Learn the Top 25 Must-Know Japanese Phrases!

Hey guys, its Risa. Today I am going to teach
you the 25 most common phrases that we use in Japan.
おはよう(ohayō) Good morning おはよう(ohayō)、おはよう(ohayō)
すみません (sumimasen) Excuse me すみません is a polite way to say I am
sorry and also you can say excuse me. When you want to ask
the direction, you can say
A:「すみません」 B:「あ、はい」
A:「東京タワーに行きたいんですけど、どうやって行けば良いですか?」 B:「ここはすぐそこの道を右に曲がれば行けますよ。」
A:「あ、ありがとうございます、助かりました。」 はい (hai) Yes you can just say はい いいえ(iie) no, いいえ when you want to say yes, the casual way to
say this is うん and the casual way to say no is ううん it's very similar. So be
careful. うん. ううん A:「今日はげんきですか?」
B:「はい。」 B:「いいえ。」 A:「元気?」
 「ううん」 5. 駅はどこですか?(Eki wa dokodesu ka?)
Where is the station? In Tokyo, the most common way to get around
is by train. A:「うーん、どこだここ?困ったなぁ」
 「あ、すみません東京駅はどこですか」 「あー、あっち」
「ありがとうございます。」 宜しくお願いします。 (Yoroshiku
onegaishimasu.) Please treat me well. When you meet someone for the first time,
you can introduce yourself and then use this phrase 宜しくお願いします。
It also means like nice to meet you. 宜しくお願いします And you can also say like よろしく (yoroshiku)
for casually. よろしく! これはいくらですか (Kore wa ikuradesu
ka) How much is this? 「これはいくらですか?おー安いですね!これ下さい。」
おやすみなさい (Oyasuminasai) Goodnight. You can also say おやすみ (Oyasumi)
I think it's more common to use it おやすみ 何歳ですか?(Nan sai desu ka?) How
old are you? In Japan, when you meet someone for the first
time, they usually ask how old are you. Polite way to ask their age  おいくつですか?(O
ikutsu desu ka?) どうぞ (Dōzo) After you.
You can use this phrase when you let someone go first どうぞ after you.
For example, in the train, you see someone who needs the seat and you are sitting, you
can say 「あ、どうぞ良かったら」 分かりました (Wakarimashita) I understand 
分かりません (Wakarimasen) I don't understand or if you don't understand it,
you just say わかりません、もう一度お願いします。 A:「日本語わかりますか?」
B:「いいえ、わかりません。」 A:「日本語わかる?」
B:「わかんない」 英語が話せますか?(Eigo ga hanasemasu
ka?) Do you speak English? じゃあまた (Jā mata) See you soon. Between friends maybe. じゃあまた、またねー! どうも (Dōmo) Thanks. Hello, goodbye.
どうも as thanks is like どうも. どうも as hello is like どうも. どうも for goodbye is あっどうも! お元気ですか?(Ogenkidesuka) How are you? お元気ですか? is a polite way to say how are you. In a casual way, you can ask
元気? ごめんなさい (Gomen'nasai) I'm sorry. When you say ごめんなさい, make sure it's with emotion. ごめんなさい, lighter way to say this ごめん. ごめん (gomen). こんばんは (konbanwa) Good evening.
When it's getting dark or like around 5 o'clock, you say こんばんは
こんにちは (kon'nichi wa) Hello. You use this phrase in the day time こんにちは!you'll
start using こんにちはat noon and any time before noon is おはよう. はじめまして (Hajimemashite) Nice to meet you. お名前は?(Onamae wa?) What's your name? You usually ask people お名前は何ですか? or 名前は何ですか? A:「お名前は何ですか?」
B:「りさと言います。」 A:「名前は?」
B:「りさです。」 水、お願いします。(Mizu, onegaishimasu.)
Water, please. In the restaurant, when you need some water, you ask them お水下さい。 いただきます(itadakimasu) 助けて下さい (Tasukete kudasai) Help! 「助けて下さい!助けてー!」 「ありがとうございます。」
I am okay. ありがとう (arigatō) Thank you.
If you are going to remember any word, please just remember ありがとう, thank you.
It's very useful. 日本語を勉強してくれて、ありがとう。Thank you for studying Japanese.
さようなら (sayōnara) Goodbye さようなら We also say bye bye for Sayonara between friends
or someone you are close to. ありがとう sayonara. Thank you so much
for watching どうもありがとうございました. That was the 25 most common phrases that we
use in Japan. I hope it helps you a lot. 日本語の勉強頑張って下さい!
またいつか日本語で話せるといいですね。 じゃね。Bye-bye. Goodbye. Why! You can't say that, you
can't say that, I know!

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  2. Hello Risa, thanks for your video! Couls you tell me what's the difference between "Onegaishimasu" and "kudasai"??

  3. On 4:56 not to be mean but
    How that whole thing mean help, like when I translate it in Google, it says help means tasukete

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  6. You speak too fast, also you should put the words and phrases in Romanic, as it's easier to remember them. Please edit your video. Thank you.

  7. リサさん – ここですべて日本語での学習はとても楽しいです!
    Ms. Risa– Learning everything in Japanese here is so much fun!!!

  8. you know, I was thinking "I dont know any Japanese phrases/words. might just check out some videos for them" but then when i watched all of the videos on the page for "phrases you need to know in Japanese for traveling", I knew everything. And all of it was probably because i watch a looooooooooooooooooot of anime and read a looooooooooooooooooot of manga.

  9. If you say "please treat me well" in Japan it is polite …
    To the rest of the world it has a completely different meaning….specially if you have a naughty look in your face while been handcrafted to the bed… 😀

  10. りさ先生、わたしは貴方の大ファンです。右を曲がればいいですって「を」を使えば正しいですか?

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