37 thoughts on “Learn To Fly – Foo Fighters – Lyrics”

  1. dit is echt muziek en poΓ«zie op hetzelfde moment dat ik ernaar luister en het geeft me nostalgie. Het heeft een zeer diepe reflectie. maar voor mij is het al laat om terug te gaan terwijl jonge mensen veel te verkennen hebben en leven en vliegen, maar de juiste beslissing nemen.

  2. This song and "Everlong" make me feel so nostalgic, I don't know why…
    I don't why but this song gives me goosebumps everytime I listen to it… it's just perfect, simple but great.

  3. It was 1999 I was 10 I'm on the transit going home I got to thinking about my life and what would happen when I'm older then I heard the radio playing in the front and through all the noise and chit chat as if it was meant to happen I hear this song come on the radio and I was in a different world a world that would never be the same again, thanks foo fighters!!!🀘🀘🀘🀘

  4. This is 1999 singing back to me you'll be fine, Dave Grohl you are legendary!!βœŒοΈπŸ€˜πŸ‘

  5. This song gave me Anemoia. Some of them other than Learn to fly are The Offspring – You're gonna go far, kid. Or maybe because i've listened to this before in my early days looking at amv's it's just that i have a short term memory. Except for Vaporwave music because i've listened to that before so it's actual nostalgia

  6. I remember sitting in my car listening to the radio( 98 kupd ) and It was holmburgs first year on the radio and after this song was over he was saying how the first twin tower just got hit. Yeah it's kinda funny that this song played right before 911

  7. This song is so beautiful and meaningful. Everytime I'm feeling down and just want to give up i play this song because it keeps me strong and it lifts me up.

  8. Ya Allah bila dendi dengan sombongnya ingin menjadikan ku rita kurnia ini GUNDIK yg adalah hamba didikanMu langsung. Dan hamba tidak terima. Dengan Berkah Tuan2 Guru Akhirat juga para Aulia segala zaman.. Maka jatuhkanlah hukuman berat utknya Ya Allah.. utk dirinya dan seluruh keluarganya..
    Krn dengan kemuliaan halusinasinya kemuliaan semu duniawinya dia dendi menghina saya ya Allah..
    Maka jatuhkan hukuman berat utk nya dan keluarga serta relasinya.. aamiiinnn..

    Ya Allah dengan Kuasamu tanpa ukuran tanpa batas.. saya rita kurnia mau apa yg saya mau saja ya Allah.. aaamiiinn 😊😊😊😊

  9. This song actually gives me goosebumps. If you want to describe what happiness means, take this song

  10. They could have just released this one song and I would have thought they were of the best bands ever!

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