Learn Starcraft – Zerg Beginner Build Guide & Gameplan! [2018]

to be playing with myself for your benefit I'm gonna max out wizard and roaches and +1 and speed as quickly as possible no opponent in the game nothing because especially at the lower levels it would almost be better if you played like there's no opponent in the game but we're still gonna make some concessions like like building a few spoiler crawlers or some early links to deal with scouting adept Reaper stuff like that like you don't want to pretend like they can't build units but just safe and solid when to get gas is when they get Queens when they get a third base and you can pretty much do this in every match up the ZBZ is a little dicey er good job me ZBZ is a little dicey er because because they can make a bunch of our goings early simply so in zvz you have to be a little bit more careful about whether or not they're making a big wave of zerglings maybe not take a third base quite as quick but instead wall off with an evolution chamber 2 evolution chambers and a roach one but the first overlord against all the races just going to the front the second dovey now we're just gonna go through them all I'm just gonna light like I was playing against buzzard but my second Dovie against Protoss is gonna chill at the second base in case of cannon rush you'll be able to see the pylons coming up and then as the hatch is finishing gets sent out the second overlord against Terran 17 hatch usually gets sent out towards the top or a location where there might be proxy wrecks and then once you get there you can turn after it gets like to this location send it to the main it'll get there right before and then 18 gasps 17 4 8 17 you can turn that overlord towards their main and it'll get there between three and four minutes on most maps which is when they're committing to their tech so this is not gonna be like super greedy I'm gonna die if he even thinks about attacking we're still gonna get zergling speed road speed few spore crawlers usually the timing to build spores if you don't know if anything's kind of see if you see something coming you see that there's not gonna be any sort of tech the third OB is just gonna be kind of close to my base so I can get vision outside of it but I don't want to be losing it to vikings phoenixes i want to have a backup like in zvz if it gets for example push back by Queens and yes I'm hitting the keyboard a lot I could be doing all this well zero APM because technically the game ended let's assume we see an expansion like we usually will I'm pulling two drones off of gas after getting certain link speed as our gling speed finishes I'm gonna go back into gas that's the timing sometimes I'll wait a little longer but that's a good general timing and then for Ling's early are both for scouting and defending against like a Reaper and adept stuff like that I'm going to get a third against Protoss and Terran around 2:30 but sometimes it will be delayed by a Reaper or an adept or something like that against I mean terran protoss if again surge sometimes you want to try to find out which is why this Overlord is here this overlord is here to see another attack path potentially for certain wings in zvz you might get another OB I usually like to put the fourth OB outside of my third just give it a place to be able to see anything coming in there and then let's assume we see and expand maybe build me some Hellion something like that there's a lot of basic early stuff that there's nothing if they expand it at this time in the game there's not that much of a threat like that it just can't be a lot of poets like all we made an adept we need 40 circling these nope nope nope okay I'm building another Queen this Queen is gonna get one creep tumor and then go to the third certain Ling speed is done I'm actually gonna keep two of these drones here it's okay to go over or under 16 drones you still get more mining even though it's right I know right as scary even though it's red though making a big round of drones I'm gonna have this as my extra creep spread Queen and I'm gonna get an evolution chamber 4-minute spores now if I had seen like a Stargate or something I'd be getting those earlier and then the layer and a roach woman now I'm at 47 drones I actually probably should have taken my gas a little bit earlier but around 40 drones is one gas guys because remember when you build a spore or you build an extractor or any of those things you're killing your units you are killing your drones and you're pained to have them killed and you're just hoping the benefit outweighs the cost now I would have to make some more zerglings if he's putting on early pressure will be four or five minutes there's really not that much that any race can get well Zerg is the scariest as they can also make their units which are super good right but it's mine some of this gas here shift-click I have a whole short tutorial on the shift key and all its uses and I'm using it a bunch here I'm gonna go up to 62 dreams now it's just a nice number to remember and we're at five minutes I'm going up to 62 drones and now veld roaches just interspersing overlords in there now if he had more air or I felt threatened or something I need it I like I need anti-air can throw down a Hydra done I've got plus one on the way which I started while the lair was building I'm using camera location hockey is to flip between the bases and this point so some of the normal timings I'll just list off some normal timings to worry about most air units will hit a little bit after four minutes if that's what they're going for like say a liberator or an Oracle muta this will not hit at four minutes unless they've done something absolutely crazy and you've done no scouting Ling speed is if they're on time off of a hatch first three minutes and thirty seconds give or take a few few seconds on either side warp gate is usually for 30 ish but that can depend a little bit on how much chrono boost is used so if you see someone who's expanded they can't have more than just a handful of gateway units until around the five-minute mark really that I don't feel threatened until that for me like here I could either be Eddie on hydras I could just continue like if he's going for grant like if I see it's a Terran player and he's going for a bunch of Holly ends or azor who's also going for roaches well the counter to roaches is more roaches I figured that out I'm just throwing creep spread down I have the creeps Red Queen hot keep the other Queens I'm using camera location hotkeys to flip around – and the target here is 7:30 like if you don't make spores and and you don't get an extra queen you can get to that point a little quicker obviously but that's a risk and I don't think it's usually worth it unless you're 100% like you see they have two robots well then you don't need spark robbers because they're not making 10 void rays all right like it's not happening and then right around 7:45 so 8 minutes if you if you get 8 minutes and you do this build as long as you make sure they've expanded if they don't expand you can't just do this you can't just take 3 bases you gotta you got it well the target if they haven't expanded yet 2 minutes it's special well you won't remember remember there are other parts of the map then right down the center they can take bases in other places but if they haven't done that by like the the four-minute mark well by the 3 minute mark if they're not expanding because Terran and Protoss and Zerg all should have another base by that point and if they're not either they're hiding a base or they're gonna kill you or try to kill you they're not gonna kill you because you have such a sick bill but they're gonna try so Queens the best defense is Queens 90% of the time 95% against Protoss and Terran and 85% again Zerg a little bit less against Zerg because zerglings can overwhelm Queens before they come up but against Terran and Protoss especially just just a few more Queens if you really went in doubt more Queens but I will save this replay and send out as well I mean all my replays are available on the stream at the replace command but hopefully this is helpful now go smash your roach brick over people's faces should I do that for the other races too Salo Kovac going over the patch notes that loco not explained in his video that was put out after my video by the way that it happens after Blizzcon did did the patch notes not explained that it

25 thoughts on “Learn Starcraft – Zerg Beginner Build Guide & Gameplan! [2018]”

  1. How is this for beginners when you click a thousand times per minute and the camera moves so fast i think i had two strokes during the first 5 minutes. Shouldnt you start slow?

  2. I have a problem figuring out when to drop drone production for a bit to produce an army. For example, when do I stop spamming drones and start building some zerglings.

  3. What are you doing in the beginning? Kinda spamming by force of habit or did each of those keystrokes mean something? It looked like you were hotkeying your workers but you did a lot in a short period of time

  4. Does anyone have a video tutorial for zergs…for new players. I've played for about a week now and I understand some parts of what he did but seeing how fast he moves… its hard to follow. Was wondering if theres a slower guide.

  5. This isn't much of a guide for beginners, seems more suited to intermediate players, you're talking too fast and playing too quick for the noobies

  6. Nah, playing Zerg well is more like:
    -2 Extractors
    -2 Drones
    -Cancel both Extractors
    -Spawning Pool
    -Extractor, saturate
    -3 Zerglings
    -Mine 100 Gas, pull Drones back to minerals
    -Metabolic Boost
    -Make a shit ton of Zerglings
    -Don't forget to make some Overlords
    -Make even more Zerglings
    -Run all of them across the map when Metabolic Boost finishes
    -Kill all units and workers, then the structures
    if your opponent survives:
    -Max out on 3/3 Roach Hydra with 60 Drones, liberately add infestors, vipers and/or brood lords

  7. I don't understand why he spams his hotkeys all the time like crazy, even at the beginning when he has no unit ?

  8. Just started playing sc2. Have watched winter for 2 years.jus now to the point I feel comfortable with zerg. I'm number 4 on bronze league.winters strategys really do work. Thank you winter.

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