LEARN to SWIM BUTTERFLY in 3 steps – tutorial lesson for BEGINNERS Kids or Adults

hi guys this is Christian from sweeter flavored gum today we learn how to swim butterfly in three steps and only one lesson so to run out soon butterfly is pretty simple you just need to respect the basics okay and these skills on the right right movement and the butterfly is one of the strokes the most simple to swim journey a lot of people they are like wow multiply so so hard so complicated so tiring so stressful you're so good you know chasing butterflies actually is not true butterfly is something it's really natural need to feel correctly the movement in the water you need to feel the waves goes out movement like a dolphin but it's very simple so the step number one to swim butterfly is to learn how to execute the dolphin kick the butterfly strokes is not like a freestyle stroke where the legs are kicking one after one like this the both feet are together the knees are together and you kick it like a dolphin tail okay like a whale like a mermaid okay so very simple to run out to do this trick you can just practice it in basically understand the movement and there's like this my legs go down and I kick out the kicking needs to be up to the sky here and I just you see it flat – flat I kick I that's the king freestyle when you come to places like this your band will even make your legs and your roots so because you're on your side right it's on the back like this can you resend that sound behind me hmm that's the son of the tail right so listen that song because it's very important for for running after that and one anybody leave the food there is a pool because my legs are the truth okay so don't forget to keep cake cake on the surface so now you need to practice inside the water so I know I know how to execute my pool to pump up which is by clicking on butterfly right so I'm going to learn how to do it into the our row butterfly which the step number one is the arrow butterfly so my hands far away my head under I blow my bubbles I don't see my hair here skipping floppy and I do poom poom-poom with my legs blowing my boss from something like five meters or more okay and nothing much okay you are learning it's very basic so take it easy your practice again try to feel the punku and you are moving forward okay our opposition like this with the pool you okay so very simple this is the arrow butterfly okay elastic tips when you do your coupon right it's butterfly remember to try to kick Nani not only from your knees or from your feet the butterfly kick start from the lower body but the proper portion of the lower so it's not from your stomach perhaps from the hips okay the kick is actually starting from here I move my bed behind I keep a group I go forward with my hips behind for one behind so it's not something where this it's more like I click with all my lower body okay and I'm not only Tiki with Chinese and you can feel it then it's like this then your teaching will be more effective okay so now I know how to do my arrow butterfly so let's learn the step number two you need to learn how to move your both ends together like freestyle this is freestyle anyone here win back the butterfly is both end together to link to the end then flying back on the side to reach the fall again together double pulling until II it and then fly back on the side to go back together when you fly back on the side don't bend your help try to fly the big circle on the side your fingers relax above the surface of the water try to charge the water as far as possible on the phone so pool and fly back go back in one so we're going to run out to do the cooling the double cooling executing the boom boom the pom-pom our dolphin clips but you cannot with the breathing is the last step so we're going to learn how to do this movement one dolphin to dolphin you move your hands together and again one dolphin to dolphin you need your hands together one dolphin to vol feel you have your hands at the first dolphin stretch your arm school at the second outfit you can double cool and go back on the phone go slowly and go easy remember your learning is all about sensation so let's try you cannot breathe so I want you to keep your head underwater looking at the bottom okay so at some point you need to take a breath which is not also you stop and happen I repeat again don't focus on looking up sample 1000-2000 your hands okay go slowly and go easy okay great basic strokes for beginners die out the motion this is step number two in order to do your double tooling going back on the side so the real butterfly is actually be able to do the same but you can breathe you can take a break every to the belt pudding so even all right now how to do the same things but at the second time you're going to move your hands you can breathe add new to the water of your mouth and dive again with your head under the water to go back into the arrow position and continue the dolphin's wand or feint to dolphin move your hands but don't breathe 1.32 dolphin move your hand let's breathe up one time and we're done and again one goes in to the screen stay down one ball three to the door fingers up and do them okay so that's the last step step number three brief every two strokes let's go okay take it easy when you can do that you will have a better notion of what is the butterfly after you're going to practice more in your waves can I practice more on your relaxed movement on the strength of your hand for the bullying but that's the motion one big dolphin move your hand to be coffee movement every time you move your hand you have another little dolphin behind that so I just stood on one girl thing to move your hands with another dog one dolphin move your hand with another butterfly is all about being smooth in the water okay relax your lower body feel it right feel you can fly and then the butterfly would become very very okay so the subscription from samsara you can download our method to learn how to swim with us directly on the website I hope this video helps you thank you

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