
in the finest cloth her husband is well known before he sits in the council
meetings with other civic leaders she makes Felton linen garments and sashes
to sell to the merchants she is both with strength and dignity and she laughs
with no hear of the future when she speaks her words are wise and kindness
is the rule when she gives instructions she carefully watches all that goes on
in her household and does not have to bear the consequences pleases her
children stand and bless her her husband praises her there are many virtuous and
capable women in the world but you surpassed them all charm is deceptive
and beauty does not last but a woman who fears the Lord would be greatly praised
reward her for all she has done let her deeds probably declared their praise and
you know that’s interesting thing I’ve come to learn about this area this
liberal area that I’m in it almost seems that the women who are less attracted
for a plane but they follow God the conservative they follow God’s rules and
laws they seem to be the ones to go after the LEAs that are gonna bear many
children they’re gonna take care of the household if you marry the Rebecca who’s
in idolatry and you know she’s very attractive
and she may not give me many children and she’s just someone to have she’s
like ornament and decoration and she doesn’t really give you anything you
don’t get anything back other than what you can touch and what you can see from
her per self from the body it’s a poor investment it’s a poor investment
because you’re not going to get much fact out and after and we see today in
politics in other places that people will replace their wives because they’re
no longer attractive they’ll have a whole bunch of children with them and
then they’ll get rid of them and then they’ll get a new wife and then they’ll
get a new life and they just you know keep going and I’m not saying that to
criticize any of the politicians they’re running for office I don’t really want
to try to affect this election very much because
died as it really told me to support anyone even though I have my own
personal beliefs and thoughts about the things I believe God’s telling me to try
to at this time remain neutral at least was what I say and that might sound
foolish to some of you out there but I have an insight from God about politics
and about what’s really going on in the world that I’m not trying to brag but it
it goes above what the mainstream teaches this goes above what the
controlled opposition teaches us it goes above a lot of things and proverbs talks
about that it says the wise man will take all the information and take it in
he’s gonna he’s gonna listen to everything that’s going on he’s gonna
check in and consider he’s not just gonna buy into something and that’s what
I see a lot of people doing is it was somebody’s on a platform a stage doesn’t
matter if it’s a commentator or a politician or who it is they needed to
buy everything or nothing and the wise man doesn’t do that he separates
everything it’s just like refining gold you take what’s real and you keep that
and you take the fall stuff and throw it away you don’t listen to The Fool
survive the proverb says don’t listen to fools so don’t do that okay and so
because I have this different perspective of what’s going on I’m not
gonna rule in on that right now but I will tell you that however you vote
whatever you do be conservative and be Christians follow God’s laws and rules
find the Christian courts calm all right let’s assume prayer dear Lord Jesus
thank you for today thank you for everything you’ve done for us just warm
weather allowing me to record out here without Gus alinder anything taking care
of my grandma I thank you for that lawyer so good to us
my neighbors and I think it for my friends and and for everybody that you
have for us and thinking dying on the cross for us I think for these chickens
and everything else the internet but I think it’s done for us on the cross my
confessor lord I confess it sinned against you I thank you and praise you
for what you’ve done for forgiveness for your Holy Spirit for your word and the
truth the baptism and community permission of sins
forgiveness and for all good things and what I just thank you and praise you for
that you are amazing and I think that we have life with the last one you forever
and ever and that we don’t have to couple other people have or other people
themselves because you’ve blessed us so greatly and you promised us great things
and we have lives with you forever and ever
lord I thank you that we have time to pray to you and worship you read your
word every day and that we do not grow independent of you because we afraid you
won’t let us do that well thank you – singing but thank you praising for wives
and families or for children and for all good things but homes and good income if
you’re leading us down the path that’s right we pray the everybody elegance
will hunger and thirst for you and come back to salvation and truth with our
pants and they’ll obey you and your word and that they will live with you forever
and ever in heaven have your Holy Spirit to come to peace and all this thing’s
baptism its meaning in church prayed for that and we also creates on into
wickedness my Father who art in heaven you are holy holy holy you are
everything we thank you for that the Father who art in heaven hallowed be
your name your kingdom come your will be done on earth as it is in heaven give us
this day our daily bread forgive us our trespasses those a trespass against us
and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil for yours is the
kingdom and the power and the glory forever and ever
Tommy all right thanks so much for watching God bless you do you want to
learn to follow the commands of the Almighty one true God if you do go to
Christian courts calm there’s a free PDF book you can download audio book and
video where you can listen and learn God’s laws make America great again
helped establish Christian law in communities all across the world god
bless you

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