47 thoughts on “Learn to Speak Polish Lesson 1 – How to Introduce Yourself in Polish”

  1. I’m American and don’t speak a LICK of polish but because of my last name people ask “oh are you polish?” So I learned to say “tak jestem Polakiem” so make people think I’m really polish

  2. I think Polish is easy for Slavic speakers languages. But nothing for anothers languages. This is a second Slavic language after Russian in this World. Only Russian, Polish and Ukrainian has more 40 million speakers. Now Slavic language is interesting because it possible trip around the time with your vocabulary few vogals like indoeuropean many linguists studying this question.

  3. It is so helpful to hear a Polish speaker say these words & phrases. You are making things much clearer for me!

  4. Dzieki tobie nauczyc sie polskiego jest bardzo latwo ucze sie 6 lat i idzie mi coraz lepiej.

  5. Nice set of videos, can I mention the link of your channel in my channel as part of Krakow guide?

  6. Dodam tylko ze podczas wymowy ę w wygłosie czyli na końcu wyrazy nie wymawiamy go jako ę , dajemy lekką nosowość albo po prostu wymawiamy ę jako e. Wymawianie ę doliterowo jest błędem.

  7. Dzień dobry! Nazywam się Kate Kasnerik. Miło mi Panią poznać 😊😊
    I'm from Belarus and I understand about 80 percent of the language, but it hard for me too 😁 I can't imagine how not Slavic people learn this 😃😃

  8. god this is impossible. I'm polish descendant so i was curious to learn some. I'm giving up already…

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