Learn the Main Riff of Working Man by Rush

all right mean ROI or shooting here in sunny Southern California we're in Studio City and we're constantly working hard to make sure that we bring you accurate guitar playing techniques and once again all free and so here we are we're going to look at Russia's working man and this is a song I get asked about a lot so that's why I wanted to show the main riff because once again fun riff to play really really a good thing to learn how to do okay so we're going to get started with just our basic a 5 chord we're going to for the bottom east ring and we're going to be working the two frets here so it's just a a 5 chord and he does this so it's down up down he place the fifth fret single notation the fifth fret on the a string and then he plays the fifth fret on the sixth string so that whole part goes like this oh you wonder what I forgot he does do a little extra strum on there he goes goes down and then he goes to the cenote on your fifth string third fret and he does a little hammer on to st. string so the whole section goes like this and nice and slow so he does that a couple times and so they've got addy and a a and if you don't know these chords watch our videos moveable chords and we talk all about those okay so so you go to your D a position so you go done this is watch again okay so that's the whole verse part that's the whole first part and then he switches to the chorus we and that's pretty simple so when he goes when he the last thing he does before the course is he plays on the seventh fret fifth string and sixth string and then slides down to the fifth fret so once again 7th fret gesturing fifth fret same thing and then now he goes to the third fret of the 6th ring and uses the fifth fret of the fourth string goes like this so I'm gonna play that whole part slow now all right so there we go that's working man great Canadian band same country our cameraman Royce from and that country must be full bunch of creative people man I love Canadians so um there you go there's working man go ahead and what no we got enough time here we're going to run it just up to speed just real quickly for you and so you can check it out those two parts put together all right so there it is working mad practice subscribe to our videos and if you ever get a chance visit beautiful Canada Calgary and Jasper or amazing places to visit so I love it and also British Columbia too as well Vancouver just a beautiful beautiful country alright subscribe to our videos have a great day

26 thoughts on “Learn the Main Riff of Working Man by Rush”

  1. So you're not gonna teach us how to play the D and the A chord. But you'll say it's in a different video on this channel and you don't even link it in the description.

  2. hay man great video love all of yer lessons,don't forget Plum Coulee ,Manitoba ,CANADA…….great place to be FROM,,,,hahaha and yupe i do love Jasper,Alberta.

  3. great lesson. I'm sitting in my car before work watching it without a guitar in site and I could probably go home and play it from memory because the lesson was clear as day, easy to understand and was right to the point. I'm a subscriber now. Thanks for the lessons.

  4. thanks bro.great vids, learnin alot from ya…would like to look you up when in town…. comin from rochester ny in sept.

  5. Great teacher, very unique and cool guitar too. What is it? Its like the size and shape of a semi-hollow body but modernized and great top…

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