Learn to paint Spiral Spin Art Lessons

hi I'm Glenn Farquhar and welcome to spiral art in this art lesson I'll be taking you through step by step and I'll be showing you exactly how I create five different unique spiral art works every artwork is so different and use different color combinations and little techniques to create an individual artwork no to ever come out the same during the lesson I'll show you the types of paints I use and how I mix those paints I'll also show you how I can create different shapes to the artwork because no two are ever the same to create these artworks you do need your own spin turntable I'll explain how you can create a simple version of a spin turntable because that's all you need to create your own spiral art works so sit back enjoy this lesson and I'll be showing you all different examples right throughout the lesson of different color combinations and different styles to give you inspiration and hopefully help you on your journey so sit back and enjoy

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