Learn Words For Toddlers With The Word Worm | Learning video for toddlers

Hello Worms! I’m the word worm and i love digging for letters.
I’ve been in the ground all day and I really want to learn some new words.
Its more fun when you learn together though – so do you want to learn with me?
I knew you would! Lets see what letters we can find today. Watch this! Look what I found – its an a. a a a. a is for ant hello ant! a is for anchor a
is for arrow! a is for apple
. MM that looks tasty. I’ve found a B! B is for…Butterfly Look its a beautiful butterfly! B is for .. Biscuit! B is for Banana! B is for Bat – hello Bat! I’m off to find
another letter. Pops back up with a C Look! Its a C – a curly C! C is for Crab! C is for cat – look its not just any cat its
the orange cat! Did you know that you can spot this orange cat in all of our videos? C is for cake C is for
candle I’m a bit tired now. What have we learned
today? We’ve learned A B C. Ant, Anchor, Arrow and Apple.
Butterfly, Biscuit, Banana and Bat. Crab, Cat, Cake and Candle. Thanks very much for learning with me – lets
go digging for letters together again soon! Have a good day. Bye Worms!!

12 thoughts on “Learn Words For Toddlers With The Word Worm | Learning video for toddlers”

  1. Would love phonics lessons for all the rest of the alphabet. When might you be coming out with more? My toddler loves this!

  2. I am interested in purchasing the entire alphabet from word worm. please advise on how to do this. I need it downloaded to a CD to take in my car.

  3. verily i say unto you – beware of phonics. stories, rhymes and songs and natural acquisition usually do the trick
    the language around the target language is much more difficult than the target language itself. probably okay for native speakers but i don't use this with ESL/EFL. your ABC is the best on the net- so no disrespect.

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