Learn To Blend – Consonant Blends Chant by ELF Learning – ELF Kids Videos

32 thoughts on “Learn To Blend – Consonant Blends Chant by ELF Learning – ELF Kids Videos”

  1. this video is a great idea, but beware in using it with kids because the letter r does not sound like /er/ as it does in this video… this common error that many people make by not cutting off the /r/ sound (a stop sound) can be very confusing when kids try to blend r with other consonants, for example… frog becomes /fer/ /o/ /g/ … not to mention the confusion when trying to teach r-controlled sounds later

  2. The problem with this video is that the blends contain a vowel sound. For example, when you pronounce /bl/, you are adding the short u or schwa sound. This results in you saying /bul/ or /ble/ instead of /bl/. You did the same /br/ and said /bur/. I stopped watching after /bl/. I suggest that you edit this video & pronounce the blends properly.

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