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so I'll company called dues nest asked me if I'd like to follow a 3d printer and I thought it would be a pretty cool idea to see how long it would take me to learn how to use it and turn off something cool this is day one hour zero if you follow this channel you might be aware that I actually have a degree in engineering but I have never used card to produce a real-life model nothing I've ever made on the computer has ever been reproduced and realized in any form so all I want for the milestone for this one is to just make something card that I can print and is actually useful all right I need some card software best card software one wouldn't sound best free card on shape it's the one to try the free card software let's learn on shape I'm going to learn how to use this card software that I've never used before by using these videos so yeah this is just from um watching videos from last night I watched a couple videos made by on shape about their CAD software and gotta say it's pretty easy and intuitive to understand the fundamentals of drawing in any CAD software are basically all the same first you make a sketch in two dimensions you can extrude the sketch and you can project that sketch in three dimensions the basic premise is sketch in 2d and extrude into 3d and you can remove material in the same way I've had an idea for the first types that I want to try and print awhile back I got this and gimbal and this gimbal is for smartphone it's best in there and it's stabilizer your shot I think I made an adapter for the GoPro I can make it fit in there because basically the GoPro is too small all I need is a housing for the GoPro and it'll fit in there quite so after Gant eclipse was on shape I went ahead and created a super simple part for housing the GoPro it's basically just an extruded rectangle with a cutout and some corners to hold it in place I mocked up a model GoPro non ship and made an assembler to check it all fit together those are really basic stuff and anyone could learn this very quickly I asked me drawn my boss their part I'm going to print so all you can do now is save the card model to an SD card and then plug it into the printer and just hit print and apparently it should just come out and like so after removing the bread off the part I quickly realized that by using the exact dimensions of the Corporal that it would be too tight to fit in the housing I tried standing it down before realizing I could just add some clearance and print off again hey presto it works perfectly I went ahead and printed off a bunch more stuff too and land a few things bigger is better small details afraid of cotton print orientation of the park also markers I should have printed this piece flat rather than upright that prevent all the layers mountain together when printing this xboxone found I realized that overhangs and fail unless you add supports from the print software check out this toots adorbs Pandora charmer made my mom those things that are total ripoff anyway I'm really happy that I've learned how to make something super simple that is actually useful to me now it's time to make something a little bit more explosive kinda looks like a nice finished oh my god I look sick [Applause] holy whoa holy life belly lemon I gotta leave our country all right the wall stretch also I think you can get it but there for those : TV yeah yeah the keys in my back let's do it dad my belly I can feel where the need to get by this episode of language is proudly sponsored by audible if you've never listened to audio books before trust me give it a go it can make mundane tasks like commuting and traveling and doing the washing-up so much more interesting this week while waiting for this to print I was listening to Kim Stanley Robinson's read March the first and a trilogy all about the colonization of Mars the attention to detail and storyline is absolutely captivated highly recommended right now audible is offering viewers of the channel a free 30-day trial which includes an audio book of your choice and there are tens of thousands to choose from just go to audible.com forward slash Mike Boyd to get style now that's audible no you came from here which helps out the channel so that's audible.com forward slash Mike Boyd to get a 30-day free trial which includes a free audiobook thank you very much for watching and I'll see you on the next episode of land quick

47 thoughts on “Learn to 3D Print || Learn Quick”

  1. Thanks for watching guys 🙂 For more pics and updates of what I printed, check out my Instagram @mikeboydvideo

  2. Mike: I nade this for my Mum. Now im gonna try something harder.


    Also Mike: It kinda looks like a D*ck

  3. Loved it, and love 3d printing! The real challenge, however, would have been to get a Delta or Kossel DIY kit. Tweaking the firmware settings and honing in on then millimeter precise values is very time consuming! 🙂

  4. Not sure if someone already said this but am I the only one who thinks he sounds like Gru

  5. After going through an entire year of highschool learning cad software and engineering, it is so weird to see what i learned being used to actually create something useful, instead of replicating base plates from online or creating a useless box with cams.

  6. looks like you need a better degree… your an engineer? really? and you make simple mistakes like those…. lame..

  7. best 3d printing site on the net https://cncheaven.com/index.php?/forum/37-general-discussion-3d-printing-non-specific/

  8. Hey Mike,
    I love watching your videos .I have a suggestion for you. What about you learn to write with your non-dominant hand? Would love to see you learn this skill.


  9. that 7:49 didn't include the print time, did it?
    I take that long to print things half the size. maybe my settings are off.

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