Learn Weather for Kids | Puppy Park #4 | Toddler Fun Learning

Welcome back to Puppy Park, the park looks
a bit different today. Can you spot why? Today we are going to be looking at the weather
forecast for each day of the week. The forecast for Monday is Snowy. Its lucky Molly and Max are all wrapped up
in their scarves and hats otherwise they might be cold and oh look they have built a snowdog!
Can you spot it? The forecast for Tuesday is sunshine. yippee.
Peter and Bertie are wearing their hats and sunglasses, they are eating ice creams and
ice lollies to keep cool. Eat them quickly Pups before they melt! On Wednesday it is going to be foggy.
Dotty and Henry are finding it difficult to see each other on the seesaw because its so
foggy. Its very important to stay close together in the fog so that you don’t get lost. On Thursday the weather is going to be Rainy,
not a very nice day for the park. Luckily Dotty and Grandpa dog have come out
with their umbrellas. They’re feeding the ducks at the pond, lovely
weather for ducks! They don’t mind the rain. Oh dear! The forecast for Friday is Stormy.
That means lots of rain, wind and thunder and lightening! All the pups have decided to stay at home
safe and cosy today, as they don’t like the stormy weather.
Look! The stormy wind is making the swings move all by themselves.
I hope the weather gets better for the weekend. On Saturday it’s going to be windy.
It’s perfect weather for flying kites, The pups are enjoying themselves, I hope their
kites don’t fly away in the wind, hold on tight pups. The last day of the week is Sunday and the
weather forecast is Sunshine and Showers. That means there will be some rain, and some
sunshine. Look! The weather forecast was absolutely
right, it’s a bit rainy, but oh look! The sun has come out. The weather is full of surprises! We hope you’ve enjoyed your visit to Puppy
Park this week, we look forward to seeing you again soon. Bye Bye.

3 thoughts on “Learn Weather for Kids | Puppy Park #4 | Toddler Fun Learning”

  1. Ha ha, the puppies must live here in Canada to get such drastic weather changes from day to day. 😉  I love the weather effects you used in this video – very cool.

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