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all right if you get your Bible turn the book of Genesis with me this morning please chapter number three if you like to stand as we open the pages of God's infallible Word Genesis chapter number three the book of Genesis chapter number three verse number 17 and unto Adam he said because thou hast hearken to the voice of thy wife and it's eaten of the tree of which I commanded thee saying thou shalt not eat of it cursed is the ground for thy sake in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth to thee and thou shalt eat the herb of the field in the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread till thou return unto the ground for out of it was stout taken for dust thou art and unto dust thou shalt return and Adam called his last name Eve because she was the mother of all living unto Adam also and to his wife to the Lord God make coats of skins and clothed them and the Lord God said Behold the man is become as one of us to know good and evil and now lest he put forth his hand and take also of the tree of life and eat and live for ever notice the : he doesn't complete that statement therefore the Lord God sent him forth from the Garden of Eden to till the ground from whence he was taken so he drove out the man and he placed at the east of the Garden of Eden cherubims and a flaming sword which turned every way to keep the way of the Tree of Life Father in thy name now bless your holy word in Jesus name you can be seated if you look at verse number 19 the book of Genesis chapter number 3 and you think to yourself if you know a little bit about human history and humanity's time upon the face of this earth you look and he says from dust thou art all of humanity all of mankind all that man has ever been all that he has ever built all of the great achievements sending rockets to the moon splitting the atom and what you see about you today after 6,000 years on this earth that man has accomplished and looked into the dust of the ground and say to yourself who could have that knowledge to look into the dust of the ground and bring forth what you've seen there's only one the book of Genesis chapter number three some profound things set before your eyes in verse number twenty four he drove out the man from the garden he would never have left it on his own he was driven forth from the land driven forth from the garden driven forth from this paradise of God with no hope and with no claim with no future with nothing except what God laid before him and the Lord God put cherubims in the plural in Hebrew who you have a name that's a plural so we put cherubims to keep the way to the Tree of Life the Almighty even in Adams rebellion when Adam rebelled against him and Eve and rebelled against him and disobeyed him even in all of that the Almighty is a merciful gracious God for he would not allow them to eat of that tree and live and die forever in a dying state never alive never dead in a state of limbo in a twilight zone forever and that's exactly where Adam would have been because his spirit had died yet his body would live home and here 6000 years later Adam could walk in this building today you had never seen a massive corruption in your life like you would see had he eaten of that tree but God wouldn't let it happen a man so he drove him out from the garden and my friend Adam a good lesson that day a marvelous lesson one that stuck with him for the rest of his life if God says something he means it God's Word is true because God is able to support what he says if he says it he liveth forever from everlasting to everlasting his word is conditioned upon his character and upon his essence in who he is so he learned it he learned a great lesson because God doesn't play with us he doesn't lie the Word of God is not written for your novelty to interest you and give you something that will appeal to your senses into your mind the Word of God is written to reveal God to you and to tell you the truth about where you came from and where you're going the Word of God is a book that God has given mankind as this school system out here in the Farragut High School wants to call this book that I read right here and that I believe in the nice study they want to call it a myth so therefore they have attacked personally my faith made and all that matters to me it's a personal assault upon us upon us and what we believe so my friend this book of Genesis chapter number three city drove the man forth if you want to know why man today is without God you read it in Genesis 3 if you want to know today why man walks in darkness he read it in Genesis chapter number 3 if you want to know why man today does the things that he does you read it in Genesis chapter number 3 if you want to know why men kill men today it's in Genesis chapter number 3 if you want to know why the the strong run over the weak why one nation overtakes another nation and bland will wantedly kills and destroys you read it in Genesis chapter number 3 if you were to know why the graveyard is full of bodies and that he that liveth the Bible said the soul that sinneth it shall die you read it in Genesis chapter number 3 if you want to know the answer to life's problems you'll read it in the book of Genesis to Revelation if you want to know what the truth is you'll find it in this Holy Bible if you want to know what the holy ghost is doing in this world today you'll read it in the word of the Living God this Bible says that he was driven forth it's quite a remarkable thing when you think of all that God offered him Oh all that got laid before him all that God said that you can have he gave him beyond measure unspeakable the gift of Christ the Bible says the unspeakable gift is beyond our wildest dreams and imagination and yet my friends you can't enjoy it got laid before you a table today and spread it in your midst something that is so profound that you couldn't even take in what was before you you still couldn't enjoy it God's got to raise you for a dunghill to the king's palace he's got to put within your soul that's which is necessary to eat the king's meat he's got the place within your heart the heart then it's capable of comprehending him he's got to put within you a spirit that can sense his presence and know the one that we are my friend I came from dust but I'm not headed to dust I was created from the dust of the ground but he is raised way higher than I ever thought I'd ever be raised and I'm just beginning he that hath begun a good work in you will perform it till the day of Jesus Christ that Bible says in the book of Revelation I saw a new heaven and a new earth he creates a new heaven and he creates every worth the Bible said when dwelleth righteousness but he carries the New Jerusalem over from the old into the new the New Jerusalem is not created it's a living organism those streets of gold that she sang about just a moment ago it's a living being those walls are alive those gates are alive the New Jerusalem is the Bride of Christ it lives in John 14 he said I go to prepare for your place if I go and prepare a place for you I will come again and receive you unto myself that where I am there you may be also I serve a table that is all my team it´ll said I and ever since of the world I've only begun to comprehend his greatness and his goodness they were driven forth but he didn't leave them given forth he took coats of skin to cover them he gave them life when they needed light he gave them life toy in order for them to live and so my friend they began to understand the God that they were serving do you the one you serve today or do you serve an idea are you living for a doctrine or for a person what has come deep down inside your heart do you know what it is to be free the Bible said if the Sun make you free you're free indeed this world is full of laws and jails because people cannot endure freedom you cannot give freedom to a man that's not free you say well preacher if they just opened the gates I'll be okay no friend they can open the gates take the shackles off of you take you out of the building and put you outside but you're still locked up and justice bound as you ever were freedom it's not what's done to you freedom is who you are he's talking about a place where like dwells he's the father of lights with whom is no variableness no shadow of turning I live in a land of death and dying I live in the land of bars I live in the place where laws are necessary because it's full of lawbreakers but I'm going where there is no law there are no bars there is no confinement in that land but it's only the calls he raises me that I cannot pull my man I cannot pull he's got to come down the way I am and lift me up to where he is I tell you something friend there is but one atom that was driven forth but the one that was driven from the garden had his counterpart who came to the garden and there he sweat great drops of blood so that you could be saved him that Old Testament man after man began to learn something about God Moses was one that was called out of Egypt and Moses led a relationship of the Lord that my friend none of his day had and he said to God one time when God got mad at Israel he said it's gonna wipe him out of the book take my name out of your book and God found a man in Moses that was able to walk in light he was able to be turned loose he was able to let the shackles fall from him for he was a man that had a heart for somebody other than himself and it was there that God revealed the Old Testament the old law the manifestation of God in the old law he gave it to Moses because the Bible tell me plainly then he would raise up a prophet like unto Moses and that was the Lord Jesus Christ there was another in the old in the New Testament like Moses and his name is Paul Paul said I would be accursed from Christ for my brethren God said I'm glad to hear that I'm gonna let you write the New Testament now it's when you have a heart black time that sets you apart from other people this self-love self-esteem all about self you'll never hear from him you'll never know him you'll never understand what I'm talking about let self die my friend when you're left she'll die Christ will come alive it's not your light it's his right it's not your love it's his love it's not your future it's his future and let me be with him so the Apostle Paul said touch me send me to hell and God said I got a man now that can write Scripture while you following me are you really listening to me have you ever met somebody like that that's willing to die for somebody else Moses was my sauce Paul they both said take my name out of your book in the Old Testament there's a man that stands head and shoulders above most of his peers he's a man and my friend that there's so much you can learn from here's what he said in job chapter 13 and verse number 15 though I slay me yet I will trust in him why what a thing to say did you hear that that's not an empty post job said boy slay me yet will I trust in him do you realize job was reduced to a dunghill he said with sackcloth and ashes he scraped with a potsherd the boils that came upon his body he lost his children he lost his wealth he lost his health he lost his home he lost his family he lost his dignity he lost everything ahead he was reduced to a but my finger was in that dunghill that God came to him it was at his lowest point he began to understand light and what light really was it was bad that he could hear clearly a voice of my friend he wants you to hear but you can't hear him he's trying to talk to you but she won't listen it's when he gets your attention then he begins to talk he talks to the heart and not to the mind he's not interested in passing or he wants to talk to your soul some of you had your heart spoken to and you've turned him off he'll talk to your heart if you listen he'll talk to you where you live he knows you and so a new job job said boy slay me yet will I trust in him that's a mighty powerful statement his friends had come around and Kirsty his wife had come by and said curse God and die for you been cursed but job said boy slay me yet I'll trust in him have you ever said that have you ever said that when nothing was going right when everything turned black when nobody was a friend anymore when you couldn't figure God out can't you ever been able to say though he slay me yet I'll trust in him and and I am a child and Azariah said that they cast him into a burning fiery furnace and they said it makes no difference to us we're not gonna bend I'm not gonna bow and they cast him bound into that furnace they tied those three Hebrew children up and put him in the fire we're done with him it's all for we're finished they're cast away let's go home but the king came by and he appeared and will he look in that furnace he said lo did we not cast three into that furnace there's four in there there's four in there he'll always be there I don't care what furnace you go through that fourth man will be there he's the one that stands in the shadows he's falling – here's your heart he's the one that knows your soul he's the one that died for you at Calvary he's the force man he'll be in that he said I see four and the vision to the fourth is like a son of God how did he know who he was that was a direct revelation from the Lord he was in that furnace let me tell you something about Joel Joel was reduced as far as a man can be reduced things didn't work out for Joe he couldn't understand anything that was happening oh I know a scene was going on overhead I know Satan came before the Lord and I know what he said to the devil I thought to myself time and again why would an Almighty God say that you know what he said to the devil he said hast thou considered my servant job he said that to Satan who was walking before him now my friend you know what that means he said to Satan hast thou considered my servant job well the Lord didn't ask the devil that to find out if he had he already knew had he wanted to hear what Satan had the same here's what the devil said back to him I've considered him I've checked him out I watched him night and day I followed him I've dog dinner I've done everything I can but you've got a hedge built around him I can't get across that hedge I can't touch a hair on his head I can't cross oh boy I can't cross that line you've got me handcuffed you know that conversation going on in heaven father mankind it was apparent the presence of the Angels hast thou considered my servant job laughs y'all might have said job was his servant he meant he was his servant no Bible said he was a righteous just man that stood evil he was a rich man but he feared God he didn't have a temple he didn't have a Bible he didn't have a top on that call he didn't have any advance but he had God he had a heart he had a soul he believed the trust you can tell you can believe the truth you can receive the truth you can say Lord God I'm sick of lies tell me the truth hast thou considered my servant job occasionally you may get feeling sorry for yourself sit in the corner somewhere leaky ones and say well maybe the devil it shifted me well if he is my friend and the Lord God turned him loose on you remember this yes he loves you he respects you he knows what you're gonna do when you come through the other end of it he knows how you're gonna be it's like Abraham when he said about him he said I know him he said I know he'll guide his children he'll direct his home I know what he'll do my friend he knows for children sometimes I wanted to quit I didn't quit sometimes I thought I was dying I didn't die sometimes the light got burned out but he turned it on again sometimes my faith wavered but he built it back again he wants me to know more about him I've said to him recently I wanna know more about you and woman came to me the other day said pitcher don't say they say anything to my children about this but I got a lump in my breast I gotta go the doctor scared me to death doctors told me I got a lump in my breast and he's gonna run a test on me would you pray for me I said I'll pray for you she was worried friend that's always a worry for a female or a woman to have breast cancer that's the light thing and for my friend we started praying shed a look at her breasts we started praying the other day she came back to me said preacher it's gone it's gone I went to the doctor and the doctor said would you go see the doctor look at her and said have you been to see that lumps not there anymore it's gone did you hear me he can't hear me did you really hear me did you really give me he's able to do above and beyond all that you asked of me that lump is gone it's gone how would you know he wants you to know there's more to him than you've ever known there's more understanding God that the human mind can conceive I've said time and again your mind can never reach as high as your heart can your heart can walk with God your heart can sit at the right hand of the Father your heart can embrace eternity but your mind will get boggles somewhere along the line your mind don't let you down your mind will not be able to do it but your heart can the Bible said with a heart man believeth unto righteousness you think about a man in his heart comes to God and says I'm a filthy lowdown stinking dog I broke it on your walls I don't deserve to be forgiven I deserve Hellfire and that's the truth and that's the man and you say in your mind I can't figure out why he'd love me wanna die for me why would God do that for me your mind is screaming to you guilty guilty guilty but your heart is crying out to God your heart that Bible said with a heart man believeth unto righteousness and so it is it's my thing not for the rich not for the poor not for the smart not for the ignorant it's for all mankind cry to me he said callin to me I will answer thee and show thee great and mighty things that thou knowest not I know this I know I've just begun and I know my friend he's able to do more than I ever thought he was able to I'm not gonna limit God with my mind some of you you can't go any further in your prayer closet then you can think it's gotta come through your head before you think God can do it why don't you let yourself out before in sometime get your head buried down in the carpet and say Lord God you're my father you're greater than I am why would I ever limit you to what I could think why is it I think you can only do what I tell you to do Lyons you ever come before him and said Lord God my heart wants to soar above this place my heart's hungry for the year my heart wants to be forgiven I want to be fed I won't power in my life I won't victory in my soul if you really want that from your heart the answer is on the way it took awhile God never gets in a hurry he gets in no hurry the Bible said he worketh all things after the counsel of his own will why should he get in hurry if he is able to do everything that he intends to do I say a sitting no man stays his hand if he's able to do everything that he said he's gonna do why should he get in a hurry and the Bible says that in the fullness of time God sent forth his son made of a woman made under the law have you given up on him I encourage you this morning come on you and come afresh come and trust the one who can answer your prayer you got a knot in your breast he can take it out have you got cancer in your body you can heal it have you got a broken soul and a broken home he can put it back together again how is on my face this morning praying for a broken home and every once in a while I'll feel something to my soul which God let me know right on the spot he's gonna answer that crack garden god I was praying about a book at home I said God put it together again and I felt the power got on my soul that mean preachers gonna do it that's what it means that's what it means he's gonna do it will you say preacher that's not my book that's not Orthodox I wasn't taught that way I don't understand all this do you think you're gonna serve a god you can understand completely if you can put him down on a piece of paper and that's active and categorize him and outline him and put God in a box like that my friend you don't have God you don't have God you've created one in your own image what makes you think the one that makes your mind doesn't have a bigger man than your what makes you think the one that gave you a heart doesn't have a bigger heart than you but lets you think that when you stick on something deep that he can't go much deeper he said my thoughts are not your thoughts my ways are not your ways as the heavens are higher than the earth for my thoughts and your thoughts and my ways and your ways is he able that's all I challenge you with this morning is he able how many people have walked out and said preacher I tried him I tried him I've tried him but he just didn't work for me it just didn't work for me let me tell you something folks if you think Tran God means to push a button and challenge him to do some before the Sun Goes Down and it doesn't work out exactly the way you thought it ought to then you can just walk out and say well I tried him now get him trying you didn't time to try God is to push beyond your limitation to try God is to go deeper than you have ever been to try God is to reach higher than you ever reached to try God is to go past your own understanding until you come to a points where something's going on and it's undeniable but you can't understand it but you're not real to try God is to try one that's bigger than you are he's greater than you huh me the one that I serve today is not a man like we are he's Almighty God and Joel learned something about him he said I preached about him I've taught Sunday School about him I've been a missionary about him he said I've carried your word I've done this I've done that he said I'll tell you what I repent in sackcloth and ashes for hours ignorant of you I really didn't understand he said I really didn't you're too marvelous and too wonderful for the words that I've ever said maybe a lot of what Joel preached he heard of the fries maybe a lot of what Joe thought he'd heard other others teach let me tell you something I love that blessed book right there that's the Word of God it's the Word of God God will never violate or cross that word he will never break his word and I'm gonna tell you something right now a friend and hear me well you're lonely gonna know so much about him out of a there's only so much you're gonna know about to God that I serve out of a book there's something about a living God he's alive right now there's an experience or relationship that you have with him I'm talking about a reality that you can't deny I will follow me have you ever been with God have you ever laid his hand on you and did something for you that your mind cannot conceive that's beyond your wildest expectations and it's undeniable that God did it yes you do it real you can always tell when it's the hand of God for your glorify the Lord Jesus Christ he'll bless His Holy Name in your life you'll praise him and glorify for Paul said for to me to live he didn't say for to live as Christ that would be a universal statement at all that live live for Christ as nobody said he said for to me to live is Christ in Planet words he said in a personal statement my life is hid with Christ in God and my life is about Christ I can't imagine what it's going to be one day when the Lord Jesus Christ is glorified on the throne with God when the throne of God the Father got the son become one in Revelation chapter number 22 and the Seraphim and the cherubim and all the created beings angels and whatever when they look upon him who at one time had been the man Christ Jesus now the god man seated in glory it's the god man that saves you it's the god man that heals you it's the god man that delivers you it's the god man that'll raise you up it's the god man fully completely equipped given that great unique potential to do anything god almighty ever does for man it'll be done by the hand of his son the Lord Jesus Christ do you realize that Jesus Christ not only is the Savior and the citizens receive him but he's the Savior in the sense that he saves you complain towards you receive him in the sense that you receive him you take him into your heart but that doesn't stop there he becomes the Savior actively saying working in your life the Lord Jesus Christ therefore is my Savior I don't know what tomorrow holds I've seen some shocking things happened the last few weeks I've been brought into circumstances that literally scared me to death I've been in places while I looked at death right in the eye I've been in places where some of you if you saw what I saw it would scare you it would shock you to death I've seen things that I thought I've lived a long time never thought I'd see anything like that in my life and my friend I called upon God I called upon his name and when I called upon his name I saw something happen immediately I'll tell you this one thing that I've shut up I woke up three o'clock in the morning a few morning's ago and my wife was just like this she'd gone almost into a diabetic coma she lives on that edge said I want you pity just pray for how many diabetics we got here this morning many of you know exactly what I'm talking about the bed was shaking that's what woke me up God woke me up I went over there I took her head I held it next to me and she was just just like this that happened to her like that at the skating rink and some of you women saw it wasn't quite as bad at the skating rink as it was the other night but she was shaking I knew her blood had dropped probably into 20 or 30 I didn't even need to check it I've seen her too many times I know that dead stare she was in ready to go into a diabetic coma jerking I've never seen that I'd almost scared me to death you know what I did I took her head embraced it kissed her on the forehead I said Lord Jesus this is my sweetheart this is my precious one I love this little girl right here this is my baby doll and you don't have to believe me she stopped jerking she caught him drop down she calmed right down there is no physical way that could have happened she calmed right down she calmed down then I was able to get her to drink some apple juice she drank some apple juice I gave her the apple juice this morning I woke up at 4 o'clock 4:30 she fell out of the bed I went over to her and she was crawling around on the floor dad stare I tried to get her to take apple juice this morning couldn't get her to drink anything so I got a needle and I took out a thing it's called glucagon if you don't know about glucagon you need to I gave her a shot of glucagon within 5 minutes she was back I thank the Lord for the medicine worked both ways one time I used medicine the other time he just directly intervenes prayer I live in that I live there that's where I trust God though he slay me yet will I trust him if you haven't trusted him with a thing most precious to him you don't know what Trust is you don't have a clue what I'm talking about you've been married to somebody since 1966 having in here were born after 1966 look at all these people I've been married to her for 40-something years 40-something years since 1966 married her when she was just a teenager and now here she has diabetes that's ravaging her body but I prayed about it and I said God would you heal her he said she'll be ok I said Lord heal her she'll be all right heal her Lord she'll be okay son said all right Lord I'll take that as an answer I'll take that so what are you doing preacher you come up here will anoint you with all pray over you and see God heal you that's not gonna stop me from praying for you I've learned something about God if I will give to somebody that has no connection to me and I have nothing to gain from I minister grace you cannot Minister grace unless you receive grace did you get that by giving to someone who has no connection I have nothing to gain from it other than grace and Christian love pray for them and say God do something for them by ministering to them I can only minister what I can receive yes then if I watch God heal that means we've received healing and the almighty is healed the ladies who's who had that who had the lump in her breast she's in here this morning lunch scone hallelujah that's a lesson folks that's a very important lesson about the way God does things it's very important very important you receive from the Lord you give to others by receiving from the Lord to give to others you will indirectly receive from God for yourself for the need father and I name Lord I preach what you let on my heart and I did all this to give you glory father I give you glory that lady that sits with us this morning Heavenly Father who does not have they lump I give you glory and my heavenly father that sweetheart this isn't here in this house today who I saw you touch her right there with no medicine nothing I give you glory in that Holy Name we pray and for Jesus sake we ask it amen what have we got brother page 193 in the all-american

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