Learning a new skill in only one month!! | Guitar | Week1

good day ladies and gentlemen and hello from Los Angeles and welcome to the first week of my one month challenge in which I'm trying to learn to play the guitar within 30 days of practicing but before we get into the first week of progress let me tell you how I applied the four steps of how to learn a skill as fast as possible to learning playing the guitar if you haven't checked out my last video make sure to check it out because I gave you a lot of information about all these things the four steps etc so check it out but let's get to it maybe you remember from the last video step one was deconstruct the skill what exactly do you want to learn within one month what do I want to learn I want to learn how to play the guitar but that's not very specific so more specifically in one month I want to be able to play all the chords that you can play on a guitar and that doesn't mean that I have to have all chords memorized I just have to have the skill because my main goal is that I can accompany myself when I'm singing that means I have to be able to read sheet music for the guitar to read tabs and to know what the correct numbers for the frets are what the correct numbers for the fingers are and I have to be able to have certain strumming techniques rhythms down and I have to be able to play and sing at the same time step to learn enough to self-correct so we already know what I want to learn but how am I going to learn it there are books there are videos online courses and of course teachers out there but for this video series I don't want to spend any money on it zero dollars just to show you that it is possible even if you don't have any money like me so online courses and teachers are gun leaves books and videos and I think YouTube is a great platform to because they are thousands of channels where you can learn how to play the guitar I mean let's look at a few guitar lessons beginner and you have millions of channels Marty music and the guitar guitar lessons and I thought that I really liked guitar lessons so we go to playlist and you can see that there's a whole course of beginner guitar lessons 15 videos and I'm going to start with these 15 videos and see how fast I can get through them very important especially to any teachers out there teachers are the best way to learn anything online courses YouTube they don't replace teachers step 3 remove practice barriers I think that step is pretty obvious don't watch TV while you're practicing don't be on Facebook don't be on Instagram try to not answer your phone or even turn it off completely for me as someone who is self-employed and to all you self-employed people out there sometimes the call is pretty important and you might lose a job just because you don't answer for one hour happened to me before and hopefully doesn't happen again so I just put my phone on silent put it far away and if I receive a call or text I'll just look for a second and if it's not important I'll ignore it step 4 practice for at least 20 hours now that's not going to be hard for me because I am making your video series in which I am practicing for 30 days one hour a day straight that way I am able to overcome the initial frustration barrier I already know my fingertips will hurt because if you're not used to holding the guitar the guitar strings down it really hurts in the beginning I want to have the flexibility and coordination to play the guitar chords so in the beginning I might feel like an idiot but I'm going to practice for 30 days no matter what ok let's see how far I can get within one week [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] all right let's talk about the first week as I thought for the first couple of days my fingers hurt like crazy but fortunately they were able to adapt pretty quickly I can still feel it but mostly my fingers are just numb so especially those two fingers I can't really feel much and that is good because if they're numb I don't feel pain my coordination in the left hand the finger coordination and flexibility was really bad so I refilled really stupid in the beginning which I had to push through but luckily I committed to 30 days of practice and now it's getting better and better I am able to play a few chords I think seven or eight chords now they're obviously not very clean and I still have to work on the transitions between the chords but that's what I have the whole month for it was really really helpful no I would say it is necessary to his first lamb the theory of how to play the guitar maybe even learn a little bit about how a guitar actually works then also in the beginning it was impossible to practice one hour at a time just because of the pain in the finger so it was physically just not possible split the practice sessions into multiple sessions a day so instead of 60 minutes practice three times for 20 minutes even that was pretty hard so I think for the first two or three days I got to admit that I only practiced maybe 45 minutes which is like 15 in the morning and then 15 during the day and 15 later in the evening my courts are not very clean my transitions are not very smooth and that's what I'm going to learn or practice within the next week making the transition smoother and faster making the chords cleaner and being able to play chords without looking down at the guitar so maybe by the end of next week I am able to play at least a section of a full song and that concludes the first week we will find out how far I can get within the next week if you're interested make sure to subscribe and if you liked the video feel free to give a thumbs up if you have any questions leave the question in the comments and I will try to answer and I will see you in the next there might be a vlog in between this video and the next video I would like to make a new vlog about Los Angeles etc we'll see if I have anything interesting to vlog about okay so that's it for this video I'll see you in the next one peace

8 thoughts on “Learning a new skill in only one month!! | Guitar | Week1”

  1. Here is the progress of week 1! 😀 Enjoy
    PS an alle Deutschen: Mir wird öfter gesagt, dass ich die Titel nicht auf Deutsch machen sollte, da die Videos ja nun auf Englisch sind. Die Titel sind auf Englisch aber werden für Deutsche Nutzer auf Deutsch angezeigt! 🙂

  2. Tipp von mir. Mache deine Titelbeschreibung auch auf Englisch! Lockt mehr Englisch Sprachige Dudes auf dein Kanal! Grüße gehen raus

  3. Sehr schönes Video und sehr inspiriert :). Wollte mir zu Weihnachten eine Gitarre kaufen aber habe es immer verlegt :D. Dieses Video gibt einem wieder etwas Ehrgeiz :). Weiter so !

  4. Hei Aramis du musst deine Titel auch auf englisch reinstellen !die Amerikaner gebe das ja nicht auf deutsch ein

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