learn the alphabet with betty cooper (dark betty cringe edition)

a is free apologize sorry okay okay I'm for B is for Betty couldn't make it so she sent me instead c is for get the hell out of my house before I kill you D is fer did it make you feel better kissing Veronica e is for Alan I will kill you f is for the farm yeah as a matter of fact G is for Griffin Queen H is for a hotter by the minute I is fruit I might have to punish you J is for Jason hey Margo k is for kill my brother L is for look for Jughead do not push me tonight mama because I will push back M is for muscle relaxer we see with booze and a lowers your inhibitions hello truth serum n is furn no time for your reward thinking maple of your hour oh it's for a pen and click and the darkest chapter of your family's twisted psycho drama becomes a viral sensation P is for pig tell the truth about what happened between you and Veronica q Q is for Queen fine but as their queen they are your responsibility not mine r is for really start going crazy in here S is for sorry too mom t is for this psycho bitch you is free you want to be real friends that's weird because real friends don't kiss each other's boyfriends v is from Monica why did you do that because I love you v you're my best friend and I love you too W is for wide release the video of your father's shooting Jason X is free excuse me are you kidding me why is free you blackmailed him into kissing you Z is free if you can get my messages

32 thoughts on “learn the alphabet with betty cooper (dark betty cringe edition)”

  1. Z is a flop I know I'm sorry I couldn't find anything that starts with a Z ๐Ÿ˜‚ hope you like the rest of the video! Also, this Friday, Alice Cooper releases her debut single "The Farm" ft. Betty Cooper… She's gonna end a few careers too…

  2. I think we're all very relieved that the black wig is no longer with us. No one more so than Lilli.

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