Learn Words D – G with the Word Worm | Toddler Fun Learning

Hello again worms, it’s me, your old friend the word worm! I’m feeling very excited today, do you know
why? Because we’re going to go digging for letters together. It really is my favourite
thing to do, because I love finding new words! Last time we were together we found a b c,
lets see whats next. Get ready to go underground, here we go….
ya! Here’s a D. D is
for Duck D is for Dragon!! D is for dress – woo, look at me! What comes after D? It’s an E! E is for egg. (egg falls then cracks) oh dear – he broke the egg! E is for Elephant! woah, he’s a big elephant!
Lovely trunk Mr Elephant… Whats that sound? it’s very noisy – look,
it’s an engine! Cars have engines inside them, and thats what makes them go! Look! I’ve found a f! F is for frog. Ribbit ribbit mr Froggy. Hop
along now. F is for flower, what a pretty flower! F is for fork. It’s a G! What begins with G? Grass – lovely green grass. That begins with G. Here comes a goat, that begins with G too.
Oh look, Mr Goat has eaten the grass for his dinner G is for gate. Shall we look together at what we have learned
today? We have learned: d, e, f, g Duck
Dragon Dress
Egg Elephant
Engine Frog
Flower Fork Grass
Goat Gate I’ve really loved learning with you today
– you’ve done very very well. I’m hungry after all that learning – I’m off to take
Mrs Worm and the maggots to Wormtown. See you next time worms!

11 thoughts on “Learn Words D – G with the Word Worm | Toddler Fun Learning”

  1. My kid absolutely loves these worm videos, are you going to finish this series soon? And we finally found the orange cat in this one!

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