Learn Spanish Free – Spanish Lessons 62 – 74

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    Unfortunately the first videos don't have a very neat image. But in my website, if you go to the List of Lessons, you will also find the Notes for all these Spanish lessons. If you have any doubts regarding what is written on the whiteboard, the class-notes may be helpful.

    Below. let me share with you some useful links from my course that you may find useful, even though it has nothing to do with your question.

    If you go to my website, under List of Lessons (where you will find the update index) you will find the links to the notes of all these first lessons. Notes will be helpful especially because reading is not very easy in my first videos.

    But especially, I recommend you to do the respective Spanish quiz after finishing each one of the long compiled videos.

    The following links may be useful:

    Index of lessons:


    Spanish Quizzes and Tests:


    Don't hesitate to write if you have any questions!

  2. Spanish pronunciation is very easy as my mum language is Arabic we have The sound J and rough sound for each letter… thank you for make everything easier for us may God bless yr times

  3. Lol, English-speaking people seriously had trouble pronouncing "Esteban"? That's not difficult at all. Spanish pronunciations are easy for us English-speakers, except for the "r" and "rr", most of us can't trill it

  4. Thnx for explaining it…..you mentioned it at 22:02… As you can understand I am an ardent student of yours (suya) right? You are an excellent teacher and I am learning a lot from these lessons. Thnx again…

  5. In your lesson 64, when you are describing su in the first two sentences you mention them as preposition. Are they preposition or pronoun? I am confused, pls explain.

  6. I like the lessons and it is so cleverly taught making the learning much easier. My thanks to the Prof, Rodrigo

  7. me encantan estas lecciones  por lo bién explicadas,amenas y sencillas !Que pena que solo llegue a la lección121! MUCHAS GRACIAS DANIEL NAVAS

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