LEARN to SWIM & FLOAT RELAXED in your swimming pool

hello guys this is Christian from swim to fly gum and today we're going to learn how to float and relax for the very beginner they are not able to go in the water with your mouth with your nose underwater you can throw in your hand you can ruin the water like this okay I can do my five second bubbles perfect now after five second bubbles which are ice in the water below four five six don't drink the water and extricated alright you can see in the water there is me yeah take a big breath in exam four one two three four five second the next step is to run out to float so guys remember when your relative to him your body doesn't sink you will not touch the ground maybe not it the bottom of the pool if you relax so try to be like to leave underwater relax your hands relax relax so you do the same you try to learn your body over there I'm on my hair I'm on my legs okay I go deeper and deeper okay I'm here I will learn how to float just in such a cm of water no problem I do the same five second bubbles okay now I will open my arms a little bit more try to feel and I can flow through the divider go deeper with your head and your body will go up by itself don't touch the ground with your hands but let you hand good at imagine your deck flying like an airplane okay we do one more time okay when your liabilities go it's slightly more deeper repeat the same process here you put your hands on the on the edge over there you blow your bubble should you let your legs go head behind you you just do nothing open your legs open your arms completely relax xl5 ii and feel you will fly in the water and you imagine you're like Superman just take a big breath royal bubbles push and fly for remember to don't jam everything has to be smooth and slowly it's your birthday I can practice where it's shadow I can feel my body floating I can relax hundred percent I repeat and repeat until you are comfortable with it you can do your five second bubbles you can look underwater you can let your body float you can push with your feet to glide forward try to delight longer so I can glide fifties yeah I can probably glide three meters Alice I will start from here my objective is to fly until there just by floating okay okay so guys we can lose you are not drowning you see let the hardest thing is to go down actually if I want to go down I can't all right I always think students they are afraid to call it a try to go down is very complicated it's much more easier to stay on the surface than to sink so I take a breath I do nothing I will not think relax you will just magically so once you can do your five second bubbles preview can float in any situation I will be sitting bring my bubbles stay here I will front back like this you can use your hand to change directions the idea of your hand is to pull the water from the way another to be able to move you can kick with your legs to move forward and you can use your hand to move in any single direction remember in the water is like you are in the sky you can go everywhere you want okay there is no limit I relax I blow my bubbles five second and I try to experience to move directions okay the point is after you finish your bubbles when you have no more air in your legs it's time to go up if you stay on the water at that moment you will need to take some breath you sure on the water you will drink water of course and this is why I blow your bubbles for five seconds or longer relax as much as you can and after your bubbles you're not able to swim yet just stand up put your feet on the ground grab the wall take another breath and repeat you can practice how to float and change direction in the water as long then you can just remember to don't go in the deep end yet if you are not hundred percent comfortable about it you need to be able to swim by yourself to take a breath after okay so when you can blow your bubbles five second change directions feel you can fly in the water the next step is to breathe up after your bubbles without touching the ground you just need to paddle in the water with your hands okay pull the water with your hands feel the power of the water in your hand okay thank you in one time and you repeat the fly so you can fly five cigar breathe without touching the ground and fly again five second if it's the first time right it's bit scary right you are not sure so don't go where it's deep you can practice the skill here you see I can touch the ground it's less than one meter so I will try to go from here to here and I will try to don't touch the ground using my hand after my five second bubbles and I will try to go as slow as possible being able to swim is being able to be super relaxed and comfortable so I will practice my skill here I can draw my bubbles by Sega I can fly now I will try after the flight to breathe without touching the ground and to repeat this is taro not top how are you we're making a video to learn how to close and relax and do that alright alright so let's go I apply five-second I will try to don't touch the ground when I breathe to reach the end after play find Ian Tyson so I just did it in case it doesn't work in case you scared a little bit you returned that one it's fine let's say if I fail I'm afraid my legs will turn and I finish so now the next step is to be able to fly take a breath weave up the chain to run with your legs and fly again okay so don't touch the ground with your legs remember pull with your hands slowly and with your legs kick the water behind you slowly and easy and the sky a bit like this okay you don't have to do strong peak you don't have to bend your knees just remember keep your legs near to the sky as high as possible I'm sure like sinks it's easier it's harder to to fly so make sure your horizontal with your legs on the surface we try one more time this time I will use my legs and I will do my pulling with my hand breathe without touching the ground okay you practice for it super shallow no problem no no fear no stress everything is under control I can do longer distance now I'm comfortable let's try to go away slightly deeper go back to the shadow side all right yeah I started run with my feet I'm still safe okay so from here to the end let's practice load five second join our Baba's kick slowly with your legs on the strip pace move your hands slowly to take a breath one breath is enough and repeat to fly remember then you are floating there is no problem you will go slowly and everything is simple and I've just finished my swearing if I can do this for ten meters without being stressed I can do this for 20 meters hundred meters you control the speed remember to go slowly easy royal bubbles practice when it is shallow when you are comfortable increase your distance and enjoy to swim remember the swimming is like flying and if you have any tips or recommendation let us know on the channel would be happy to help you this is Christian from noon to 5:00 don't forget to download our swimming to fly up on the upper straw on Google Play you can visit swim flight come for more tips and I hope you will see him soon cheers guys

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