Learn the Top 15 Favorite Words (Chosen by Fans)

hi everyone I'm Celine and today we're gonna talk about 15 favorite words in
Turkish chosen by fans okay let's see Marhaba hello
maha ball hello here let's say I am a Turkish lady and you are trying to
approach me okay Marhaba Marhaba that's usually I do like
that all the time I don't know silly sin another name Benny madam blah
blah blah ha kodesh friend are kibosh friend Sam minam any our conditions oh
you're my best friend so my best friend is Osman and I'm sure I talked about him
before in my previous videos so recently I didn't call him very much and I think
he's a bit sad about that so I'm very sorry I host man Sam been
him any air conditions is that beautiful is that beautiful McCullough's Aldina
let me show something nikka dark is al dealing with isn't it
beautiful or look at this beautiful face so we use design for objects or for
people so you can use it for people to like nakata exhausting you're so
beautiful like that we mock to sleep you mock to
sleep that's the will mock you suck it's
forbidden to sleep during the lesson why we all did right let's confess do you
know the story is Sleeping Beauty do you know how we say in Turkish will you
young give that cuz I'll do you remember this bird not blue happy
look happy technically I am so happy car with coffee coffee coffee caviar listen
would you like some coffee do you know Turkish coffee everyone it's
pretty famous actually it tastes like espresso a bit they serve it in a very
small cup and you drink it just like espresso and after you finish your
coffee somebody can do fortune telling for you you chucked a kadosh mucus MIT
wash so now haruka awesome hardy car awesome hi recommit vikram
wash I have an awesome idea so another famous story Alice in
Wonderland we use hi Rica for Wonderland so it goes like that Alice had a collage
the addenda highly colored the other it's Wonderland in Turkish psycho
gimmick to respect psychedelic to respect in some melon Satan Eden a
psychodrama lives we should respect people's choices in unmarked to believe
in an muck to believe van sinan basha Rosanna in honor I believe you will
succeed I believe you will learn Turkish so band sinan basha Dianna in your Salah
clue healthy salad healthy salad Eurasian wigeon sport shirts for a
healthy life exercise is a must ha save give love save give love take it
the original launched a savior all you need is love and respect to shake Cola
Thanks they secured large thanks
we also say they secure a denim it also means thank you so take your
Lodge take your editing so para money para money para not Zulu SATs an alibi
dillmouth can money buy happiness but this chili pie tart in vacation tarted
vacation her name is Vicky after totally took my opinion or I plan to go on a
vacation next week I don't plan I have to work and work and work I have to
shoot video for you miss a field panic hospitality ok this one is a bit hard I
think but I know you can do it miss ah fish parabolic hospitality Mossad field
paramedic to cultura noon anomaly beer participate hospitality is an important
aspect of Turkish culture yeah below cooking everyone and I heard that from
many of my foreigner friends when they went Turkey they said the people were
very friendly and helpful so I think if you get lost or if you have any problem
then I'm sure many Turkish people will be very willing to help you so don't
worry okay so we're finished how do you feel you think you can remember all of
them so if you want to watch more videos then please subscribe our Channel and
don't forget to visit our website Turkish glass 101.com and I hope to see
you guys in the next video bye bye you

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  2. My favourite word is "Terbiyesiz". I like to call people that here in Australia where no one can understand its meaning.

  3. just started watching the video yestetday and i was able to memorize few phrases which i can speak and write for my love. This is really very helpful for a beginner in Turkish like me… Thank you.

  4. wallahi I do like to learn Turkish language, I love ❤️ Turkish people. and I will meet you Selin In shaa Allah

  5. Very good teacher! Excellent lesson.
    Just one question: why do so many Turkish people speak English with an American accent and use Americanisms over other types of English? Turkey is partly in Europe and partly of the European family culturally, etc., so why not more British English, or more English-sounding English, as that is actually European? Just curious.

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