43 thoughts on “Learn to Fly – Foo Fighters Rockin'1000 Official Video”

  1. ad oggi guardando su Youtube si notano diverse megaband come i nostri Rockin'1000. Spero non sia soltanto imitazione ma che sia invece ispirazione e voglia di recepire il messaggio che questi fantastici ragazzi anno lanciato nel 2015.

  2. If this made me cry, imagine what Dave felt when he saw this. Remember that he is a person like all of us. It must be very emotional to see so many people performing your song and with so much energy.

  3. The idea was original.
    But this video should be named: 1000 peasants or 1000 slaves.
    or "How to make money from 1000 people who work for free."

    And subsequent episodes should have been called: "how to make money from people who pay to work"

    Nice cheat, bro.

  4. This is the best video on youtube for me. Like to watch this version more than the original one. Love you Italy. Lots of love from Nepal.🇳🇵

  5. i just love how the music was composed, seeing the drummers hit those drums, the singers grouping up and the guitarist's… loved watching it, thank you.

  6. After more than 3 years I can't stop enjoy it and watch from time to time with the same electricity.
    Even only the starting attack

  7. я смотрю это в 1000й раз и у меня мерашки по всему телу – это круто

  8. Mi piacerebbe proprio sapere quanti di questi musicisti hanno votato quei due cialtroni di Salvini e Di Maio.

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