LEARN to SWIM BACKSTROKE in 3 steps – TUTORIAL lesson for BEGINNERS kids or Adults

I guess this is Christian from su-25 calm today we learn how to swim backstroke in three simple steps and one lesson so the backstroke is just after the free start to learn assume it's pretty easy is the same stroke that will reverse up so the step number one to an extreme backstroke is as for the Freestyle to learn how to start on the world into the air oblation there is to our opposition you can have the arrow position with the arms far away on the top which is the advance our position but for real beginners you can have simply the position with your hand along the body and learn how to float on the back by kicking with your legs so your legs are kicking under your face don't bend your knees and make sure your your stomach is not drowning into the water so step number one throughout you backstroke goes to be flat at the sky relax your hand along the body and just just learn how to teak and glide on the back see and I just all right so my body is not drowning in the water my stomach is not going too deep my butt is not sitting inside water I'm just flat and I'm gliding step number one for Maxwell the arrow backstroke with your hands along the body the PG version relax your neck look at the sky and push on the water stop all right so this is the step number one aerobics room arm you email you need to learn the skill specific on the backstroke as when you're swimming backstroke sometimes waves my come into your your face right so you don't know you learning to stop at that women you just need to learn how to make zel from your sinus from your nose so if not the waves goes on your face the water goes inside your nose and then it's painful it's something that nobody likes so when that happen just sneeze with your nose in the water when you know you know how to do it here you can run out to do it on the back if you do it when I'm looking at the sky the water don't go inside my son's I'm fine I blow from my notes if you don't you water goes inside and ah it would be not not something you will enjoy you try again take a big breath and sneeze from your sense okay so this is a very important skill when you're swimming backstroke every time you feel the waves coming up toward your face sneeze from your nose okay otherwise you practice so the step number two terrain option back shot is to execute our robot short and to swim with only one hand okay so I learn how to do one hand only I do beats truth behind pulling the water in my hand open puh-puh-puh cool to the air until my legs and going back when I go back I turn my little fingers is the first fingers to go in the water don't bury my arms right and too big to our sky my little fingers into the water first then I pull with my hand and I go back everything's okay he's on the other side and the free stuff restart is going this way that soup is going the other way okay so you learn how to military shooters lower your Sugar's try to touch your ears your shoulders just the hand is relaxed okay stay flat and you just kick try step number two backstroke with only one hand all right so I wore my sugars stretch out my hand to the sky my fingers is the first attention it will after three a quiz my head pop up touch my shoulders with my ears from behind and putting a water don't bend your arms is please we do on the other side same same all right I'm just right here so when I can do my step number two is like aerobics room and backstroke with only one hand and I can try to do with go fans so this time remember the backstroke is move in together in the same time but on opposite direction when one hand is abdel's when it's done then you need to learn how to roll your shoulders right so I'm here and I pull with one and I go back to jesu see up so I go back in one two one two one two one go ahead it's up like one hand after one hand one hand after another one okay that is not the relaxed the real maximum could be two hands together one up one down and you have to do together back together up together okay each normal and together you practice for the step number two push on the wall to the power back stroke and you improve and ease alright remember to roll your Sugar's touch your ears with your shoulders two little tips straight on your hands inter fingers first in contact try one more time go slowly when you learn it simple get it and all right we need to practice you dance to feel comfortable but that's the basic to learn how to swing back straight okay so tree starts remember our backs rope just kick the position to be on the back leg on back took only one hand to feed the right movement and then do your two hand for the last step two hands together opposite and simple all right this is Christian from gym five calm you can they're not our metals directly on the website or get your swimming lesson with us thank you

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