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    There is an urban legend from the crew that if you have at least a Rock ‘N Learn oldie like a VHS tape, or a discontinued product, you are A HUGE RNL superfan. Is that true?

  2. This has created memories for me. (The 1997 version. Not the 2011.) Btw, this is Ezekiele M. on a different account. And, there is a mistake in this version. Look at 4:21 and pay attention to the onscreen mouth.

  3. This is a full list of letter characters (including the main characters: Andy "A", Brianna "B", and Carlos "C"); capital letters only (Note: They're also the older sibling of the lowercase letters; which are the younger sibling.):

    Andrew "A"
    Brianna "B"
    Carlos "C"
    Daysha "D"
    Elliot "E"
    Felicity "F"
    Geoffrey "G"
    Hannah "H"
    Ian "I"
    Josephine "J"
    Kody "K"
    Lindsay "L"
    Matt "M"
    Nadia "N"
    Ollie "O" (Tip: In "Rock'n Learn: 'Super Smash Bros and Super Smash Bros MELEE 2006-2007'", this character shares the same first name as another character; Ollie Oval from "Colors, Shapes, and Counting".)
    Polly "P"
    Quinton "Q"
    Rosanne "R"
    Stevo "S"
    Trudy "T"
    Uriel "U"
    Violet "V"
    Winston "W"
    Xandra "X" (Note: This character's name begins with the letter "X"; and this sound if it begins a word mimics the "Z" sound like in "xylophone" or "xiphias".)
    Yates "Y"
    Zahra "Z"

    Nintendo character names are not used for these characters. This is because so no one has Nintendo character named mixed with main characters in the Rock'n Learn titles.

    This is a full list of characters (for the lowercase letter characters):

    Audrey "a"
    Barry "b"
    Chloe "c"
    Dudley "d"
    Esther "e"
    Francis "f"
    Gabriella "g"
    Herbert "h"
    Inez "i"
    Joshua "j"
    Kira "k"
    Leonardo "l"
    Maisy "m"
    Nigel "n"
    Olympia "o"
    Preston "p"
    Quincy "q"
    Rex "r"
    Sophie "s"
    Tyler "t"
    Ursula "u"
    Vernon "v"
    Winnie "w"
    Max "x" (Note: His name ends with "X". The sound "X" makes when it usually is at the end of words makes the "ks" sound. It sounds like the "K" and "S" sound crushed up.)
    Yvette "y"
    Zachary "z"

    These are just my own names for the letter characters; as all 26 letters and both capital and lowercase letters. Indeed, the English alphabet has 26 letters.

    I already know the main shape characters in "Colors, Shapes, and Counting". It's Rollie Roundman, Trollie Triangle, and Rockford Rectangle. The nine others (which are the remaining 9 geometric shapes; square, star, diamond, heart, oval, crescent moon, trapezoid, hexagon, and octagon) are Sylvia Square, Shane Star, Dina Diamond, Heather Heart, Ollie Oval, Catherine Crescent, Toby Trapezoid, Hilda Hexagon, and Ophelia Octagon. Let me tell you all the colors of them. Rollie is a blue circle, Trollie is a red triangle, Rockford is a green rectangle, Sylvia is a yellow square, Shane is an orange star, Dina is a purple diamond, Heather is a pink heart (like a pink valentine heart on Valentine's Day; always on Feb. 14 in February in reality), Ollie is a brown oval (like a brown egg), Catherine is a gray crescent shape, Toby is a black trapezoid, Hilda is an indigo hexagon, and Ophelia is a violet octagon.

    Ophelia Octagon is an octagon. An octagon is a shape with 8 sides and 8 corners. And a STOP sign is shaped like an octagon. But Ophelia is violet; not red. If purple and violet are counted separate (though many people think violet and purple are the same color), all shape characters have a different color. And red is used for a character already. It is Trollie Triangle; and he is a red triangle.

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