Learn Spanish Level 1 Lesson 2

okay two new words to learn and it's to eat and to drink they eat is Khmer and to drink is better so we've got Khmer bear Khmer bear to eat and to drink and Khmer is spelled c om e R and B bear the drink is belt b eb ER how would you say I want to eat something good quiero comer algo bueno quiero comer algo bueno what about I want to drink something cold I want to drink something cold and wet for cold in Spanish is Frio Frio F R I with an accent o free or cold so I sentences I want to drink something cold quiero there there I'll go free oh here over there I'll go free or and how would say it's good to drink water it's good to drink water and water you might notice anyway but is agua al agua a GU a agua so our sentence is good to drink water would be as what when Oh bear bear agua as we're not there bear hug whaaah okay let's go back and try to remember what do you have is TNS TNS and then an e s and if we want to say you want or do you want instead of Kiera and in an O is quieres and in an es so do you you want is quieres how would we say do you want to eat something here is comer algo Kira's khmer algo and how would we say i have wine if you want I've got wine if you want and if is si si si so I have wine if you want then go vino si quieres tengo vino si quieres how do we ask question do you want a cat Gerizim un gato Kiera Swan gato the word for what in Spanish is care okay qu he with an accent care and you hit this lot in Spain it might sound rude to our here but people will often say what if they don't hear you so I say get okay Ben what qu he with an accent so how would we ask the question what do you want and it will just be two words what do you want what do you want okay hereis key quieres que quieres how about what do you want to drink what do you want to drink okay gilles de baron okay quieres a bear how would you say what do you have for me que tienes para me get the honest part of me what about what do you want to buy what do you want to buy and to buy is comprar comprar c om p AR AR comprar to buy so what is what do you want to buy que quieres comprar que quieres comprar okay listen and work out what these words mean una invitation una conversación una reservation and una in invitation is an invitation una reservation is reservation and una conversación is a conversation all these are feminine words una words because instead of saying une they all use una UN a owner so all of these words all the words that are shown in English not all of them but most of them end up as being Theon in Spanish so in betar Theon conversación and they're all owner words they're all feminine how would you say do you have an invitation TNS oona invitation tienes una invitation tienes una invitation and how would you say I have a reservation for five I have a reservation for five receiving five people tengo una receta thean para think Oh tengo una reservation but I think oh if you want to say reservation another word that the Spanish use which is very common as well is una receta Vava so we can have another set of artheon but also it's very often una receta or not etc for a reservation how do we say I don't have a reservation I don't have a reservation nothing gongo una receta barthian or no tengo una hora server no tengo una receta how do we say I want a conversation quiero una conversación quiero una conversación okay what was to eat khmer khmer and if we want to say to eat it we say khmer khmer law Khmer law and we just stick the word law ello which means it we just stick it on to the end of the word so all becomes one word Khmer law to eat it Khmer law how would we say I don't want to eat it I don't want to eat it no quiero comer law no quiero comer law what about it's important to drink it it's important to drink it yes importante beber law yes importante de berry law so that is to drink but to drink it Bebel air law how do we say I want to see it I want to see it and the word for to see is ver ve R bear to see is bear so I want to see it here aro bear lo quiero ver lo and how would we ask the question do you want to see it here is bestbear law Kira's bear law what for I can is twiddle twiddle and pueblo expelled PUA do whether I can I can how would we say I can see it and this works out as saying I can to see it as an unable to see it so I can see it or that they'll just be two words where the bear law where the very law I can see it but I can't see it no puede verlo know whether bad law and I can is brother and the question can I we just st. change the sound of our voice it'll be pleather so how do we say can i buy it for you can i to buy it for you whether Oh comrade law parity welcome brat law parity if you want to say to do the word is fair a fair h AC ER affair to do a fair a fair to do how do we say to do it a fairy law a third law what about i want to do it today it's very important i want to do it today it's very important and the word for today is highly h o y oi so i want to do it today it's very important Kiera Oh a third law boy has muy importante here are our third law oi is muy importante what about the question what do you want to do today what do you want to do today okay Kira's affair hoy que quieres affair oi what que quieres do you want affair to do today hoy que quieres a thoroughly what about this one I can't do it today but I can do it tomorrow I can't do it today but I can do it tomorrow nope word whether a third law boy better weather mañana not whether a third law Roy pero puede mañana and manana as well I didn't give you which is tomorrow so mañana tomorrow so if you remember back to what you have is tienes and then an es what you want is quieres ended in ES and now you can instead of Puebla which is I can you can is whether this and in an es for this PUA the es for this you can how would you say can you do it now it's urgent for whether there's a third law order as your tent there or what about I can see something can you see it whether they're Al Gore where this bear la Pueblo bear I'll go where this bear law how would you say can you buy it for me weathers comprar lo para me weathers comprar lo para me

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  1. I finally gave in and purchased the rest of the course on their website. Its totally legit you can pay through Pay Pal. $26.00 is good price for what you get. Especially compared to those book and cd packages I was gonna buy. Anyways once you pay they send you an email so you can download all the zip files. You have like a hundred days or something to complete your download which for me was good because it takes up a lot of storage so I've only been downloading a few lessons at time from the email and then plan to save those to flash drive (is that even possible, help?) and then delete and then download more lessons etc. it's 3 levels and 10 lessons to each level so 30 videos like the ones they've posted on YouTube . It also comes with vocab lists and practice sheets for each lesson that you can print out and use to study. And it also comes with listening exerces for each lesson. You can download to either Mac, PC, iPad,Tablet, MP3. So it's a lot of stuff for what you spend. I finished level 1 lesson 3 & 4 and can't believe the stuff I can say in Spanish now so I'm happy : ) Just gotta take care of the storage thing,

  2. It's cool to learn Spanish. It's a beautiful language. I like listening to these videos while in traffic. Picking up new speaking skills and no stress over traffic. It's good to broaden one's horizons even a little bit. Thank you for your work.

  3. Ever heard of: “yo quiero Taco Bell!”?😂 I want Taco Bell! 🌮 that’s how I learned the difference between quiero and tengo. 👍🏼

  4. In my opinion this is the best Spanish lessons I've come across so far. The knowledge is quite easily absorbed. Thanks

  5. Why does every language pronounce the letters different? For example; the English A is the Dutch E but the English E would be the Dutch i and the English i would be the Dutch Y

  6. My neighbour is Spanish so I'm learning it to understand his conversations without him knowing it 😈😇

  7. Hola , muchos gracias for doing this ! I live in Calgary , Canada and have been trying to reach myself Español for many years !
    Recently, I have been following a Duolingo app that helps but not fast enough !
    I only listen to Spanish in my vehicle and ask my co workers as they are from Chile!
    I am just now starting to pick up words and sentences but I want more !
    I absolutely love the sound of Español , music and dancing !
    I fell in love with the language years ago and even at my age I am determined to learn this language !
    Thank you for any tips and help u can give me !
    Muchos gracias. !!

  8. The problem with Spanish courses produced in Europe is they teach Castilian Spanish, the Spanish of Spain. Most Americans would naturally prefer to learn Latin American Spanish.

  9. Your video is truly helpful.the lessons are made and delivered which is useful for the beginners.
    Gracias por tu lecciones

  10. if you'd like to learn Spanish. We can practice. I'll help you to improve your Spanish. Amigo si quieres aprender o mejorar tú Español escribeme +502 43125109 whatsapp.

  11. the most efficient and simple language course ever I have learnt so much basic things in half hour by this videos I'm getting excited what's next. muchos graciassss !!!! es bueno

  12. 'Quiero' mean ''I Want'', but isn't it supposed to be ''Yo quiro''? I've heard something like that in another spanish course on youtube, can someone explain?

  13. I've seen so many lessons but these omg sooooo good and i feel like i'm already speaking spanish
    Thank you so much for you effort and time .. You are the best ❤❤

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