41 thoughts on “Learn the VIOLIN | Lesson 1/20 | How to hold the violin & bow”

  1. THE NEW & UPDATED VIOLIN LESSONS 1-10 ARE HERE: http://bit.ly/2yn9Fr2 !! RE-MADE IN 2017 WITH BETTER EQUIPMENT, BETTER EDITING & BETTER PDF's! These lessons are old and are now technically obsolete, so head on over to the newer lessons: http://bit.ly/2yn9Fr2 I look forward to seeing you all there! Alison 🎢

  2. I can't hold the violin with my chin/neck, it cuts into my jaw bone. Can't figure that out. It's too heavy and I can't seem to do that trick. Any tips anyone?

  3. im a cellist and want to learn how to play the violin owo
    what brand would you recommend for beginners to buy? and also what price range?

  4. I am very much inspired with violin, i want to learn it, currently iam raw in this skill, pls guide me as a beginer…Regards

  5. I don't own a violin so I'm using my ukulele and if I'm going to play violin should I keep my nails short

  6. I feel like I’m the only one who actually owns and plays violin here (I have been doing it for 5 years so idk what I’m doing here either πŸ˜‚)

  7. Now now do not blame it on a cheap violin for beginners learn the mandolin first to toughen the finger tips until two ridges form then transpose onto the violin and voila like walking through the park but bowing is a bugger .

  8. i just had my first lesson at a studio and shes teching me how to hole it so differently. i hope you're a good teacher because mine is famous in vietnam!

  9. I don't know why i am here. it is 4am, i havent started my homework, and i have been playing violin for 5 years.

  10. Bit late to this video but this was a good instruction! I just got a violin as a gift and am eager to learn to play it. Hopefully not too late to learn.

  11. I don't own a violin I have a ukulele so I'm pretending it's a violin I'm not that weird am I?

  12. Always been tempted to play the violin I’ve never played it before and I think I may try it. But when it comes to buying a violin and bow does it have to be a certain size πŸ™ˆ

  13. i just found my godmother's old violin, and i wanted to learn it suddenly! this helped me and thanks for making these videos

  14. I have just started learning the violin. Infact, today was my very first class. I always watch your videos when I want to be inspired and to learn the techniques. Thank you for what you do.

  15. i want to change from flute to violin, i hate practicing flute, but once i had a chance to play on my friend's violin, and i played for like 2 hours and i was in love with that instrument, so i really want to learn it*–*

  16. I went to a bookstore yesterday. There was no one in and there was a violin just there and the owner was not in ? I thought the violin is for sale, so I started playing. I never held or played one before (obvs I sucked) but well.. I tried to reach the owner but he wasnt there. So I went back today.. the owner came in while I was playing again. He said that the violin is over a 100 years old and that I can come to play as often as I want. Point of the story I want to play the fucking violin now thanks

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