29 thoughts on “Learn Slovak 1: Greetings”

  1. Haha. Dobre rano! It’s really funny. We don’t say that in Polish 😜 but dopoczucia is much more funnier even, it means until we feel each other. So strange saying that when speaking by phone.

  2. Pre mňa je zasa Slovenčina veľmi ľahká a angličtina veľmi ťažka 😀 Obdivujem ľudí, ktorý vedia plynule Anglicky.

  3. A great first lesson for beginners! I'm planning to go to Slovakia in the summer. Can't wait to see my friend and surprise her with a bit of Slovak!

  4. Everyone here is having one parent Slovak/ Czech and the other American or something and they learn both languages no problem and I am here just a kid that cannot SPEAK MY FCCIN HOME LANGUAGEEEEE REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    (I am Slovak and the grammar succs >:C)

  5. I am in Slovakia in the IC train and I am sure you are the english voice that says the next stops. Tell me I'm not wrong

  6. A hundred thanks for this stuff, I'm French, and I love Slovakia and slovak language and culture ! ^^

  7. Nerozpráva tento pán nahodou vo vlakoch? "We would like to welcome new passengers on board of fast train 813 Gemeran to main station Bratislava hlavná stanica" atď ??

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