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hi max how are you today hey I'm good how are you I'm very good thank you so today we're gonna learn how to dive with your video to learn how to dive properly because we got a lot of beginners they they struggled a little bit so can you show me what is a good diving first day of course all right buddy awesome come back here so max the idea now is to to try to help the beginners to reach that kind of diving so usually the beginners they struggle when they dive right it's not like the head is not under the arms they fall in the water with the feet first okay can we have an idea who looks like a beginner diving alright so that's pretty much what is with the step the step one of beginners all right all right so okay let's try to help our viewers with a very simple step by step progress so let's say I'm exactly like that and I want to learn how to dive properly so what's the different steps is to just go go down in the water like just let you let you follow so you can sit on the ground yeah you sit on the ground and you just try to so you let your body fall and you accept to put your face first in the water yeah the face in the water you don't forget to blow by the nose grow the bubbles by the nose yeah yeah blow the bubbles by the nose and just let you down and feel comfortable all right I think this is the first good step yeah awesome so I can do this now what's what's next for me so the next one will be just a little bit more up so you can try to go down of the water rise time both feet in the ground and you just try to let you down at first like all right so it looks like yeah you just fall like a ball like this yeah exactly just blow bubbles from the nose yeah holding the water head first and then if you can reach this point exactly it's just feeling good when you dive on the water when you go down to the water you have to feel good all right next step yeah next step just a little bit more this time you're gonna put your hands in the air opposition so what's the arrow position your opposition the hand really hard forward and the head a bit more down in the water so chin on your chest yeah elbows close let me check it out all right so all right let's see your head is down hands together turn your hair bows clothes your hair boots block your head underground so now it's good so what do you do exactly the same step so you can start by sitting on the ground just in the air opposition and let you down okay then hands first in the water awesome buddy so max I can say then now the the very important point is when you fall right to keep your head under your arms and to not chin up at that moment that's what I see a lot yeah this is very important you have to keep your position and do not look look forward because if you look if you look in front of you there will be more resistance in the water and it would be bad for the glide so basically when you dive you don't look forward you just go and you accept to look down at the ground you have to look down to the swimming pool all right awesome next one yes so next one exactly the same both feet in the ground you grab with your toes yeah yeah you can do that yeah it's better for do not do not sleep on the ground sure this is good our opposition I'll just let you down hands first and hands first yeah and head first after cool I think it's great so that's the hand goes first in the water yeah then the head stays under the arms the head is still block yeah the head is the second things from your body to go in the water last will be the feet right exactly okay let's go up to that you have to be careful when you dive because if you'd have to under the water it you have to get some you you can't do that in the shuttle oh yeah of course you might you might eat the ground and eat yourself so maybe at that point man when you when you enter the water of your hands the good thing is to stretch your hands forward to start to glide on the front and not just go down down down and for this you can help yourself with your knees in the ground it's more gliding in the front I see so first of all we recommend to do it when it's not so shallow exact at least at least one meter 62 meters 2 meters would be the best right okay it's very important you have to once your hands on the water how to not too far under but not not too much in the front you just just and then go there I want to eat the water the stretch to go further you can alright at school that's sister it's exactly the same steps but this time you can put only one knees in the ground and one foot on the ground and yeah after that you can push a little bit when you go down in the water and when your glider forgets you more more more fast yeah to be more fast okay lets me see same things and then there is a push with your feet are exactly at the last moment so you first with you oh yeah I think I got it so when Wendy the swimmer can start to gentle just after just after this this thing okay you can go on your both feet in the ground you can grab your ground grab the ground it's good to and this diver you have to bend your knees a little bit AHA just going the arrow position and same don't go too much from the end of the water not too much in forward but just yeah and you just let you down and push with your feet so you're gonna push when you start to fall so basically you just let your body fall when you feel you're falling then push and then you die yeah can you show me I was so well that's pretty good already right when you wish when you when you reach that stuff then you can fall when you feel you lose your balance and you're gonna fall instead of chin up you just keep your chin down jump forward chin down in the water stretch you out for one glide on there exactly you have to push when you feel the pattern going down so we keep the feet close together idle eyes are straight after you push just for this step after that you can do exactly the same exercise that before one feet on the ground the other one in the ground but just with a little bit of space uh-huh and this time same thing you got the arrow position you been I like this one now it looks really really good and and the last one yeah this time basically it's exactly the same time just before but this time we're gonna use our arms and our hands to get more more power in the air so we're going to swing the heifer body okay so you you you start on the group on the ground you feel you fall when you fall you extend in the same time then you extend your hands just fly to go in the streamline in the arrow position look like from here you just put your hands and just put the hands okay so you start with your hands on the side yeah yeah like you can grab the view you can grab the ground to just balance you lose your balance in the front and you push with the beats and at the same time you go up with your arms okay let's try are we good all right all right and this is over can I try to have a look underwater straight yeah sure so I want to see how he works underwater what what – what to do – don't go to the ground right yeah you have to keep our position and you can do some dolphin kicks all right show me better yeah okay I think it's pretty okay yeah and so next time we can try to improve this diving by jumping from not the ground but jumping from the starting point right exactly so some higher spot to start but let's recommend first to start from the ground level and then later on you can yeah instead up more okay thank you max that's all right awesome see you next time bye tears

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