Learn to SWIM FREESTYLE in 10 minutes

Christian from seems like um today we're going to learn how to swim the freestyle in three steps and I'm gonna remind you what are not simple way to learn how to swim freestyle so we have a lot of beginners who ask on the YouTube channel how to swim the freestyle or to master it and things so remember guys the first thing for freestyle is to be comfortable relaxed and to feel and the intention is to glide forward and to stretch your muscles okay it's not fight it's all about sensation and enjoying the the movement and the glider so step number one very simple you know to blow your bubbles you know how to stretch your arms forward you will just learn how to do the streamline so you can be here over there aw sorry I forgot to introduce a giant over there is the cameraman for today say hi Adele okay so step one you just need to learn how to do us tonight learn how to blind on the surface which achene down your head and leg around so I think I push a nightlight okay do it again okay so we just did it for monitors very simple your hands forward to chin down you bro you're a personís your face very simple to master okay step two it's time to learn how to use your thumbs the stroke so when you pull remember to keep your elbows up so you push in the in the water with your hands sort of work the pressure will be over there and on your forearms so you need to learn how to put in the water with your arms and in the end bring back your arms on the front and then so for this very easy let's take the board ok so I have my board here I'm a beginner you can take anybody you want to remember the board on push to go you need to push the boat forefront is important ok coming up so there now to cool and cool and cool feel the movement same distance just do your streamline our position and start to 400 degrees okay okay so you need to feel it you see the pressure on your hands and you feel it helps you to move forward okay so now we can do the same without the ball now freestyle when you wish to be free salads with no board so output the board and I will learn how to do it with my hands on the surface so is the same things you will try to learn if we start with your hand gliding forward okay be careful don't fall in the water okay try to keep your hands gliding on the front on the surface so I can see your skin on the surface so I take a big breath I blew my Baba's and I will tune three times okay no need to worry about how to breathe for now just tree stroke without breathing out just go your battles to touch and touch okay so I can move forward okay after a certain point of time you need to breathe because you didn't you cannot keep going like this forever when you some air so you need to learn how to breathe so let's say we're gonna brief after the third stroke so we do the same thing Swan and touch to and search and now I want to breathe so turn your head on the side pull with your hands and turn your head in the same time on the side you are pulling so turn and put breathe remember when you breathe right don't go up if you go up your legs behind you will sink so try to stay as close then you can from the waters your face and keep your eye on the water when you please don't use your arms as a pillow try to put your head inside the hole over there but not on your skin so it looks like one pool Barbara's touch your hands to pull the bubble touch your hands turn on the side breathe ice in the water go back inside the water before your hands and okay let's try slowly the idea is to be relaxed guys need to super slowly okay so I can do it one time and then after you continue on the other side so one two turn on the right one to the left okay you think he's bending my hair and night easier with this rated go mm-hmm okay so let's try for maybe eight meters a little bit more same things touch touch turn on the light I see the water touch touch turn under n touch don't forget when you turn your head don't sink your hands on that time keep your hands gliding pour slowly try to feel your gliding for okay so that's for the freestyle touch so the real freestyle guys this is the step number three I repeat a step one is to line step to learn how to pool with a body in your hands step 3 learn how to do the freestyle without the board but with your hands touching each other the riff freestyle is not like touching your hands each other the sign is actually gliding with your hands one by one so it will be like you are here instead of touching and touching learn how to relax sugars elbows try to feel it the idea right is to glide on the surface don't go thinking glide on the surface open your hands like your shoulders while you're here and stop being like this you're gonna open and from that open position after my pool to the end lift up your helble's relax your hands and try to show your hands as far as possible to touch the surface of the water as far as possible you should keep the surface with your hand after this don't sink glide underwater and stretch with your shoulders and your nails okay so you would look like I finish my stroke lift up your hair bows without your hands try to drop your hand as far as possible touch the water and glide on the water as process same with your hands will look like one stretch and like to stretch and glide then the other hand can go when this one is coming back stretch and glide you know they walk together this one's glide is one cool cool stretch relax elbows tool and stretch relax cool and stretch and this is a fact that but avoid to fight avoid to be like a robot he has to be smooth okay so let's try slowly I open the difference is not like this anymore in spoken and touch Glide touch in glide my hands go back touch feel and line alright very slowly same-same turn at number three on the churning is the same turn at number three grease who about stretching okay guys so you can download on unlearning app on your smartphone we have an application for iPhone and for Android have a look you can also check the websites from five.com if you would like to have some class we've not reverse or some chips additional and keep us dropping some comments we are very happy to keep helping you guys hope this video helped you is this Christian home San Fran I'll come see you again bye

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