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if you are familiar with this channel you'll know that in every episode of land quick I try to learn a new skill as fast as possible this time I thought I'd try my hand at packing a lock so I'm going to use this transparent padlock to learn how to pick locks properly to open the lock you need to align each of the gaps between these split pens with the gap between the plug and the housing you need to move the pens up and down so that the gap is aligned with the split and then rotate the barrel so here we go this is day one hour zero let's see if we can pick the transparent lock it is pretty easy to do when it's seated so how I did that was I use this right angled to to sort of apply a torque to the bottle and then I just went one by one and shuffled depends up and down until there and gap was aligned and then it popped open easy as pie alright let's try this for real so I find one of the best ways to learn something really quickly is to create for yourself and incentive to learn now I just lock myself in the garbage and I still have a key so it was a lot easier than I thought it would be right let's give this a go very second I'm turning it the wrong way yeah Jason Bourne does it in ten seconds he ever tell you what favours locked at my house should be faster calling a locksmith and filling out all the paperwork so I'm trying to feel my way along the lock push each pen up and down whilst applying tension and hopefully those gaps Alain and it just stays in place while I can align the other box we can play more scary yep I'm gonna die here I've locked myself in the garage and now I'm gonna die in there well I hope for sustenance now has may I say an incredible selection of single malt scotch whiskies and raw sweet / – yes right open yes yes yes I pick the lock okay yeah walk-in right just lock me it's just me and the lock but for God's sake you didn't seem too fussed yeah I'm up on the 48th and so I'm so glad we look Josh I bought this lock picking kit off Amazon for less than 50 pounds and I'm so impressed with the quality that I emailed the come to make it and asked if you'd like to sponsor this video and they agreed so thank you to lock cowboy for sponsoring this content if you'd like to get your hands on this kit and relive it in the U then you can click the link here or in the description by doing that you'll be supporting this channel and you'll also be supporting a great small business that makes a really good kit for a good price anyway I hope you enjoyed the content and as always thank you very much for watching goddammit City Jesus Christ no

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  1. Imagine if mike got kidnapped and scream out yes if he successfully pick a lock with the kidnapper beside him

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