LEARN the Songs YOU WANT TO LEARN – CVT Guitar Lessons by Mike Gross

hey guys how's the goal might go through rocking guitar lessons quick tutorial on a paid service I offer called CBT lessons and CT lessons it stands for custom video tablature and custom tablature – options and basically you pick the band the song all the specifics you have a cover sheet those techniques that you may come across fingering the uploaders name the tuning the effects in the song the amp EQ all that good stuff gets written on your cover sheet and then you got your actual tab sheet and basically just you would emailing rocking guitar lessons at hotmail.com let me know the band and the song and the specifics what I mean by specifics are you may just want the guitar solo or you may want the whole song – a solo but you may just need the verses and the courses its custom so there's every possibility available to you what I do is I handwrite the tabs I transcribe them and get these actor for you guys and they're time-stamped so you can match them up to the video they're sectioned you know section 1 section 2 just kind of a common-sense method of the learning tool you using the tabs to help memorize in the quickest most efficient way it doesn't have to be all crazy you know the goal with tabs obviously is to be able to memorize I don't have to look at the tabs when you're playing a song right so that's how I learned really and then by ear and you would email me the specifics maybe send the link sometimes we have you know multiple versions of the song you may want a live version a b-side version of something and when you email me I'll check all that out I'll send you the price you make the payment to my PayPal account I'm using zel pay I don't know if you've heard of that for some of my students but I've been using PayPal all along you make the payment I write you in my CBT schedule give you an approximate time is when I would be starting yours maybe 7 days 10 days it really depends how many I have on my schedule they've really taken off so chances of you hitting me up and me being able to start that day it just won't happen uh I've always got you know students on my schedule so I would give you an approximate start time and exchange numbers and stuff I have students who get them monthly you know one song a month some five or six a month sub every three months but the cool thing is I scan the tabs I email them to you they come as a PDF file that's standard you can print them off put them in a folder whatever however you want to do it pull them up on the computer and then the video is uploaded as well now I'm just sending the video link in your tabs that's how I'm gonna be doing it that way everything is right there for you you could save the videos but those are the file or folder and that's it it could be it doesn't matter the style of the song yeah you see a lot of rock and metal on my channel that's because I have a lot of rock metal students but it can be country blues it doesn't matter as a matter of fact it don't have to be a guitar song it could be piano synthesizer mandolin banjo anything that has a musical pitch I can transcribe put that on the guitar I can customize it in the sense of if you wanted a different key you know transpose the keys for you all that good stuff so no stone left unturned we will accommodate all right so that's it email me rocking guitar lessons at hotmail.com I'll get you the price we'll get you started on the C BT less and you could pick you know learn the songs you want to learn in detail that's the cool thing with these all right so be sure to subscribe to this channel follow me on social media share these videos until next time I might girls keep Rocking

8 thoughts on “LEARN the Songs YOU WANT TO LEARN – CVT Guitar Lessons by Mike Gross”

  1. When ever I try to go to rockinguitars.com It gets rejected and sends me to https://server.knox1.com/Suspend.html

  2. Hey bro, love your lessons🎸🤘I’ve learned so much from watching your channel. You seem like a humble and genuine person unlike some musicians I have known over the years.

  3. Man… As soon as o get some disposable income again im gonna have him figure out I Against I and F.V.K./I for me. No good lessons for either of those on yt yet! Those would get mad views too cuz im far from alone in my adoration!

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